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Part 4: Sunday's Melancholy (III)

Sunday's Melancholy (III)

[Music: In The Devastated Town]

These 3 received, by far, the least amount of votes so let's go through them in this order. It's efficient enough and it works nicely.

Get used to seeing this place now because we'll be back here a lot.

All victims will be led to the nearest shelter. Please follow those in charge here!
A shelter...? I'll be in trouble if I don't show up for work.
My child's at school! I need to hurry back...!

Hey... What are you doing!? It's too dangerous ahead! You need to head to the shelter--
Shut up! I'm just going to my office! It's fine as long as I evacuate after that, right?
You've got no right to boss us around like this! Ugh...!

The man leaves...

...I repeat! The Shinjuku area ahead is extremely dangerous!
Please follow the directions from the authorities and head to the nearest shelter!

You can hear muttered complaints from the people nearby...

Well, this route was a bust so let's try somewhere else.

Heading towards a woman we may, or may not, have met before could give us directions towards what we want.

I see... Given how much time has elapsed, there's a good chance fires will break out.
HQ's policy is to recall the SDF in these situations. We want to rescue them, but...
Of course. Do it. If we let emotion spur us to bad choices, we're unfit for command.
...Understood. How shall we proceed?
This is a state of emergency. Avoid acting in isolation and you may have some visibility.

He'll allow it if you come across any. Just... keep your surroundings in mind.
Understood. What will you do?

The woman and the suspicious men scatter discreetly...

What in the world...? She said something about the SDF. You think she's legit...?
She's still shady.
Mmm-hmm... I don't know... She mentioned fires, too...
Seemed that way. All that about casualties and fires breaking out...
If it was true, I guess things won't go back to normal any time soon...

You leave the area with Daichi and Io...

Well, that was more confusing than it was enlightening.

One last chance to see if we can find out anything. Hopefully this strange man won't be wearing a weird orange robe and yelling about God's judgement.

Hm...? Have we met somewhere?

As soon as the man notices you, he addresses you...

Oh! Now that I see you up close, you're not him at all. Way to play along, though.
Boy, I'm in a fix. All the shelters are full and I can't get in anywhere...
Well, I'm sure help will come along eventually. But they're sure taking their sweet time.
I bet you've had your own problems, what with all that's happened.
Not really.
...That so? Alright, sure. You've got guts, I see.
Well, these earthquakes and such are pretty dangerous, so be careful. Seeya.

The man leaves...

Mmm-hmm. But... he said the same thing about the shelters being full...
Yeah... and he mentioned the rescue teams being late.
Hmm... This is looking a lot more serious than I thought...
What should we do? There's no way home...
Let's just wait.

Io must be worried about her family... There's gotta be some other way...
Fine, let's walk home.

No... He's right! Standing around here won't do us any good, so why not leg it?

..."Walking practice?"

Th-Thank you both...
All right, let's get this show on the road. Um... Which way to Ariake?
How should I know?

I see... the highway is close by, too, so we won't get lost as easily.
Uhh, Roppongi's towards Tokyo Tower, so should we head for Shiba Park?
That sounds right, though it's hard to say for sure since I've never gone on foot...
Ah, I'm sure we'll be fine. Let's walk to Roppongi and then pass through Shiba Park!

You leave the area with Daichi and Io...

Now we have... this. We can't avoid it, so let's see what it's about right away.

[Music: Exploration]

What're you doing...?
Ugh, you and your infinite stamina. I'm bushed, man.
Sorry, Daichi. Um... Here.

This bottle's half empty... Can I really have this!?
It's all yours.

Um... I don't need any more, so you can have it.
Thanks a bunch! I'm only too happy to--
Huh? Who's that over there?

I can't... I can't walk any more... I can't...
Don't say that! C'mon! Stay with me!
Hey... They look like they're in trouble. Should we talk to them?

Hey... Look! Something's falling!

[Music: Silence]


[Music: Countdown]

Wh-What is that!? It's moving...!

The summoning app appears on your cell phone...

Dubhe... It got bigger!

Wh-What is that thing!? It scared the crap out of me!
Wh-What's it doing? It's blowing up like a balloon.
It's... moving. Maybe it's not dangerous?
Don't touch it! It'll kill you!

They were all caught in that explosion... No...!

Oh man... Crap's going down, man... We've got to run!


To say this is a game with "survivor" in its name, we're cutting it pretty close far too frequently. At least it looked like we managed to escape this time.

[Music: In The Devastated Town]

Again, not really much of an alternative. Let's get it out of the way now, shall we?

Io is out of breath. It seems she barely escaped it too...

Are you hurt anywhere?
Ah... Yes, I'm fine. Thanks...
Hey, Hibiki... What just happened there?
First the subway incident and now this... I don't understand what's going on.
What do you think that was back there...?
The thing at the Hills?

...This just seems so wrong. All this about "demons" and "Dubhe"... It's too unreal.
But it is real.
I mean... The damage was even worse in Shibuya than here...

Calm down!
Oh... I'm sorry. It's just...

I'll go look for him.
...Then you've been split up ever since the Hills? I hope he's okay...

[Music: Dark Clouds]

An email? CCed to Hibiki...?
Let's take a look.
Ah... Sure. We're still not getting any service, though.

You take out your cells and open the email...

[Video: Daichi Shijima]

[Music: Countdown]

[Video: End]

[Music: Crumbling Routine]

It's a death clip.
You're right.. It's like the one we saw in the subway...
But this one... It's showing Daichi getting killed by one of those monsters...!
Back then... What happened was exactly what was in the clip... We really almost died.

Huh...!? Oh... You might be right.
It was the same thing then... The clip told us what would happen in the future.
We were saved by demons coming out of the summoning app...
But this time...?
If I remember right, the death image site shows your friends dying...

So... would Daichi not know that he's about to die...?
Let's hurry.

We need to find Daichi and stop this from happening!

You leave the area with Io...