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Part 1: Sunday's Melancholy (I)

Sunday's Melancholy (I)

Minor note: update may be a tad NMS and/or NWS depending on your/your boss's disposition towards actually seeing a bleeding teenage anime.

And I don't mean the "pervert has a nosebleed" thing, either.

Other than that it's just another scenic day in Tokyo, Japan.

Highschool students have tests to worry about, because it affects their entire future. This is in no way similar to anywhere else, honest.

And like seemingly many good things from Japan, we're going to be dealing primarily with some of these highschool students.

[Music: Exploration]

A student enters the classroom and approaches with a smile...

So, how'd the exam go for you?

There are LOTS of dialogue options, so to cut down on that I'll mostly be picking an option and having it in the dialogue as normal. If you ever see the guy on the left say something, it's one of the options for a choice there.

Of course, there are some astounding options too so I'd be remiss to just leave those as text. And some also actually matter, so there's that too.

Ooh, someone's confident. Well, so am I: confident that I'm utterly screwed!

A proctor who seems to looking for the boy calls out to him...

You forgot your things!
Oh, crap! I forgot all abut my stuff!

Daichi goes over to the entrance to pick up his forgotten belongings...

You left your exam slip and cell phone at your seat. I was lookig everywhere for you.
I'm really sorry about that! Thank you!

Oh yeah... There's something I wanted to show you! Wanna see?
Of course.
Heheheh, I knew you would. Here, give me your cell.

Daichi takes your cell phone...

Nicaea is most likely named after the place called, well, Nicaea. It doesn't exist any more but when it did it was the capital of the... Empire of Nicaea, as well as serving as a temporary capital for the Byzantine Empire for almost 60 years. It's used for something a bit... different here, though.

Ta-da! Cool, huh? You heard of this Nicaea thing yet?

"Images of... death"?
You don't know? Sign up for this thing and you get to see the scene if a friend dies!
Remember the guy who died in a car wreck last week? I forget his name...
Well, his friend who signed up for this site saw it happen!

Give it a try! You just need to enter your name to get started.
All right.

[Music: ???]

Hibiki Kuze is one of two "official" names for the main character. It was used in the anime, the manga of the anime and the prequel manga for the anime.

I picked this one over the other because Hiro Kageyama won't fit. The surname is 8 characters and the max you can use is 6.

My name is Tico, and I will be your curator. It's an honor to meet you.

You sense a rather odd presence from the screen...

On this website, those you are bonded to by fate...
Meaning those you not only encounter, but become deeply connected to in the future...

The manner of their passing will be reported to you as a movie clip viewable onsite.

Now then, haVE a nICE daY...

[Music: Exploration]

Not at all.
Woah, seriously? Well, I signed up yesterday too. I hope we see something soon!
Okay, so... you don't have any afternoon exams, right? Are you free now?
Let's go to Shibuya! There's this store I want to check out.
Cool! Let's go!

[Music: Silence]

[Music: Exploration]

Q-Tront is based on an actual area in Shibuya, naturally. In this case it's quite obviously QFront. In an amazingly specific attention to detail, it appears to even have the same billboards and everything.

Most places will follow this pattern, so I won't bother pointing them all out, albeit without even changing a letter.

Man oh man, we bought a lot of stuff.
Okay, so it was mostly me, but... you didn't have to point that out!
Hey, did you see the Aberzombie shirt I got!?

...Though I gotta pass my entrance exams before I can think about that. Hmm...
What's wrong?
Uhh, well... it just occured to me that even if I do pass the exams...
I'll be a college student, graduate eventually, and then...
Jobs are for suckers!

I feel like there's this cloud over me. And there's nothing I can do about it.
How very childish.

Well, no sense in brooding over it!
Come on, let's go home!

This screen comes up a lot and is basically a hub to pick where you're off to next. There's usually more than one option and the top-screen always shows roughly where in Japan your destination is located. The map isn't really necessary ever, though; by the time it might be, it's redundant if anything.

Oh, hey, that reminds me. Is that game out yet-

Daichi is staring at something... You follow Daichi's gaze to a girl with bobbed hair...

She's smart, cute, gentle, innocent, modest... They don't make 'em like her anymore!
She's really something... Everyone looks up to her.
Well, she is cute.
I'm sayin'!

Yeah, whaddaya want!? Can't you see we're in the middle of...
Oh... Sorry. I just noticed you were wearing my school's uniforms...
I-Io!? Wh-What a coincidence...!

Io seems to want to say something...

Yo. Sup?

I came a little late... I was wondering if everyone was still there.

Daichi shoves you to one side...

Of course! You're in the clear!
There are some afternoon tests, so anyone applying for public universities should be there!
...Good to know. Thanks.

Io still seems to have something left to say...

You'll get the questions later.
Huh...? That's amazing. How did you know I wanted the sample questions...?
But yeah... Of course we can get the sample questions if we ask for them at school.
Thank you. I was starting to panic. Anyway, I didn't mean to bother you two. Well...

Uhhh, well... Um...

Yikes, that was freaky! Funny we'd all get one at once. Guess we're on the same wavelength!

[Music: Dark Clouds]

You begin to look at your cell phone, but are distracted by Io's mutterings...

What is this...? Creepy...
Did something happen?

Let me see.

You borrow Daichi's cell...

[Music: Silence]

[Video: Death Clip]
You should really just watch this.

[Music: Crumbling Routine]


[Video: End]

[Music: Exploration]

...I think you're in this too.

Io is looking at Daichi...

Io nods...

Ugh... Seriously? This is way too elaborate for a prank...
Oh, the train's here. Let's see...

[Music: Silence]

It's like the clip! Run!
O-Oh, crap... The train-- Aaaaaaaaaah!

[Video: The Trainwreck]
Again, best to just watch this.

[Video: End]

Frankly, I think it was a very bold move on Atlus' part to kill off the main characters within the first 10 minutes.