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Part 38

No matter what one selects, MAGNUMPI kills the old bastard. I suppose it will have some effect in the alignment meter thing, so that's that.

And so, the party is once again without the chaos asshat. And no way to deal effective damage to several enemies. Should've stripped him from his weapons and equipment before the battle :B


Stop being an asshat cop, maybe?
Back downstairs.

Noooo, really? Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Oh great, so now the Chaos Asshat prevented Stamos and JudgeDre from getting some sweet XP they could've acquired by killing him. And the information they could've acquired with a simple interrogation.

Due to having enough money, upgrading Dre's crappy gun for something decent.

And decent it is.
Random conversations that involve Ozawa's death.

New Gaian fanatic enemy!

And a new demon! Momunofu!

MegatenWiki posted:

The followers and guardian of Arahabaki and a type of Shikigami. Some believed that they were the prototype and cognate of Momotaro and Mononofu (same as Samurai).

Time to upgrade some minions. Should get more, really.

Apparently someone did not get the memo that Ozawa kicked the bucket. Should Stamos lie to this apparently not updated demon?