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Part 106: Friday's Partings ~ Lord of the Fries

Friday's Partings ~ Lord of the Fries

Now that we've got Mizar pinned down and can go murder him... we'll skip that for now. First, some more fusion!

...I swear there's a reason for this.

First, sticking a couple Ara Mitama's down Guan Yu's throat. Enough to push him up to 40 Strength, in fact.

And rewire Metatrontimus Prime to be a little faster too.

Next, I combine Shiva and Tezcatlipoca to make Vasuki the final Dragon. A fair fast, strong dude that has a decent amount of Vit.

And then bring Shiva back to combine with Pallas Athena to make Nyarlathotep (...yes, the Lovecraftian horror). Much like Vasuki above, he's a decent physical attacker who's fast and quite tanky.

...We won't be using either of these though. At least not right now we won't be. We will later, though.

So, are you ready for what is arguably the second hardest fight in the game?

I mean, I wouldn't say it's the second hardest. But hey, you might disagree.

[Music: Countdown]

So... I would like to use my army to see just how powerful you really are.
I came all this way for you. If you disappoint me, I will never forgive you.

[Music: Desperate Situation]

...Hmm, actually y'know what? This fight's a bit different to the norm. I think it could do with some different music too.

[Music: Deep Night] (Overclocked)
devil survivor 1's music is fantastic (as is the overclocked stuff) please click these links

We're not touching Beelzebub for a while. Not because we can't, but because his gimmick is dumb.

Oh yes, it's one of those fights.

Beelzebub himself is kind of a pain if you're not prepared. Dude's level 91 and has a good chance of one-shotting anyone who gets within his 6-space attack range.

So, yes, you can ignore his dumb gimmick and punk him from a distance with Evil Flow/Chaos Breath. We're not doing that though. At least not this time around.

It'll kinda take a while at our levels (he has 6000 HP which is more than everything else we've fought so far) but it's totally doable.

In a nice rarity, we can actually crack stuff in this fight. Both skills are only on Beelzebub and I want to say this is the only map where you can get Holy Strike. There's a second with Ultimate Hit but it's much better to get here.

So, this fight's weird gimmick? If you looked at Bel's load-out, you'd have noticed he had primarily Fire elemental spells and the Fire Amp. All of his demons on the map are oriented around Fire.

You know how in Final Fantasy and other such RPGs there's sometimes a boss with a rotating weakness? This is how that would work here. And it's stupid.

The kicker is that Beelzebub isn't even really the biggest threat here anyway. The random mooks are all around level 80 themselves, which means they could probably take Lilith if they wanted to, but they don't run solo.

So there's 12 actually relatively tough middling demons that will try and fuck your shit up.

Yeah, not letting that one happen. I am significantly underlevelled for what it feels like you are expected to be at this fight.

See, I get the impression that you were meant to buy Tuesday's fight and take out each NG+ boss in one runthrough. It would explain the spontaneous level jump between Sage of Time and Lilith at least.

Beelzebub's defenses change in weird ways. He starts out Strong to every element, save for Physicals (drain), Curse (null) and Almighty (neutral).

Taking out one demon improves his resistance to the appropriate element, in this case Fire, to Null.

This map also happens to be a rare time when I bother to use the Hero racial skill. The upgraded version, in particular. This straight up reduces all damage by 50% for the next skirmish.

This is what saved Hinako from getting obliterated by Tlaloc's Maragidyne at least.

Athena doesn't quite get us the win in the extra turn, but it did stop Tlaloc from getting in a second hit.

So, Fumi's turn to waltz up to Brigid and kick her ass.

Takes significantly more damage than Hinako did. Hero's Proof actually does make a significant difference.

Fumi did drop it, but got hurt a lot in the process. Titania actively cannot be hurt, aside from by Beelzebub himself, so Recarmloss to fully heal is efficient here.

With Brigid down, Beelzebub's fire resistance is back where it started. It does actually drop down from here, but we'll put that to its real use later on.

For now, we'll just have Jungo and co. ruin a set of Pyro Jacks.

Could've risked taking out all three, but this map is long doing it "normally" so just focusing on the leader at times.

Decarabia opts to try and capitalise on whatever it can and take out Jungo.

I'll give it credit that, yes, it hurts. A lot.

Garuda might not have 40 Magic, but his Holy Dances are efficient enough to wipe out Flauros and Decarabia.

We get a short window at this point to capitalise on the opening we just created. And it is VERY short.

Come Beelzebub's next turn...

He summons four new demons, this time Ice elemental.

This is technically true but it's also a lie. Every round from this point on, Beelzebub's Physical resistance is upped to Reflect.

Doesn't even matter, but it's something.

Speaking of which, Yuki's trying to punch Titania is great. Quite a lot of things we'll use at this point is going to repel Physicals anyway so these small bits of mercy are magnificent.

And Fumi has Magic Yang, and three Elemental Dances just to be safe. Cuts through things remarkably fast, even if they're around 30 levels above us.

Considered having Hinako take out Kudlak, but opted for the Jack instead.

...And, damn. In case it wasn't clear, this kinda stuff is what happened when you forget to use Hero Proof. Doesn't matter too much in this instance, but hey.

Hibiki's gonna drop the Kudlak instead.

Because of these guys. The two Wendigos are physical oriented, moreso than Ice elemental, so Hibiki's the ideal person to tangle with them. Brutal Hit crits reflecting to deal quad damage is fantastic.

And Purple Mirror might be a base level 61, against stuff almost 20 levels his senior. Don't give no fucks.

That leaves the second Jack Frost who opts to try and take out Jungo.

In this instance, I could definitely have had Shiva drop a Multi-Strike and wipe out all three. Didn't quite expect it to go this well though.

...Titania's Fairy Dusting quite a lot. This kind of a side-benefit is absurdly great (for, y'know, obvious reasons) but really not to be relied on.

Those down, Beelzebub's getting excited by this fight and throws more demons at us.

Electric ones this time around. I'm sure you've figured out the pattern at this point.

[Music: Battle Beat] (Overclocked)
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There's a reason that I kept mentionined how Shiva would've been better off using Multi-Strike before now. It drops a large amount of numbers and is enough to wipe out, uh, nearly everything quite easily.

At this point, even if something DOES survive a regular punch from Jungo is close to being able to one-shot them at max HP.

Seriously, over 600 damage from a relatively low-level Jungo on this map from a regular attack is pretty nuts.

This random Nue is probably the easiest fight even with that though.

Hinako always goes first, and her Multi-Strikes do have a chance to petrify. Quite easy to wipe out things whenever that procs.

This other Orobas is harder than the previous one, if only because of his demons.

Or, uh, it should be. But Suparna accidentally wipes itself out with a Hassohappa. Oops.

This one would actually hurt Hibiki. I say would because...

It hits Purple Mirror first, bounces off of him and kills Orobas first. It never gets a chance to touch Hibiki!

Possession here is kind of completely unnecessary, but it ensures that the Nue doesn't get ideas to, like, try and fight Hinako or something.

It, um, had no alternative to fighting Hibiki regardless. I just spaced on that for a moment I guess.

Seiryuu wiping itself with a Hassohappa. Sometimes I wish the AI would learn from its mistakes just to make things interesting.

...Especially since immediately afterwads, Nue used Mighty Hit on itself.

That's three down, and the Force wave is probably the least interesting of the bunch.

At this point, we've gotten strong enough to go toe-to-toe with these things and come out on top.

This one should have gone badly, but, um, they forgot to Tetrakarn. Very definitely not complaining.

There is something that the AI can still do to fuck me over, but it's not that likely to happen.

And, uh, Badb Catha being weak to Force in the midst of the Force wave is fantastic. Makes things so much easier.

It's a good thing we can plow through these because this fight has outlived its welcome at this point.

And I do mean plow through them. I've been putting all of Hibiki's stat points here into Agility. He can now outspeed most things in this very fight. It's kinda great.

Let's just bring this one to a close and then get ready to end the fight itself.

Anzu's Megidolaons should hurt by all accounts. If they both did them, then they definitely would hurt.

The second one opted to use a Mazandyne. Which, yes, is boosted by his amp. Which makes it heal Hinako better.

I gave Guan Yu those Mitamas for a reason. This is that reason.

Lastly, we have the physical wave. After this, it cycles back to Fire and begins anew. Seen everything there is to this fight; let's gear up to end this.

You'd think the Physical wave would be the hardest, right? Well, uh, it's not. Fire (the first time through) is because of the level disparity.

Only the two Cerberuses have Pierce. Across all 12 demons, it's just the one that can ignore resistance.

Shield All was a precaution since these guys can still hurt if given the chance. It is proving rather unnecessary

Y'know, I'm not entirely sure if Hinako can petrify dudes whenever this happens. It doesn't even really matter but hey.

Putting this Cerberus down, because its the one positioned in a way that can fuck things up for me.

And since Hibiki's entire team reflects Physicals, stuff like this is really common.

Oh, and when Metatron does the Holy Dance he makes it count. Over 1900 damage with only Magic Yin to boost it. That's pretty bonkers.

This random Yaksa is kind of our final hurdle before we can go and win.

Admittedly, when they suicide on dudes with Reflect it's not much of a hurdle.

Doubly so when its their team leader doing it.

Now the real tricky part: not killing this Cerberus. Or, rather, not letting it kill itself. If this dies, we have to do all this shit again.

It does not like making it easy for me.

The Pendragon dropping an Attack All and killing itself is perfectly fine though.

Next we just skip turns until the turn order works out in our favour. This is very definitely in our favour.

So now we can kill Cerberus. This map is unofficially over.

At, um, at the start of this fight Hibiki had 9 Agility. He has gained 17 levels.

He, erm, he is also the exact same level he was when I wiped out Polaris on the last runthrough. This is low for the number of levels you can get in this fight. If you're insane enough, grinding here to level 99 is more than possible. And some people think they have to get to around 90+ just to stand a chance against Beelzebub himself...

Yeah, fuck that. Beelzebub is weak to punching. Jungo can eviscerate him now, thanks.

[Music: Shudder]

...Actually, Shudder's nice and all but variety is the spice of life. And we are fighting Belzaboul (albeit with a stupider gimmick)...

[Music: Coldheartedness] (Overclocked)
again, this alternative music is phenomenal. click it.

That's better.

Now, with all his demons dead and a Blitzkrieg to make it worse, Beelzebub is going to die horribly.

I considered using Rage Soul, but then that wouldn't be quite as nice and efficient. Only getting to deal single damage regular attacks and all.

Garuda's just here so Jungo can waltz up to Bel in one go from outside his attack range. The damage contribution is nice but it's not what he's here for.

Beelzebub hitting himself for 1900 with Deathbound is great though.

At this stage, Jungo is tanky enough to take the one hit of it and come back swingining. Shiva repays the favour for him first, of course.

And then Jungo more than proves why he's Jungo. Goddamn.

Extra turns now, and Garuda with a cherry tap. Double Extras are why Jungo has Shiva here by-the-by. Not needed now, but if they were then they'd have been what pushed it over the edge.

But, Shiva's regular attack is more than a match for Beelzebub at this point.

And that's all she wrote. Ultimate Hit is our real prize here. This is the final component of the raw physical build.

Holy Strike is nice and all, but it's eh. To say its exclusive to this map it is not worth the hassle.

Fwah ha... You're above and beyond my expectations. I had no idea you'd be this good!

So, yeah, that's the three regular New Game+ bosses done.

Three down, three to go. And the remaining three are quite, ahem, special.

And as per usual, we just destroyed Beelzebub so we can now fuse him. He's the second best Tyrant and one of my prefered demons for a final-final party. Lucifer, naturally, is the best Tyrant.

So, we have Ultimate Hit. What can we do with it?

Oh, y'know, just ruin the days of everything else ever. Double powered, Almighty-elemental fists that hit every enemy unit without exception and they do so twice. The minimum stat requirements for this? 22 Strength and 14 Vitality. You can, in theory, do this as early as level 28.

That's a good start. But I want more. MORE.

Rage Soul is quite nice, if you haven't gathered yet.

So, that's Mizar promptly dealt with. Friday took a while here mostly due to the Beelzebub fight.

It takes a while to play regardless because of some lengthier maps.

Mt Fuji still takes far too long for my liking, just due to navigation. I should've stocked multiple Garudas, yeah, yeah. My fault I know.

Aside from that bump, it's just gots lots of stuff to do due to the nature of the day.

Oh and we can't avoid talking to Alcor about the current Not-YHVH.

I actively tried to skip as many of his scenes as I could. Doing that with most people keeps them at Fate 1 or 0. Alcor's a mandatory 2. Weird.

So, aside from Alcor and one other person, this now means...

Everyone is at Fate 4 or higher. Poor Ronaldo's still being completely neglected. We'll learn much more about him in due time too, but his time is not now.

No, this is the time to count the final votes. See who's route came out on top. It was really close this time too, but...

With a super-super narrow margin, Yamato picks up the victory. I'm actually kinda surprised by this one. Not really where I figured we'd be going so soon.

For what it's worth, A New World isn't listed here because we didn't meet the requirements for it to be available.

...So you've come, Hibiki. You're late.
Sorry to make you wait.
Hahaha... What cheek. Though it's true, you're the only one I'd be willing to wait for.

Oh... I see... You wish to have Kuze join us?
Heh, naturally. It's obvious from all Hibiki has achieved that he can be of use to us.

Away, fools. I'm speaking with Hibiki now. Can't you wait your turns?
Haha, I forgot about that. All right, we'll leave this to you, Chief.
Now then... to business. I won't take up much of your time.

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Hibiki, you know that man has never known equality from the moment of his birth.
It's as plain as day. There are countless people in the world, each one of them unique.

Individuality must be preserved by a truly skillful man leading the foolish masses!
Until now, that was not possible. Preposterous logic and bizarre mores prevented it.
Those were merely foolish ideals of the powerless who fear their own downfall...!
As long as such fools remain in power, do you think these wrongs will ever be righted?

Hibiki! You are strong... You are one of the few who might surpass me!
Join hands with me and let us lead mankind to true victory!

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Heh... Good call, Kuze. That's what I expect from you.
Hello, Hibiki. Looks like we're comrades now. We've got a ways to go, but we can do it.
Ha... Hahahaha!
I've finally found someone...! I thought you'd agree, Hibiki.

Starting tomorrow, we will eliminate the opposition and open a path to Polaris!
I will prepare a room for you at the JP's office in Osaka. Rest well.

You say your farewells to everyone before heading to your room...

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I kinda put together a rundown of the stuff you did today...
Well? Wanna hear it?
Let's hear it.
Ho-kay! Well then...
First you woke up! Then Daichi and Io told you about Ronny.

Looks like your pals didn't all see eye to eye with Yamato either!
They've all got their own thing going. I say, good luck with that!
Oh, then you and Ronny saw that huuuuge magic circle under the government building!

I bet Yamato never woulda brought it up if you hadn't said anything!
After that, you fought Mizar and saw how whacking at it just split off little copies!

If you hadn't pulled out those Stakes and made the dragon munch on the thingy...
I'm sure it woulda been a rilly huge pain in the butt!
Oh yeah, that reminds me! That was about the time you saved Io!

After that, you used the dragon to curbstomp Mizar on the roof of the government building!
Those barriers over the cities are gone now, but who cares! Mizar was a jerk.
Oh, that reminds me. Daichi was thinking about the scar that Polaris' attack left...
And about the absolute void, and all that!
Foomy was talking all big, saying, "The world's just information," and stuff.
After that, you find Ronny and Mako-Mako fighting each other...

Then you had to pick someone's belief to lend a hand with for tomorrow's big fight.

But... how's it all going to work out in the end? No one knows!
Oh...! Man, I nearly forgot to tell you something rilly important!

But hey, you've picked a path, right? I'm sure you don't need us anymore!
You're on your own when it comes to fighting for the future now! Have fun!
Um... I think that's all I needed to tell you!
Okay, then! Have a nice wheeee!

Yeah, so Friday's emails are a bit different.

Pretty shocking

I don't think it's right for us to fight like this

So we're enemies now... But I'll win and make you wee what I mean

Well, see you tomorrow

They're given to us by the route leaders that we didn't choose.

you, but it's for the greater good.

I'll give it my all, so I have no regrets, and I expect the same of you. See you tomorrow...

We didn't get them when we sided with Alcor because, um. Actually I'm not entirely sure why; maybe they figured since our affiliation wasn't known (before we rocked up with Al and ruined plans at least) that we'd bowed out and chose not to back anyone. Or something. I dunno, just a thought I had when thinking about it.

So, yeah. No new optional bosses remaining this time around. But hey, just in time for a new route to take over so that's a happy coincidence!

Oh, and if you're curious about something, Ultimate Hit and Holy Strike are the only skills exclusive to NG+. Some stuff on GameFAQs and the like calls Anti-All NG+ exclusive too but that's straight up wrong. Skills we're still missing?

...Huh. According to my checklist, we're only missing three now. Probably be able to grab all three throughout this route's Saturday. We shall see!