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Part 52

Stat updated.

Back in the first floor, time to get a new weapon for Stamos (after all, the money was acquired easily via EXTORTION!)

God damnit, that gun is expensive (already bought one for Pascal, so I know that it is effective and awesome, but man, it COSTS A LOT).

After spending most of Stamos' hard earned money? Hell no.

As seen there, there are two equippable weapons. The upper one is a spoon. A cursed spoon.
Just keeping it in case something requires it. Doubtful, but eh, whatever.

Woah, significant stat increase. See? It is a good weapon. And it hits multiple enemies.

Out again.

Hey, look, another of those places with strong enemies inside! Also, only other area that has access in this particular zone, so worth checking, methinks.

Yay, red.

*gasp* what could that mean?



I think that he means "deity" instead of "diety", but then again, what do I know?

You sure? What sort of power? Also: WHO YOU CALLIN' ABNORMAL, FREAK?

That sounds kind of creepy, in my opinion.

Oh. Okay. If you say so. Prepare to get your stone ass kicked.

If you say so...

After a VERY quick battle (bastard fell for a Magic Bullet, stayed charmed for the rest of the... 2 minutes that the battle lasted), the Heavenly King of the East (according to Wikipedia) fell and gave this experience to Stamos and Pascal:

Some defender. Fell to odamn quick. Also: Still lawful

Map of the small (and now easy) area.

Durr. Time to see what is OUTSIDE.

More dirt, ruins and trees. Blah.

A Gurr!
Google and Wikipedia only give me information about peoples with the surname "Gurr". I don't think that is at all relevant. I think that means that I should check the Megaten Wiki.
Unfortunately, the only thing listed there is their clan, and in what games they appear. It also appears in SMT3:N, but have not acquired one of those via Fusion, I don't think it can be recruited there.

In any case, other than its VERY HIGH speed, it is pretty much useless.
On the other hand, as a law demon, it could allow Stamos to return to NEUTRALITY!

Oooh, a Bridge.

Just look who is there! Long time no see!

Interesting side effect, isn't it?

Following the directions of some asshat, obviously.

Same, maybe?

*gasp* tou don't say.

Awww, poor former huskie.

What you say, goons, should the stray dog be reaccepted in the party?

Next update, Destiny Land, now for real