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Part 44: Update #6 (Finale, Optimal Playthrough & All Video Clips)

Due to work and real-life stuff I've had very limited time to record and work on this update. I'm hoping that they're of the usual quality, if not, I apologise.

Let's All Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Solicitous Solicitor (Update #6) Finale

This is the final update for this case and it contains the courtroom session as well as Holmes' solution.

Let's Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Solicitous Solicitor

This is the optimal playthrough and we need to visit eight locations in total to achieve it. Not only do the Irregulars return in this case, but they are also needed for two locations instead of the usual one. The six locations that the Detectives are required to visit are Inspector Lestrade, Virginia Monroe, H.R. Murray, Margaret Porter, Melvin Tuttle and Brenda Walker. The Irregulars are required to go to Bell's Baths and to August Heathcliff's.

I tried to apply some logic with the order of visitations, this case wasn't so difficult to achieve that and I think that I did an okay job with this one. I tried a slightly different approach with this case and tried to bring up some evidence when it became more obvious that we needed it. I didn't try to veer too much away from each case before as there was little time for error with this recording. The only thing that I did struggle with was the Chinaberry as we couldn't obtain any further information about Livingston in this playthrough.

Bonus Videos

Here are all of the video clips for this case, timestamps are included in the description:

The Solicitous Solicitor: All Video Clips

I will start 'The Banker's Final Debt' on Monday if all goes well.