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Part 100: New Game + ~ Sunday's Melancholy

New Game + ~ Sunday's Melancholy

So, the New Game+ unlocks are mostly extra stuff to make it easier (sort of like the Grade Shops in the Tales of... series for a potentially unhelpful frame of reference). Things like carrying over demons from your stock, buying things for cheap from the compendium, keeping your cracked skills, that kinda stuff. Except this one. This one gives you up to 3 new bonus bosses to fight.

We're not buying it this time around. There's plenty more to do without it anyway.

For those curious, I brought 4 demons along (Koumokuten, Alilat, Purple Mirror and Titania), kept all skills (and my macca from the first run; all 834k of it), turned off EXP scaling, removed the fusion level requirement and can fuse Mitamas. Because I want to make some really wacky stuff now.

We'll keep Hibiki as Hibiki for now. His name might change later, when I commit a Major Cardinal Sin, but for now the only real change is...

This. We had cool butler Tico last time.

So, I guess, it's only fair we try and put up with obnoxious bunny Tico this time.

I'm your guide, Tico-Tico!

On this website, the friends you're tied to by fate...

We'll, like, show you ahead of time when they'll end up dead and stuff!
Oh, and you'll get to see how they croak from the movie clips we upload to the site.
I'll keep you in the loop on when new clips are uploaded, so be sure to check 'em out!
Okay, then! Have a nice wheeee!

...I miss the tolerable one already.

So, let's see what she has to say when we get a train dropped on our heads.

Soooo, Hibiki, this is how you're gonna die. Buuuuuuuut...
If you still wanna line, that "demon summoning app" is gonna be a big help!
So, what'cha gonna do? Are you giving up on life?
Don't be ridiculous!
All riiiiight! You've got a rilly strong will to survive. Just checking!
Well, good luck to you!

We won't need it. We're going to run through this first day like it's nothing.

Because it is nothing. It's kind of straight up boring on repeat playthroughs so after this heavily truncated version just for the sake of our new Tico (and I guess somewhat crazybig numbers) I'll be cutting it entirely.

It's just a shame there's no unlock to remove these stat requirements for skills. I have damn near every skill in the game and can't use most of them.

Seriously, the only 5 I missed on the first run were Recarmloss (whatever), Ban Fire/Ice/Curse (whatever) and Battle Aura (whatever). I'm missing 7 total, but the other 2 aren't available until this second playthrough at the earliest anyway.

This is a good start, but I'm not impressed yet. We'll take this further beyond later. It'll do for now though.

No EXP scaling leads to things like this happening REALLY fast. Rather than having a base EXP that decreases based on our level, we just get the base everytime. It's gonna get sillier.

Fate levels also don't transfer over, even though their rewards do. We'll probably be getting a few more 5s this time around, but which ones they are will depend on the ending route and stuff I guess.

Some of them will be railroaded by me because if I don't, we'll never see them.

So, yes, we'll be spending a lot of time with Keita sooner or later. Sorry.

Oh, uh, we never did this scene with Daichi before. If we don't do it now, we actively never will.

[Music: Countdown]

Hurry up! Someone's gonna come!
Don't rush me! I can't get them in the bag... Oh, crap!

Tch... This isn't good! Scram!
Ah...! Hold it right there!

The policeman chases after the men...

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Oh my god... Are you serious!?
Dude, Hibiki... What's up with that?

This is the first time I've seen something like this. It's getting really bad around here.
*sigh* I really hate stuff like this.
I'm thirsty.
What the--!? You've got nerves of steel! That's not what normal people'd say.
Did they steal everything that was in there...? I'm gonna go see...

Daichi pokes around the vending machines...

...A lot left, actually. I'll leave some money and take enough for everyone.

Daichi returns with a troubled look on his face...

...Hibiki. There was a whole bunch of this...

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

...And give me the heaves, probably... Uck.
I mean, what does it say about this drink if not even starving looters take it?
Well, Hibiki? Wanna try it?
Chug! Chug!
Okay! Drumroll, please! Heeeere! Weeee! Goooooo!
Waitwaitwait, hang on.
I already bought it... Maybe I should try it first.
But just a little bit... I'm sure not going to chug it. Okay?

Daichi opens the can and takes a sip...

...... Oh... I get it.
The grassy taste spreads through my mouth, meeting the sourness in my throat.
It's actually really refreshing...

Urrrrrrgh... What should I do with what's left?
...I'm going to have to look for a trash can...

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I mean, Hibiki. Right now, this vending machine's the only thing that's wrecked.
But if this situation keeps up, is the whole city going to end up this way?
...Nonononono! That can't be! Haha...

Daichi is smiling, but he looks somewhat worried...

Yeah, so, now we'll fly even further ahead to when we fought Dubhe for real. I bet your curious about how invincible he really is before Daichi drops a Truckdyne out of nowhere.

The answer is "very." Almighty spells do nothing too. And he Reflects physicals just to stop you from bringing a Pierce demon and abusing that before you're "meant" to win.

But once you can hit him, its fun to see 3k damage come out of a boss.

Also, we're going to never touch a free battle this time around. Just to get an idea of how mad turning off EXP scaling is, Hibiki's already level 12 just after Dubhe.

In the first run, he wasn't level 12 until... after fighting Fumi at Osaka. And that was even with doing some free battles in between plot beats too.

So, day ends with all three of the original trio at Fate 1. Naturally going to want Io to Fate 3, at minimum, to ensure she doesn't die.

But other than that, let's just bring this simple day to a nice, quick close.

And that means even more Tico...

I kinda put together a rundown of the stuff you did today...
Well? Wanna hear it?
Let's hear it.
Ho-kay! Well then...!
First you signed up for Tico-Tico's website Nicaea at the exam site!

It's only been three scenes, but I already regret it immensely.

Next, you went to Shibuya, and you were dragged into a huge earthquake!? Yikes!
Oh, and after that, you made your very first contract with a demon at the subway.
How does THAT feel, huh? You like having demon henchmen?
Oh yeah, and then you saw your first death clip! You know, the one starring Daichi!

After that, you hung around with Joe, who was being chased around by demons.
You saved that dude and now he's part of your group! Seems kinda dim, though.

But in the end, you still have no clue what it was.
Oh, and I almost forgot...! You know how you're staying with these JP's guys?

Well, I think that about sums it up!

...yes she has a catchphrase.

It won't get any better. At least Monday will have some new things to really do, rather than a half-hearted notspeedrun of nothing but retreaded ground.

Oh and let's decide this now so we can get things out of the way over time, when it comes to Fate and stuff.

Namely, who's path do we take toward the second ending?