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Part 20

Double Post!

This is the place where one can fuse demons. Unfortunately, Stamos only has a lowly Brownie at the moment, so fusing minions is out of the question.

Oooh treasure.
Inside the box there was a grand total of 400Maagnetite. Quite nice. Should allow Stamos to sustain a couple of minions for a while.

Excellent. Another ointment.
Since there is nothing else to do in this area, it is time for Stamos to return home and sleep to recover his strenght (there were a couple of random encounters, not enough to level up yet, though)

A Zombie!
Wikipedia again.
"A zombie is purportedly a dead person whose body has been re-animated. Stories of zombies originated in the Afro-Caribbean spiritual belief system of Vodoun (Voodoo), where zombies are humans who have had their "Ti Bon Ange" (Creole from the French "petit bon ange", or "little good angel") or soul stolen by supernatural means or shamanic medicine, and who thus lack free will and are forced to work as uncomplaining slaves for a "zombie master", typically on plantations. It is widely thought that, if such "zombies" existed, they were in fact heavily drugged but still-living humans.

Other more macabre versions of zombies have become a staple of modern horror fiction, where they are brought back from the dead by supernatural or scientific means, and eat the flesh of the living. They have very limited intelligence, but may not be under anyone's direct control.

In philosophy of mind, zombies are hypothetical persons who lack full consciousness but behave otherwise just like other people. They are referred to as philosophical zombies or "p-zombies" or "Antonovichs"."

This a zombie. Stubbs the Zombie in fact.

The zombie was quite clearly not a match for Stamos's mighty blade.
Stamos then proceeded to go back to his house to rest.

What. What?

Stamos is now in the jail. And he is alone with JudgeDre. SHOULD HE HELP HIM?
This is an alignment question, I think. WHAT YOU SAY, SA?