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Part 104: New Game + ~ Thursday's Shock

New Game + ~ Thursday's Shock

As usual, we'll start off with more fusion stuff. I could (and arguably should) just skip to the really good stuff but eh. These levels exist for a reason, and I do want to fill in the compendium anyway.

And not just because it's nearly at 80% done.

We'll start off by combining Oumitsunu and Arioch to make the penultimate Genma. Jarilo is mostly nothing too spectacular (insanely good potential Str/Agi antics aside), but that Holy Strike is a special skill we'll see a better use for later.

Keep the penultimate theme going, and make the penultimate Vile this time around by combining Jarilo and Behemoth. Tezcatlipoca's initial Attack All would be insanely cool if I could put it to its true use. Alas, he's stuck just punching all dudes pretty decently. Not much else for it.

A pattern swiftly created is equally swiftly broken via Tezcatlipoca and Anat. Mot is nowhere near the top-tiers of Tyrants; he's only just in the second half. The game showers you with these things.

Bring it back for one last creation. Oumitsunu and Jarilo make Barong who's the penultimate Avatar and the only demon here we won't be using. (for those curious it's here that I hit exactly 80% compendium completion)

Dude's rather vocal about his vendetta with Rangda. She only mentions it when fusing her away. They both agree with one another that they are mortal enemies.

Let's do the sensible thing and stick 'em together via demon fusion.

...For the ultimate Omega.

In just about every SMT game, Shiva is the result of fusing Barong and Rangda. This combination is almost always the sole way to fuse him at that (like it was here). Shiva's very much above the levels we'd normally be fusing at this stage, but I figured we might as well have a little bit of a treat.

Also it makes Thursday kinda silly that we're running around jumping through hoops to summon Shiva despite him already being in our phone.

Also as usual, we'll spend this morning with Keita (albeit in this case it's after Alioth already turned up). And here's where Keita's scenes get a bit different.

Every scene from hereon in has Jungo in it. Naturally this is not possible if Jungo dies. To make up for this fact, Keita gets wildly different scenes in that case rather than them just stopping.

...So, yes, at some time in the future Jungo is going to have to die. I don't like it any more than you do.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

You... What are you trying to do? Who asked you to help!? Huh?
Hm... I just...
Shut up, asshole! I was killing that demon!
What's the matter?
I was fighting a demon when this idiot butted in.
But it's dangerous to fight alone...

So don't you dare come around me and...!

Jungo holds a chawanmushi out to Keita.


Y-You jackass! Whose fault do you think it is that I'm so pissed off!?
...? You don't want it? It's cold, but it's still delicious.
Tch... This is ridiculous.
You're my comrade. That's why I'm going to stay.
Say that again!
Hm? You're my com--

Keita glares sharply...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

We're teammates.
Don't be ridiculous! I don't need to make friends. Don't make me kick your ass.
Tch... Everyone...

Keita looks away from Jungo...

Keita walks away...


Jungo watches Keita leave...

Since the music doesn't actually change back here, might as well follow up and see more Keita.

Just be glad we're getting it out of the way now; he can be ignored again once we're done.


Jungo sits beside Keita, watching him silently...


Keita stops punching the bag and glares at Jungo...

Huh? I'm not doing anything.
I don't like your attitude. You look like your entire life has been peaceful. Sickening.
I told you before, stay away from me. If you get in my way, I'll...

You and me are similar, Keita. Right, Hibiki?
You're like twins.
Are you blind, or just stupid?
You've got to be kidding... We're entirely different.

[Music: Elegy]

I was in an orphanage all my life... Just like you.
......Tch. Who'd you hear that from?
But I was never alone.
The orphanage headmaster, friends at school, my head chef, the other chefs...

We'll be your friends, Keita. Me and Hibiki.
That's right.
...I've had enough of this. Friends? Are you kidding me?

That "friend" was trash, but so was my father in believing in him...
If you can't live without clinging to other people, you don't deserve to live.
I'm done talking about this, understand? Now go away.


You're wrong...!

Jungo walks away...

...Huh!? What's with that idiot...? How am I wrong?
You're screwed up.
Hmph... I'm just a realist.

Keita throws the chawanmushi away and walks off...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Back to the usual affair of skipping ahead through stuff we've seen before. Getting Hinako and Airi to do their actions needed to bring back Kama and Shiva.

Or we could just spend the macca and buy spares from the compendium. Be easier.

In between their fights, might as well see what Airi has to say about... things.

Hey, Hibiki! What is up with him!? He makes me soooooo mad!

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

Yeah, him! What's wrong with him!?
He took forever to show up, and then he made fun of me! I'm seriously pissed!

Must not be sexy enough.
Huh!? But I did my best!
How could I not be cute enough! It can't be!
Other people are the same! Like...

Right? Being normal's the best thing, like me.
...Then, how about Io?
She's cute, but she lacks that edge.
I agree.

Okay, that's enough agreeing with Airi for fun. Time to mess with her a bit...

...What about Fumi?
She's a freak. Just being near her is enough to tire you out.
Yeah, I bet she's freaky.

...What about Otome, then?
She's so nice. I can see her getting stuck with some loser.
Like Daichi, huh?
Oh, that's perfect. Well, her niceness is gonna be her downfall some day.
What about Makoto?
She's like the perfect human being.
Isn't being that perfect a huge weight on anyone's shoulders?
She only looks perfect.

Urgh... I'm getting tired. Complaining isn't going to do anything for me anyway.
Whatever! I've got so much potential! You wait two or three years, and you watch!

Airi seems supremely confident...

Airi's Fate rank up here actually did come from that scene. Now to skip ahead some more...

Otome gets a rank up from saving her life, of course.

And then again basically immediately afterwards from Fate scenes.

Rest of the day is basically just more Fate stuff by the by.

Thursday DOES have a bonus boss, but it requires you to buy Tuesday's because its special.

Tuesday's boss purchase thing is kinda misleading that way. Cover that more on the next cycle though.

Oh, remember this fight? Probably not. It's against some random schmucks after we kick Alioth around a bit. Notable solely for being the only fight we've seen to come up after that day's Septentrione fight.

Well, it's not really a challenge. But it does let us get Ban Curse.

...Which would've been nice to have last update. Mentioned in-thread already, but this stops Lilith's Temptation from working.

Battle Aura was just to fill in the slot, so I get all the skills. Because there's an achievement for it, and I guess I'm semi-determined to get them all?

Ah well, let's see a scene we skipped over before with... Makoto?!

Yeah its a small, easily missed one. We kinda missed it last time, making it a rare time we're not actually hanging out with Keita, Airi or Daichi onscreen.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

...Kuze. I don't want you to hear this. If you don't mind, could you--
...It doesn't matter. Continue.
But, Chief Hotsuin...!
Let me hear this.

So, what did you want to talk about?
...Chief, you said there were no people in Hokkaido when we fought Alioth.
...And? Is that a problem?
Is that really... Well...
What is it? This isn't like you. Speak up, I'm busy.

Makoto seems hesitant to speak...

You can do it.

Makoto looks at you and nods...

[Music: Dark Clouds]

As far as I know, there were still people in Hokkaido. I wasn't told they were dead.
There's no need for you to know. It's outside the scope of your operations.
But, I'm part of JP's, too! ...I have a right to know!
What would you have done, then?

It was necessary to sacrifice Hokkaido in order to bring Alioth down.
Given the choice between saving all of Japan or just a part of Japan, which is best?

I can see the logic... But to make such a sacrifice for the greater good...!?
Do we all want to die together, then?
What's done is done. There is no reason to answer your question of ethics.

...Stop wasting my time.

Yamato walks away...

[Music: Elegy]

The Chief's right... His battle plans are flawless. I'm the one complaining.
...But it's so hard to convince myself of that...
What should I believe in...?

...Sorry for making you worry. This is something I have to come to terms with.

Makoto seems deeply troubled...

And she does, and we know she does since we've seen her do it before. This is just the scene that gives her that last needed push, I guess.

And we skipped it like jerks before. Oops!

Oh, right. As before, can't skip talking to Alcor to find out that he tried to murder Otome so he could by-proxy murder Yamato.

I can't help but think people would be more sympathetic of the latter goal if his method didn't involve the former.

And that's it for today. Let's see what Tico has for us this time.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I kinda put together a rundown of the stuff you did today...
Well? Wanna hear it?
Let's hear it.
Ho-kay! Well then...
First you woke up, right? Then you met with guys like Io, Hinako, and Ai...

You met Yamato at Shiba Park, too, huh?
And the floaty thing! You saw Alioth for the first time! Yamato got some of it's poison!
Alioth zipped away to Sapporo after they cut the power to Tokyo Tower...
But Tokyo's barrier got a little weaker while the power was off, huh?
Are things rilly gonna be okay for you guys?

Foomy got all happy, so she switched on the Fukuoka Terminal again. So stupid!
Was it after that you found out about Shiva and Kama? The guys for shooting down Alioth.
I didn't really get it, but you used Hinako and Ai to bring 'em back! Awesome!

I know you just wanted to save Otome, but I don't think that was such a good idea!
Y'know, His Excellencey has this cool plan that you guys totally probably wouldn't understand.
I'd like it if you could try not to get in his way too much and be a better buddy for him!
Oh, and then you went to Fukuoka with everyone, right?

Soooo... Does that mean the city getting busted up and stuff was all Polaris' fault?
Oh, you also fought the life outta Alioth's core when it fell on Sapporo!

Ohhh, and one more thing. You know about Yamato's little plan, right?
He's gonna play off Polaris and change the world to the way he wants it, huh?

Well, I think that about sums it up!
Okay, then! Have a nice wheeee!

No new emails again this time. The one for today is from Makoto, and we saw that one last cycle anyway. No new hidden emails until we've picked a route now, at least not as far as I know.