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Part 102: New Game + ~ Tuesday's Disquiet

New Game + ~ Tuesday's Disquiet

Not much overly exciting this time around, but we do start off by...

Getting the Compendium back. With this, our real crazy antics can begin. Not so much this time, but I do have plans. Big ones.

This guy doesn't really tie into them though. Sleipnir and Grendel are what give us a Vritra of our own. We've seen a few in the last battle on the previous route, so we know they're nothing overly amazing. More than efficient enough for what we need it for right now though!

....Just realised that yet again I forgot to buy back Grendel to actually use. Dude's actually not that bad but I just keep sticking him in fusion fodder limbo. Because I am a dumb.

Vritra and Nata Taishi combine to give us a Behemoth. In this instance, it's a Behemoth that somehow isn't a colossal liability no less.

If you're curious, his initial Agility? 9. This is actually buffed from Devil Survivor 1 were it was 7!

We don't have overly much new to do this time around, but there is some scenes to do at the start. We skipped over 'em before just to make it easier to do Ghost Q without incident.

Pretty sure this location is actually even unique to this one scene.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

You find Io helping JP's tend to the wounded...

This is horrible.
...Yes. That's why I felt like I had to do what I could...
Oh... You needed me for something, right? Would you mind waiting just a bit?
No problem.
Okay, good. Thanks...

Io goes to put down what she was carrying and returns...

Sorry for the wait... Um, has something happened?
We're going to Nagoya.
...Hm? Ah...! S-Sorry, Hibiki! Hang on a sec!

[Music: Silence]

Mom? Mom! Is that you!? It's me, Io...!
A-ah... I-Io?
Are you her family? Come with us, please. She's critical...

[Music: Requiem]

She said my dad... died from his injuries. She said...
Why is this happening...? This is...
Let it out.
...I won't cry. I won't cry.
But why...? Why does this have to happen...?
Why did they have to die...? My mother and father...

...... Sorry, Hibiki... You needed to talk to me?
It can wait.
Sorry... Hibiki! Thank... you...!

You leave Io to herself and walk away...

Fought Ghost Q last time. Not worth the hassle of doing it again, so let's go see what's up with Joe this time around.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Hm...? Oh, hey, Hibiki. Haha, sorry for spacing out.
Thinking about something?
Ahhh, kinda. Turns out there's a lot of stuff I need to think about...

I need to talk to you.
Hm...? Whaddaya mean?

You explain to Joe about the group going to Nagoya...

Haha... Nagoya, huh? That's some hand fate's dealing me...

You don't want to go?

Yeah, we already knew this but we could've learned it before even going to Nagoya in the first place.

Some stuff happened between us... So, like, I really don't want to be there.
Daichi, though... We're meeting in Shinbashi, right? I'll be there on time. Is that okay?
That's fine.

You part with Joe and leave the area...

[Music: Exploration]

Speaking of Nagoya, we've gotten nothing at all to do until we go there.

Even still, we don't really have much to do that's new for quite a while.

Like, we turn up, help out Airi and Jungo, get his death clip...

Beat up Botis, free Fumi from Alcor's minion and brainwashing, get the memory, save Jungo...

Get Daichi to... Fate 4... jeez, he ranks up insanely fast.

Beat up Ronaldo at JP's base in Nagoya, Phecda drops in and thanks to Behemoth and Vritra he gets destroyed on the first turn.

So, now we just have a long time to spend hanging out with dudes. We never did this second scene with Joe before. Let's do it now.

Hey, Hibiki. How are you feeling?
I haven't been to Nagoya in a while, so I've gotta see everything.
I used to come here a lot with my girlfriend, too.
Used to?

...Didn't I tell you? I'm from Nagoya, though I don't come home very often.
H-Hey, Joe...? Is that you?

A man comes running up to Joe...

You...! So you were in Negoya for everything!? I'm so glad you're safe...!
Yeah, well. It's good to see that you're okay, too.
I can't believe we're having a reunion here!

It seems this man is Joe's friend. They're both happy to see each other...

What have you been up to in Tokyo? You never called, so I was worried about you.
Sorry. I was busy with work and stuff. Our company's been really busy.

Well, I mean, my job...

[Music: Elegy]

Wait, what?
......? Haven't you heard anything, Joe?
Oh... Right. Yeah, things aren't looking pretty.

...... You need to help her. She's been wanting to see you.
...Well, I've got to go. I'm supposed to be meeting someone. See you again!

Joe's friend leaves...

You didn't know?
Uh, no... Not really.
...... Well, at least Kacchin's safe.
Well then, let's go. Haha...

[Music: Exploration]

For once, this Fate rank up actually did happen after this scene. Nice bonus there.

Rest of the day is nothing but scenes we've seen before at one point or another.

I'm just prioritising them right now based on people who we never got to Fate 5 before (mostly). If that means we end up with like Airi but Otome not even in the party then, eh, so be it.

...Neglecting Ronaldo this time around did lead to getting to show that we have to at least find out about his completely wrong suspicions.

We already know that Yamato didn't actually kill Dera-Deka but he might very well have tried.

There was some actual proper new content available on Tuesday, but we can't actually do it yet. It's the one we have to buy from the not-Grade store at the start of a new cycle.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I kinda put together a rundown of the stuff you did today...
Well? Wanna hear it?
Let's hear it.
Ho-kay! Well then...!
First you woke up like usual, right? And then you met with Mako-Mako again...
That's when she dropped the bomb: Daichi went missing in Nagoya!

They call themselves JP's, but they're no good, if you ask me.
Oh, and Io got to see her mom!

What else... Oh, you went to Nagoya! And met guys like Airi and Jungo!
I'm so glad Jungo made it out in one piece!

Seriously, what was that about? You sure you did the right thing?

But then Phecda got in the way so the two of you teamed up to send his ass packing!
It was cool! Dubhe, Merak, Phecda... Bam-bam-bam! Three up, three down!

Think he's right...? I bet you'd be rilly bummed out if he was!
Well, I think that about sums it up!
Okay, then! Have a nice wheeee!

because she came looking for me... It's not easy to accept that my parents died because of me.

I'd have fallen apart completely if it weren't for you. I'm glad you were there for me.

Well, tomorrow is another day.

Io's bonus e-mail here is pretty obvious what it's for. Have to both go see her mom die and then talk to her about it at Nagoya. We only did the latter last time.

Wednesday'll have some actual new content, honest.