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Part 48


Stats increased.

So the Prison used to be a cultural area? Interesting.

Nice cache of incenses, eh?
Like every other upgrade, it goes to Stamos.


If that is not a reference to Steven, I don't have any idea who it could be.
Or maybe it was Stamos :V

Uh huh.

Well, I would sure like it as a minion.
And I will get him. Or her.
Or it. Eventually.

Fusion place. No need to upgrade right now.

Niiiiice, yay for corruption. That's the way I like it.
No other healing place in this area, unfortunately.

Excellent. No need to go through Ginza again. Or at least not soon.

Nice upgrades in the stats thanks to the armors. Maybe in the local weapons shop there will be nice stuff as well?

Unfortunately, no.
Unless those shells produce the Charm effect, that is. But otherwise, no. The weapons affect only single enemies, and that is useless.

So it is either "Good gaian asshat" or "TO THE DEATH CHAMBERS!!!"
Does not seem very fair to me.

Wikipedia posted:

Yama (Sanskrit: यम), also known as Yamarāja (यमराज) in India, Yanluowang (閻羅王) in China and Enma Dai-Ō (閻魔大王) in Japan, is the lord of death, first recorded in the Vedas. The name Yanluo is a shortened Chinese transliteration of the Sanskrit term Yama Rājā, or "King Yama". Enma Dai-Ō is a further transliteration, meaning "Great King Yama", where Enma means Yama, Enma-O means Yama Rājā and Enma Dai-O would be equivalent to Yama Mahārāja.

Yama belongs to an early stratum of Vedic mythology. In Vedic tradition Yama was considered to have been the first mortal who died and espied the way to the celestial abodes, and in virtue of precedence he became the ruler of the departed. In some passages, however, he is already regarded as the god of death. Yama's name can be interpreted to mean "twin", and in some myths he is paired with a twin sister Yamī.

And after a long battle that shows that Stamos and his party had grown overdependant on Marin-Karin (he is IMMUNE to all status magic I have), and by making appropriate use of the Kaja spells (strenght raising and defense raising), the great Emperor Yama is defeated.

God damnit, Chaos asshat, YOU SHOULD REJOIN THE PARTY, it would be better for all.

Also: Six points available once more: Next update: GOING TO UENO.