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Part 11: Update #3

Let's All Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Tin Soldier (Update #3)

Notebook (New clues will be spoilered.)

1. The detectives learn that General Farnsworth Armstead, one of the six surviving Tontine Ticket holders, has been murdered. The remaining ticket holders are Robert Juergens, Anita and Clara Thomas, William Roland and Peter Dudley. Lastly, they learn that he was working on a revision to a book for his publisher and hear the circumstances of his death.

2. David Sennett recounted the facts of General Armstead's death to the two detectives. These include a turned military figure, a painting of the General's wife, a book the General was writing and, most importantly, an old man with a cane and carpetbag who killed the General.

3. Holmes and Watson visited Wells Osborne of Norgate and Co Publishers. They discovered that the General was contacted by one Pierre Matin who had information about the Polar Star gem.

4. Holmes visited Captain Juergens. The Captain speaks badly about his nephew Booth Lacey and says he hasn't seen Armstead in some time.

5. After a visit to old Peter Dudley, it is clear to Watson that the man is not a spry young man anymore.

6. Watson visited Anita Thomas and her sister Claire. He learns that the old ladies are leaving everything they have to the Ladies League of Finches.

7. Sent Irregulars to Raven and Rat Inn.

8. The detectives met with Jean Paul Gerard at the French Embassy where they learn of Armstead's marriage to Mary Finch and the general's liaison with a young girl decades ago. They also find out that the previous week, the two old friends saw a play headlined by the French actor Phillip Arneau.

9. Holmes and Watson visited the Bridgehouse Hotel where they retrieve a note from Norgate and Company and learn that Pierre Matin was found dead. A large Russian man was seen fleeing the scene.

10. Sherlock Holmes visited the estate of Malcolm Fitch. There the younger Fitch admitted to Holmes his dislike for General Armstead because he cheated on his sister, Mary. When asked about his whereabouts this morning, Lord Fitch said he was tending to his sick wife.

11. Watson visited Meek at St. Bart's. Sir Jasper explained that a sword thrust to the General's heart was the cause of death.

12. Holmes and Watson paid Pike a visit at the Societies Club. They learned that Armstead was quite the ladies' man and had a lot of trouble with his brother-in-law, Lord Fitch.

13. Sent Irregulars to Russian Embassy.

14. Sherlock Holmes visited with Cabot and verifies that Cabot was home all morning.

15. Holmes and Watson visited the Russian Embassy where they discover that Count Rostov is staying at DeKesyer's Hotel.

16. The detectives visited the Princess Theatre. They met the troupe manager who raved about his nephew Phillip's performances. They also learned that Phillip recently lost his mother and is staying at the Grand Hotel. He is currently visiting the National Gallery.

17. Holmes visited Hogg, who spoke of the Polar Star gem and how it was stolen from it's previous owner, Count Rostov, years ago in St. Petersburg by an Andre Matin. Matin was later found dead.

18. The Irregulars paid a visit to the Red Bull Inn. There they learn that Booth Lacey was spotted at London Bridge Station.


Ainstree, Dr. A. - World authority on tropical diseases.

Armstead, General (Sennett, David) - Tontine Ticket holder. Decorated soldier of foreign wars and author of "Treasure of the Conquerors".

Banks - Bank Of England - Established in 1694, the Bank of England is the only financial institute in the city with the legal authority to issue paper money. In 1834, it moved to it's current building located on Threadneedle St.

Cabot, Carson - Carson Cabot is a collector and trader of gems.

Cobbett, Wentworth - Local English poet of little renown.

Dudley, Peter - Tontine Ticket holder. Mr. Dudley associates with company that is at best questionable.

Ellis, Henry (Newspaper - London Times) - Baker Street Regular.

Embassies - French Embassy - The French Embassy is situated on the southern end of Hyde Park.

Embassies - Russian Embassy - The current ambassador is Staal'Egor Egorovich, an austere and gloomy sort suffering from bouts of melancholy.

Fitch, Malcolm - Malcolm Fitch is the son of Lord Fitch and the grandson of the Earl of Leicester.

Goldini Restaurant - Located on Gloucester Road. Watson and I are quite fond of their duck.

Hall, Edward (Old Bailey) - Baker Street Regular.

Hogg, Quentin (Newspaper - Police Gazette) - Baker Street Regular.

Hotels - Bridgehouse Hotel - Modest accommodations for businessmen and travelers. Located near Hatham-grove.

Hotels - Dekeyser's Royal Hotel - A fashionable stopping over spot for foreign dignitaries. Well known in London for their superb watercress sandwiches.

Hotels - Grand Hotel - The Grand Hotel is located in Charing-cross. It is one of London's most recently built hotels.

Hotels - Langham Hotel - The Langham Hotel is located in the West End of London. It boasts the city's most elegant accomodations. The Tontine banquet is to be held there.

Juergens, Robert - Tontine Ticket holder.

Lacey, Booth - A common beggar, but very clever indeed. He has been known to use numerous disguises in his endeavor to bilk the public out of their tuppence.

Lestrade, Inspector (Scotland Yard - Criminal Investigations) - Baker Street Regular.

London Bridge Station - The railway station located in Bermondsey. It is the end of the line for the London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway.

London Library - Baker Street Regular.

Meek, Sir Jasper (St. Bartholomew's Hospital) - Baker Street Regular.

Murray, H.R. (Scotland Yard - Criminology Lab) - Baker Street Regular.

Norgate and Co. - Wells Osbourne is a senior partner of Norgate and Company, a London publisher. Recently they have published more than their share of controversial books. They are located at 36 New Oxford-street, WC.

O'Brian, Disraeli (Office Of Records) - Baker Street Regular.

Pike, Langdale (Society Club) - Baker Street Regular.

Princess Theatre - The Princess Theatre showcase splendid productions from France. The box office is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Quaritch's - A pub on the West End. Once temporarily shut down when a patron found a friend cockroach in his fish and chips.

Red Bull Inn - The Red Bull Inn is a working class pub. It is located on the road to the Priory School.

Rowland, William - William Rowland is a Tontine Ticket holder.

St. Mary's Church - St. Mary's is an Anglican church on Finsbury Square. It is known for its mid-morning ministries to the poor and hungry.

Shinwell, Porky (The Raven and Rat) - Baker Street Regular.

Shoemaker, Lloyd - A former society columnist for several of the London "garbage papers." He was forced into retirement in 1877 when Langdale Pike began gaining in popularity.

Somerset House - Baker Street Regular.

Thomas, Anita/Claire - Anita and Claire Thomas are Tontine Ticket holders.

Vegetarian Restaurant - Located on the backside of Jabez Wilson's Pawn Shoppe. They are known for their cream of leek soup.

Time to vote!

You can choose up to, and including, five more locations for the detectives to visit. You're also free to send the Irregulars to one location.

It's too early to call for an end to the case. One more vital piece of evidence is needed before we can answer bring General Armstead's killer to justice.

Voting will end Tuesday 5th May, 2200 GMT