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Part 8: Feinne's Notes: Yuzuru Akie and team composition

Back on Unkillable notes, this map is our first very minor threat. You need to be careful how you formulate parties and position people, if you get too aggressive it's possible to get separated and worn down. Just keep everyone in the vicinity of the stage where someone can run over to heal their party and bail them out of bad situations if they get surrounded. And watch for the Tam Lin party, because as noted it can totally skip past obstacles. The rest of the demons are pretty feeble, though. Now let's talk about Joe.

Joe: Okay, so Joe is one of my least favorite characters for the exact reason that alcharagia likes him. He's a Magic/Agility character who spends a bizarre amount of his early levels raising his Strength instead. One perspective is that this leads to him being versatile early and then specialized at the very high end. My problem is that you actually get specialists in everything he does that are better than him at them for basically every level range. He's the most fragile Magic character in the game, but he doesn't really have the offensive power to win by going first for the majority of the game like the other, far superior Magic/Agility character. And while he can be a (really shitty) Strength/Agility character if you're not using one, that takes a bunch of skill slots that he's spending on being mediocre at a thing and more fragile than a character who is nearly naked. I'm not saying he's totally inviable (because everyone in the game is definitely usable), but I don't use him if I don't have to.

Now let's talk about demons and party building for a bit. For most of the game I'd go for two magic attackers and a physical attacker in each party. So, the MC and Io get a magic and a physical demon and Daichi would get two magic. For the way I play, Pixie is probably the best of the demons that is available. She's a bit fragile but she's a healer and able to do good damage. Agathion is also pretty good, and honestly is strong enough physically that you could say screw it and just roll 3x Pixie/Agathion without feeling like you were missing much. I don't really care for any of the low-level physical specialists, I suppose Kobold is the best if you're really set on using them since he can use Aggravate. Once we get some more demons and Fusion we'll start being able to get access to some proper demons like the natural replacement for Pixie and real physical attackers.