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Part 33: Introduction

Let's All Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Murdered Munitions Magnate


"Courtney Allen, a wealthy industrialist of a gun factory, is murdered in an alley just outside his office. Scotland Yard believes it was a robbery as certain valuable contents that Allen had on him were also stolen. As Holmes and Watson investigate, they learn of a secret government project that Allen's company was involved in and its possible connection to the crime."


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Notebook (New clues will be spoilered.)

1. Richard Allen paid a visit to the detectives at 221b Baker Street. His brother, Courtney Allen, was the president of the Grant Arms Company (Corporate Offices). Courtney was found shot to death in the alley behind his office on the evening of March 9th. Scotland Yard put it down to a simple robbery by a person, or persons, unknown.

According to Richard, Courtney was a dynamic and charismatic individual who was always busy and on the move. Apparently, no woman could resist him. Even though he was married to Beatrice Allen, who is inheriting Courtney's stock, he was known to have a string of affairs with different women. None of these women can be named at this time.

The company's second vice-president, Philip Marlowe, has now taken over the presidency of the company. He was handpicked as the successor by Courtney himself. The transfer of power should have gone to the senior vice-president, Lord Ragland (who runs the (Grant Arms Co.) Deverall Street Plant. But according to Richard, Lord Ragland is a brilliant technician but a rather inept businessman.

The personal effects found on Courtney were a few folders, a keychain, his gold wedding band and a small notebook. His pocket watch was missing as well as the contents of one of the files labelled "SP 10". There were two entries in the notebook made on the day of Courtney's death, One is "Captain Egan - 8:30 PM" and the other is "Plant, 8 AM, surprise!" There is also a note in the back of the book, written in Courtney's hand, which says "Meet me tonight at Spaniard's (Inn) at 10 o'clock" followed by the initials "A.M."


Admiralty, The - The Admiralty is located in Whitehall. All affairs of the Royal Navy and matters related to maritime activities fall under their jurisdiction. They are one of the most well-organized departments of our British Government.

Allen, Courtney & Beatrice - Courtney Allen is the president of The Grant Arms Company, England's largest small arms and artillery manufacturer. He is married to the former Beatrice Luce.

Camp, Richard - Nothing on file.

Covent Garden Theatre - The Covent Garden Theatre is located near Covent Garden Market, on Bow Street in Westminster. It is a magnificent edifice that used to be devoted to Italian opera. As of late, it has been host to operas and fancy balls of all sorts. A favourite place of mine to hear Wagner.

Del Guerra, Hector - Hector del Guerra is the military attache for the Spanish Embassy here in London.

Egan, Captain Derrick - Captain Egan is the artillery officer for The Admiralty.

Ellis, Henry (London Times) - Baker Street Regular.

Embassies - French Embassy - The French Embassy is situated on the southern border of Hyde Park.

Embassies - Russian Embassy - All Russian immigrants must register here upon their arrival in London.

Embassies - Spanish Embassy - Nothing on file.

Grant Arms Co. - Corporate Offices - Grant Arms has been manufacturing firearms since the early 1800s. They began operations with the fashioning of an improved breech-block rifle which they made available to the public with a generous supply of the newly invented smokeless gunpowder.

Grant Arms Co. - Deverall Street Plant - See above.

Hall, Edward (Old Bailey) - Baker Street Regular.

Hogg, Quentin (Police Gazette) - Baker Street Regular.

Keen's Pub - Keen's is a quaint corner pub that serves a delectable kidney pie.

Lestrade, Inspector (Scotland Yard - Criminal Investigations) - Baker Street Regular.

London Library - Baker Street Regular

Marlowe, Philip - Nothing on file.

Meek, Sir Jasper (St. Bartholomew's Hospital) - Baker Street Regular.

Meshkoff, Alexi - Alexi Meshkoff has been the Russian attache at the Russian Embassy since March of 1886, when Boris Androchev, his predecessor, was accused by his government of spying and promptly summoned home.

Murray, H.R. (Scotland Yard - Criminology Lab) - Baker Street Regular.

O'Brian, Disraeli (Office Of Records) - Baker Street Regular.

Partridge, Sir Clayton - Sir Clayton is a scholarly gentleman who is also an excellent hunter. Ironically his game of choice is partridge.

Pike, Langdale (Society Club) - Baker Street Regular.

Ragland, Lord Robert - Lord Robert Ragland is a collector of antiquated firearms. He is the son of the Duke of Balmoral, a noted art collector and the former Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

Raven & Rat Inn (Shinwell, Porky) - Baker Street Regular.

Somerset House - Baker Street Regular.

Spaniard's Inn - Spaniard's is a small elegant restaurant across from St. James Square. Several years ago, Watson and I slipped away in the middle of many a dreary day to dine on their paella.

Tobacconists - Brady's Smoke Shoppe - Brady's Smoke Shoppe caters to an exclusive clientele. They are well-stocked with expensive foreign brands.

Tobacconists - Dunhill's Smoke Shoppe - Dunhill's is located on Regent Street. They carry an adequate stock of Watson's Ship tobacco, but they rarely have my beloved shag on hand. An excellent source, however, for sealskin tobacco pouches.

Tobacconists - Friborg & Treyer - Friborg * Treyer has a most impressive array of chewing tobaccos and snuff.

Tobacconists - Simpson's Cigar Divan - Simpson's specialities are cigars imported by the Dutch from their East Indian colonies. I have had several riveting conversations with Leonard Simpson, the proprietor, about distinguishing the brand of cigar simply by studying the ash.

Tobacconists - Wolf's Tobacco - Wolf's Tobacco is located at Waterloo Place, across from Dunhill's. Wolf's speciality is in Grosvenor mixture and Cavendish, neither of which merits my excellent pipe.

Vegetarian Restaurant - Located on the back side of Jabez Wilson's Pawn Shoppe. They are known for their cream of spinach soup.

von Schulenberg, Frederick - Count Frederick von Schulenberg is the Military Attache for the German Embassy here in London.

Zobar, Emile - Emile Zobar is the French Military Attache for the Embassy here in London.

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