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Part 51: Update #6 (Finale, Optimal Playthrough & All Video Clips)

Let's All Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Banker's Final Debt (Update #6) Finale

This is the final update for this case. We visit the Central Carriage Stables, Waterloo Station and Sandra Gamble before we take the case to the judge. This video also contains Holmes' solution.

Let's Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Banker's Final Debt

This is the optimal playthrough and we need to visit nine locations in total, only one of these locations requires the Irregulars. The detectives need to visit Violette Blue, the British Museum, Evenson & Co., Dahlia Farmer, J. Small & Co.\Aggie Small, Oswald Mason, Millbank Prison and The Treasury. The Irregulars are needed for a visit to Mabel Brown.

It's hard to ignore all of the leads surrounding the audit as there are so many of them to begin with, not to mention that this case was a bit of an anomaly with how it progressed and ended up. This case has been quite the anomaly compared to the previous cases and it made things surprisingly refreshing considering we are this far in. It wasn't too hard to fit things in quite naturally, the only difficulty that I had was in fitting Millbank prison into the mix. We have been reliant on finding further information from the newspapers in the past but this one was necessary on several occassions to piece things together.

Bonus Videos

Here are all of the video clips for this case, timestamps are included in the description:

The Banker's Final Debt: All Video Clips

I will start 'The Thames Murders' on Monday if all goes well. We're going to end this LP on a murder mystery on a grand scale.