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Part 58: Update #6 (Finale, Optimal Playthrough & All Video Clips)

Let's All Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Thames Murders (Update #6) Finale

This is the final update for this case, this video contains the visit to the judge and Holmes' solution.

Let's Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Thames Murders

This is the optimal playthrough and we need to visit seven locations in total. Considering the issues that we had in the main playthrough, only one of these needs to be visited by the Irregulars and that is to H.R. Murray. The detectives are required to visit the Bagatelle Club, the Elephant & Castle, Roland Jaquard, Kathleen Lindsay, the Raven & Rat Inn and the Tankerville Club.

Solving five murders in seven moves seemed very overwhelming at first but thankfully these locations gave us a lot of useful information. I tried to put the key locations into some sort of logical order but I'm not convinced that I really pulled it off. I probably should have consulted H.R. Murray to help connect the dots earlier and Roland Jaquard probably would have been suited after the visit to the Tankerville Club or Kathleen Lindsay's.

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