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Part 32: Update #8 (Finale, Optimal Playthrough & All Video Clips)

Let's All Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Pilfered Paintings (Update #8) Finale

This is the final update for this case and it contains the courtroom session as well as Holmes' solution.

Let's Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Pilfered Paintings

This is the optimal playthrough. In total, we needed to visit nine locations and the Irregulars weren't necessary to complete the case: Armitage's Gallery, The Carlton, Sir Jasper Meek, H.R. Murray, Mortimer Murray, National Gallery, Langdale Pike, Shipping Companies - Jardine, Matheson & Co & Well's Warehouse.

Even though the key locations can be visited in any order I tried to put some logic into their order in this video. The big problem I have with this case, which I've mentioned before, is trying to link The Carlton without having to go through other means. The only mention of The Carlton is when you visit Sir Cofman's residence. I did try to bluster through without relying on information from the participation playthrough but I wasn't particularly confident with it.

Bonus Videos

Here are all of the video clips for this case, timestamps are included in the description:

The Pilfered Paintings: All Video Clips

I will start the case of the Murdered Munitions Magnate on Sunday.