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Part 105: New Game + ~ Friday's Partings (I)

New Game + ~ Friday's Partings (I)

Friday starts off with the whole paired off arguments and whatnot. These do actually give a very small amount of Fate points, but I guess the Fumi/Airi one was enough to push the former over the edge.

...Oh right, I totally forgot to fuse things until right after this.

Alilat and Fenrir make a Garuda. Probably should've made one that is more physical oriented, but in a rarity he's not unique so it doesn't really matter.

It would've helped out later I reckon, but no matter. He has a special use we'll get to later.

Shiva and Rangda came together to give us an easy Pallas Athena. A fairly solid Megami even if she has basically no MP to use Goddess Grace with.

Also at this stage, it actually costs more MP to use than Prayer. Not by much but it does add up quickly.

Those are the only level 69 demons, but there's also only two level 70 demons. One of which we're not using because he's an Omega. So...

Murmur and Nata Taishi are the sole way we can make our newest hero, Guan Yu. He initially has more of a bend towards magic but he can do both spellcasting and fistpunching really well. So why not play to both strengths? Genuine hybrid demons are a rarity, competent ones moreso.

Admittedly, his magic is just to reduce damage because getting spells on him is actually kind of a pain but hey.

...Okay, let's do one more thing.

Guan Yu, Garuda and an Elec Set that I'm surprised I actually had give us my favourite demon in the series bar none. What up, Metatron? He also makes no.3 on our list of demons that can only be hurt by almighty. In this case, though, that's very convenient and actually useful.

Now we just skip through a bunch of scenes and plot beats for a bit. And by "a bit" I mean more than half the day, which works out as about 30 minutes real time.

Lots of scenes, a few forced fights, one of which is the stake stuff at Mt. Fuji which is just slow and boring.

So, yeah, nothing new until we've already seen Io's death clip and freed Lugh.

[Music: Countdown]

You idiot! How many times do I have to tell you that you're in the way!?
What the hell were you thinking!?
What happened?
Tch... It's you, Hibiki. Nothing. Just this idiot being an idiot...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

I wanted to help Keita, but... I got in his way...
When you're running around like that, it messes up my attack pattern!
Dammit... I almost died because you stuck your face in my business!
Do your friends jump in front of you and keep you from getting things done?


I want you to listen carefully. I never want to see your stupid face--
You're wrong.
What? What'd you say!?

[Music: Elegy]

You would be stronger if you believed in your friends. If you can't, you're the weak one.

So what you're telling me is that you want to die!

Keita glares at Jungo...

Stop it, Keita.

Oddly, this dialogue choice has no influence on Keita's Fate points. Instead, it's for Jungo's benefit.

What...!? You're the same as him, then. I'm not gonna mind killing you both!

Jungo runs off...

Tch... What a joke. If he says something that stupid again, I'll kill him...!
Believe in your friends.
......! What did you say!?

Keita walks away in a foul mood...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Hey cool, we could totally ignore Keita now if we really wanted to!

More important is that from this same scene were Keita hit 4, Jungo hit 5. First time this kind of dual rank up has happened so far this thread and might even be the last one too. Pretty damn rare to see it even happen.

...We could ignore Keita but we might as well see it through to the end at this point.

...Tch, it's you. Leave me alone. Go away.
Don't say that to me.
Huh? Don't talk to me like that. I'll kick your ass.
And tell that idiot to never come near me again.

Hinako comes over to you, panicked...

...Another loudmouth.

[Music: Countdown]

Hey, come with me! Jungo started fighting demons all by himself to protect me!
Whaaaat... What's he doing now...?
I came looking for backup... I need you two to help me!
...This has nothing to do with me.
Wh-What...!? Why not!?

...! A-Are you seriously telling me this!?
...That's right. If you want to help him, Hibiki, then go on.
Are you scared?

G-Guys! If we don't hurry, Jungo's...!
I said, I don't care. Do whatever you want.
Let's go together.
Why are you so persistent!? You know how I live.
...Dammit, you guys are annoying!

Keita walks away.

Ugh! Why is he so... Whatever, Hibiki. Let's go. Jungo needs our help!

You follow Hinako to help Jungo...

[Music: Exploration]

All the demons are gone, right? Phew... We're done.
Thank you, Hibiki. Thank you, Hinako.
I should be thanking you. You were trying to protect me.

...You're such a good kid. Why do you like Keita so much?
...Oh, well. We got rid of the demons, so I'm gonna go home...

[Music: Countdown]

What...!? J-Jungo!

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Keita! You came!
No, you idiot. I was just walking by.
And you "just happened" to be walking past? This isn't the kind of place for a stroll...
...You. Zip it.
...Hey, Kuze, Jungo. You once said I was weak.

Stop kidding yourself.
Wh-What!? Who do you think you're talking to!?

...Shut the hell up. I'm out of here.

Hmph... Tell it to Kuze. Whatever.

Jungo watches Keita as Keita walks away...

That's Keita done with for now. Let's switch tracks down and see what's up with Daichi. Haven't had a chance to do that in a while after all.

[Music: Countdown]

Run... Hurry...

You hear peoples' voices in the distance...

...Hey, Hibiki. DId you hear something? A voice from that direction?
You...! Mr. Kuze... and Mr. Shijima, right?

A panicked JP's member runs over to you.

Y-You need our help?
Enemies have appeared just past here... I can't take them all myself!
Huh? ...Enemies? You mean, demons? Then sure, leave it to us...

What!? That's really, really bad! We have to call everyone else...!
No, it'll be too late! If they attack the tower the barrier will fall!
We're going to have to stop it ourselves!
R-Really...!? But, I mean... A Septentrione!
There's no way we could take it down! This isn't a joke!

Gah... Hinako!?

Fine, stay here! ...So where's this enemy?
Thanks, Ms. Kujou! There are conflicting reports, so it could be east or west!
We only need to hold on until the other JP's staff arrives. Go east to meet with them!

Don't worry about me! We help each other-- it's what we do. Gotta hurry, right?
Thank you! I'll meet the others to the east! Let's both come out of this alive...

Hinako and the JP's member run off in different directions...

...Aaaaaaand they're gone.
Dammit... Why!? Why are they all okay with running off into danger!?
We're going after them!

F-Fine! Let's go!

[Music: The Operation Starts]

I've got to man up sometime, so why not now!?
Let's do this.
Y-Yeah! Let's go west and meet up with Hinako... It's more dangerous there...!

H-Help! A demon! There's a demon over here...!

I don't know, it just looked like a demon to me.
You kids should run while you can! Some girl's fighting it, but who knows for how long!
So it's just a normal demon? Phew! That's such a relief!
Let's kick ass, Hibiki! She might already be done with it...

Huh...? A cell phone...

[Music: Silence]

I've seen this one before...
...! Hey, Hibiki! Could this be--

[Music: Countdown]

...! Was that Hinako!?

Gah! This blows...! I'm not going to last much longer...
Wah! There's so many demons! And Hinako's all alone!

We've got to do it!
Y-Yeah...! Wait for us, Hinako! We'll save you...!

Gah...! Dammit, dammit, dammit! This is bad, Hibiki...!

Dammit! Move! This is all my fault...!

...! Who do these demons think they are...? Seriously!

[Music: Battle of the Brave]

...! This... it's my fault!
I have to do this! I have to do something...!


[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Oh! Hinako! Are you okay? Are you hurt!?
Yeah... I'm okay. I'm glad things worked out... Whew.

Oh... Sorry. I'm sorry for everything.
...... I forgive you. Who knew you had it in you, Daichi?
I'm seeing you in a different light now. Thanks for saving me.
Oh... Uh... If I'd helped you sooner, this wouldn't have happened...
Don't worry about it. What matters more is that you came for me at all.

A-Awesome...? Me?

Good for you.
Y-Yeah, thanks... It feels kind of weird, though.
Hahaha... The sky really looks blue today...

Just the one scene with Daichi this time; he technically had two if you count Concepts but we saw that before.

Just leaves Airi for the time being.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

...What's with everyone? A merit system... It's just...
Are you okay?
Oh... Hibiki. Y-Yeah. I'm fine.
Oh, hey, Hibiki... Um, about Makoto...
Do you think... she's going to go along with Yamato's merit system...?

...Ban, Kuze! What are you doing!?
...Huh? Makoto...!?

[Music: Countdown]

Huh...? You don't have to yell about something like that. We'll just defeat them.
No, there's too many of them! We don't have the numbers to take them on!
B-But, if no one defeats them, what's going to happen to this place?

You want to retreat...? A-And what about the concert hall...?
I don't know. If we're lucky, nothing's going to happen to it...
"If we're lucky"!? Isn't it JP's job to make sure it's kept safe!?
No...! I don't want anything to happen to it!
Calm down.
I can't stay calm! This is... so...

Don't start with that. It's just not possible for us to do it!
I'll fight alone, then! I don't care if I die, if I can protect this place...

[Music: Silence]


[Music: Elegy]

Listen, Ban. Don't get so blinded by what's happening now that you risk it all.

Please, understand...
Withdraw for now.

After a long pause, Airi nods...

Thank you, Ban, Kuze...
All right, we're pulling out! Let's go!

One quick fade to black later...

[Music: Silence]

Demon remains are strewn all about...

...Hello, Shining One. Why so worried?

You recognize the man who walks over to you...

[Music: The Anguished One]

Did you kill all these demons alone?
I suppose so... If my existence relies on the definition of "alone."
Haha... "Why"?

About a "different path"?
That's right. And that's why I did what I did.

A new... possibility?
Think of this as merely a token of my gratitude.
Demons are mere pebbles in my path. It is easy to kick them aside.

The man vanishes...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

I don't know how, but it looks like we're saved...

Huh...? I-It's fine...
...I'll go back to JP's and make a report about that man. ...See you.

Makoto walks away...

Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm all right. I'm just a little surprised...
...Go back without me, Hibiki. I have to go somewhere.

Airi walks away...

Airi finally getting to Fate 4 is nice. Took her long enough; she was like one scene away before so it's only fair after all.

Just got some time to kill before we can go fight Mizar which means more Fate scenes in the interlude.

Not too many of them that matter for right now though.

Io surviving the fight with summoning the Dragon with Lugh is what brought her to Fate 4. And just in time too, since now we can go fight Mizar.

But first, let's take a short break. Pretend there's a commercial here or something...

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Dehry posted:

It's cologne. Here's an official picture from the anime twitter showing how to use it.

Maybe for, uh, this. Y'know if you really hate yourself or something.

REGARDLESS! We'll be right back after these non-existent words from our imaginary sponsors.