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Part 107: ...The Means Test

...The Means Test

[Music: Exploration]

...It's me. Are you awake, Hibiki?
I'm sleeping.

Ahh, Hibiki. You're up. Everyone's here.
Dude, what's with the ugly mug?
Is it as bad as yours?

Good morning, Kuze. I'm glad to have you along with us today.
Now... let's get to business. I thought we should review our overall agenda.
Go on...
Haha, go for it. We're part of this organization too, after all.
A few things first... We at JP's-- meaning those at this branch who can be trusted...

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Are they our enemies now?
Not if they obey, no. But... with their current disposition, I doubt that will be the case.

I don't understand. They were going on about how it's wrong to fight one's friends.
But it's not as if we were ever friends, really... Haha, they make no sense to me.
Don't laugh at them.
Ah, a scolding from Hibiki? You can be surprisingly softhearted at times.
At ease, Hibiki... I am not heartless.

But that can only happen after they are utterly beaten and have learned their place.
Tokyo will be first. Their "desire" is vague, and I worry Nagoya will subsume them.
We will strike first to break them up and then attempt to recruit them individually.

Ah, good ol' Benny. We'll deal with him in due time, of course.

Yes. When all the Septentriones are defeated, the path to Polaris will be opened.
Though the other factions are little better than a mob...
They cannot be allowed to challenge the Septentriones. It must be we who defeat it.
We'll do our best.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Oh, and there's the Void to consider too. It got Chiba this morning...
Like I give a damn. It doesn't change our plan, so let's hurry and get going.
Well, either way, we have to do this. There's not a lot of room for debate.
We'll deal with the Tokyo and Nagoya factions and keep an eye out for the Septentrione.
Let's get started, then.

You say your farewells to each other before leaving...

Alright, before we jump into the fray for the second time, we do have a brand new party member with us now.

Yamato, of course, has a bit more to him than we can see here. Mentioned it before, but he resists Almighty stuff by default. That could come in handy at some point in the future. He's also the ideal hybrid attacker, focusing on both Strength and Magic in equal measures which is short-term ineffective but phenomenal in the long-term.

Also, if you're the kind of boring person who works these things out (like me!) you'd find out that his stats are actually a little bit higher than they should be. His stats are only actually achievable by level 57; Yamato starts with 2 more stat points than everyone else does. This doesn't mean too much in the grand scheme of things, though.

Anyway, let's do the usual fusion affair to get some more stuff out of the way.

Oumitsunu and Guan Yu give us the second-best Kishin and final Heavenly King, Bishamonten. Not much to this guy, really. He's good at what he does, and what he does is hit things. Really hard.

Combine Bishamonten with Mot, and we get Agares. Fumi's Fate 5 demon... isn't all that stellar, to be honest. Said it before, but he'd be better suited for a little bit lower than where he is.

Nothing else to fuse this time around. We've got one more demon to fuse this runthrough, but that comes a little later.

For now, let's go tangle with Jungo and Hinako again.

[Music: Exploration]

I'm surprised we haven't run into the Tokyo faction yet. What are they up to...?
Indeed... but this may be part of their plans. We must stay alert.
They're probably just hiding. Bunch of idiots... we'll have to hunt them down.
Don't be hasty. Their range of activity is limited.

Huh... looks like we won't be doing that. Too bad. You see there...?

[Music: Dark Clouds]

Hibiki... You're an enemy, too? I don't want to fight with everyone.
Hmph... What else would we be doing here? You've got no sense of danger.
What other reasons would we have? You oppose us and so we will strike you down.
...! Hibiki... You too?
Do you really agree with Yamato's way of thinking!?
That's right.

This is just stupid. It involves too many people. Some quarreling is guaranteed.
I'm sorry... But we must do this, for the sake of our ideals.
Wh-Why!? Fighting, and forcing people to follow your beliefs... It makes no sense!

[Music: Crumbling Routine]

This world is trash. Leaders are corrupt and control this nation with money and greed.
Natural selection is the only way to preserve our race. That is how it is for all life!

Hibiki and I will purge this world's mistakes... and remake it into its rightful form!
All right, that's enough. Well, we've got something that we can't give up on, too.
I really don't want to fight you guys... but no matter who wins, no hard feelings!
Very well. You are a worthy opponent...!
Are you finally up to doing this? Come on, then, let's get started.
Yeah... Let's do this!

[Music: Battle of the Brave]

Yeah, okay, we're not covering the entirety of the map because that'd be boring and it's basically identical to last time. Shiva pops in early, Jungo and Hinako have the exact same builds...

So that's one problem solved...

Both major threats promptly dealt with...

And Hinako, um, more than a little Overkilled. Jeez.

So, yeah, just gonna be barrelling through these maps for the most part.

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Yes, I may not have given them enough credit before. Still, fighting such familiar faces...
...I don't see the problem. We successfully eliminated them.
Haha, I guess so. They worked pretty well together, though. Like an actual team.
They were a great team.
Haha, yeah. They were streong so I think they were fairly good.
Yes, but Shijima was the Tokyo faction's leader, and he was nowhere to be seen.

That Daichi may actually be using his brains for this fight...
Pff, he probably just freaked out. I bet he'll come out waving the white flag.
I don't care either way. This is a perfect opportunity.
To persuade them?
That's right. Now's our chance to strengthen our forces.
Hm. It was decided yesterday that those who lost in battle must withdraw.

I suspect the battles will only become fiercer. Better to have more allies than not.
That's right. I doubt they'd react positively to most of us trying to persuade them...
So I say we leave this job to Hibiki, since he was a mere JP's adjunct like them.
I'll give it a try.
We're counting on you to do this, Kuze. If anyone has a chance with them, it's you.

You leave, still chatting with everyone...

For the most part, the recruitment scenes are the same. The general crux of the conversation is different at least.

[Music: Elegy]

Ah...! Hibiki!?
I'm not here to fight.
Y...You're not!?
Look, what are you doing here!? I'm your enemy!
You're my friend.
What...? Your friend!?

What could you want with a completely useless girl like me...!?
You saved us from Alioth.
Huh...!? That's... not much of a consolation. I mean, think about it.
With Alioth... it just happened to be that we needed a dancer.
You were excellent.

B-But... My family's famous for their dance! I was just forced into it...!
It was all your own effort.
Ugh... well, I did put in the effort to be good at it, since I had to learn anyways.

I admire that.
*sigh* I sort of understand what you're trying to say...

It's just... fighting my friends like this to achieve it doesn't seem right...
Then let's make up.
Yeah... no matter how hard I try, there's no way I can stop Yamato.
But if you stay at his side... Maybe he won't do anything rash, either.

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Okay... It's all or nothing! I'll make you number one in the merit system and save this world!
I'm gonna go get ready to join you guys. I gotta talk to Yamato and the others.
I'll be waiting.
Um... Thanks, Hibiki. I'm glad you took the time to come get me. See you!

You say your farewells to Hinako before leaving.

So, yeah. That's the rough idea. I'm not entirely too sure the repeats are different enough to warrant showing in the main updates proper, but at the same time not quite similar enough to warrant glossing over wholesale either.

So, uh, I guess I'll put the repeats in their own separate thing for you to peruse later at your own leisure.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Kanno, is your report correct? Shijima and Nitta are around here?
Erm, I believe so. Though there's no proof, haha.
They're nowhere to be seen... We may have had a bad tip. Or is this their plan...?
That's strange. Did they go into hiding when they saw us?
Let's look around.

I see 'em too. Over there...

Yeah... don't worry. They'll be here soon. ...See? It's Hibiki.

[Music: Countdown]

Dammit...! W-We're not gonna lose!
Shijima, Nitta...! There's still time! Come with us and...!
Stop it, Mako. We'll talk about that after the fight. That's how this works.

Is something happening?
There's no knowing for sure, but she's different from the usual... I'm suspicious.
Does it matter? Either way, we've got to do this, right? I'm gonna crush them...!

[Music: Challenge to the Fate]

This one's basically identical to how it went last time, but we can at least do something a bit different.

Namely, just use a Flight demon and get to Io in two moves.

You're not actually allowed to beat her at this point, of course. This is because when this happens, or you just fight her in general, or take out an enemy unit she goes full Lugh.

Daichi tries to fight Yamato, and gets punked for his troubles.

At least the rest of the map is nice enough to give us not just one...

But both the remaining Auto skills we were missing. Just need Recarmloss now, and we'll have every skill in the game.

At this point, just gotta finish off Io. Not much of a challenge now.

There is actually one map later in this day that's worth posting almost in full. Not getting there for a while, though.

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Whew... That sure was a tough fight, though.
That was easy.
Really? Impressive. I can see now why the Chief is so taken with you.
Hm... One fewer faction opposing us now. Only Nagoya remains...

Mm-hm. And don't forget that elephant in the room named the Septentriones...
That'll be no problem.
Huh... you're pretty tough. Though we don't have a choice, so might as well hangin in there.
Hmph... So basically, we crush anyone who gets in our way. Easy enough.
I leave it to you to determine what to do with those who escaped, Hibiki.
If you wish to recruit them to our side, you have my blessing. You are all dismisssed.

You part with everyone and leave the area.

[Music: Exploration]

Take the chance during the lull before Benny turns up to hang out with Daichi some more.

Owwww... I wish they'd taken it easy on me.
What's up?
Hey, Hibiki! Yeah, so, listen...
All these demons started coming out, so I went to go see what was going on.
And then this happened. Man, that was scary...!
Did you fight them?

Remember when we saved Hinako? That got me thinking...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

I didn't like having to fight demons, with the world turning into this place...
Why did it have to be me doing this? Couldn't it have been someone else?
But when I run away, someone else gets hurt. Seeing Hinako made me realize that.
And I hate that. A lot more than getting hurt myself...
...That's why I decided to fight.

Daichi scratches his head, embarrassed...

Though... You're the one who gave me the advice to make me think this way.
So... Thanks, Hibiki.
Hahaha, don't act like it was nothing!
Well, I'm going to go get this looked at. See you.

Daichi walks away...

Well, that's one scene down. Might as well finish off Daichi's events at this point.

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

Gah, this is heavy! What's in this thing, anyway!?
Oh, Hibiki! My savior! You're just in time!
Help me here! Grab the other side!

...Like there's really any alternatives here.

You move around behind Daichi...

Wait, stop! Are you getting revenge on me for that one time in junior high!?

Help me here! Grab the other side!
Hurry, hurry! Before my back gives out...!

You help Daichi lower the box to the ground...

[Music: Exploration]

Fwoooooah! Thanks so much!

Well, when I said I'd help you, Hinako, you didn't say it was this heavy!
Those are personal items from my parents' house. Can you make it to the JP's dorms?

Hmm... Well... I understand.
Thanks, Daichi.
Yeah, it's really dang heavy. Let's switch off.
Hibiki, can you grab it? I'll get the other side.
Oh... really? Th-Thanks, Hibiki...
Well, thanks, Daichi. All right, Hibiki, let's go.
...Hm? What is it?
Um... I can do it!
Really? I don't want you to hurt yourself...
Didn't you say your hands were going numb?

You're not on a baseball team...
Whatever! I'm going to do this!
All I've done is show Hibiki that I'm pathetic. I'll prove that I'm not!
I'm counting on you.
Yeah! You go on ahead. Leave this to me! ...I've always wanted to say that!

So... Here! We! G--HNNNNGHHHH!

Daichi lifts the box with a herculean display of effort...

...Hey, wait! I'll go with you...
Watch out in front of you! You're gonna run into a pole!
Whaaaa!? Daichi, are you okay!?

Daichi continues hauling the box, as Hinako continues yelling...

Daichi's pretty blatantly intended to be your first person to hit Fate 5.

Seiten Teisei is only level 52, but he's pretty sweet for a level 52 demon honestly (in part because he's an Omega). Shame he's not useful anymore though!

Oh, Wu Kong is his actual name in Journey to The West. Part of it anyway; his full name is Sun Wukong which translates in Japanese as, uh, Son Goku. Which also happens to be his name in Devil Children/Demikids.

So, that's one more Fate 5 added to the pile. Let's see how many more we can squeeze out of this route.

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Hahaha... It's you, Hibiki. Good of you to come to me.
I'd beleived that with your wisdom, you would choose me.
Of course.
Hahaha...! That's because you are special. The other trash wouldn't understand.
Hibiki... Do you know why I decided to create a society based on strength?

It was all done in secret, and we regret not one death. This nation was worth it all.
But that was long ago... Do you feel that modern Japan is worth that much loyalty?

Government serves only to protect itself, and the common people wallow in stupor.
The nation has changed since the years long gone... And so we must also change.
So I... the Hotsuin family, am coming out into the open, not hiding in Japan's shadow.

That is why I seek to create such a dog-eat-dog society. Do you understand?
I am glad you agree. I've been waiting for someone like you.
...Hibiki, in my initial plan, you were unworthy. All civilians in general, really.
But people like you, with unknown potential... I can acknowledge your worth.
In these past few days, you have completely altered my plans.
You truly are remarkable... From now on, you will be my right-hand man... No.

...Well, then.

Yamato gazes at you before walking away...

[Music: Exploration]

Well, we've still got time before we absolutely have to go fight Benny. Might as well do one last scene with Yamato, huh?

What does he want, calling us here at a time like this?
Who knows? I haven't heard anything.
Mako, do you know what this is about? Did something happen?
I don't know. Chief said that he'd like to speak with us.

After a few moments, Yamato enters...

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

And the others are here, too. Very well.

Yamato looks each of you in the face.

I called you here because I wanted you to know the situation in our camp.

We are in extremis.
Oh, okay...?
Well, I'm not surprised. Too much has gone on.
True... Riots, division, internal quarreling... Too much has gone wrong...
...Hibiki, what is your opinion of this situation?
No problem at all.
Heh... That's right. I'm glad you realize it. Our ideal will soon come to life.

That's not necessarily true.
Haha... You just don't realize it. After all, most of that strength resides in you.

Well, Hibiki is like level 71 at this point so...

Ha... Does it seem absurd? Do you think I am grasping at straws?
All our past victories have been because of the wills of those present.

As long as we have that power, our ideals will be realized, no matter what may happen.
I am confident in the strength of your will. ...That's all I have to say.
You can count on us.
Indeed I shall. Your existence is the catalyst that binds everyone's wills...

I've had a meal prepared for you. Please think of it as a reward.
We don't have much food left. Then again, such concerns will be unnecessary in a new world.
Now, enjoy. Right, Hibiki...? Hahaha...

As Yamato leaves, a JP's member enters with a large tray of food...

I'm surprised Chief has food us. That's very unlike him.
Chief's changed somehow, ever since he met Kuze...
Tch, why didn't he bring it out sooner...?

[Music: Silence]

Ahahaha, that's amazing.


Somewhere, a cricket chirps...

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

J-Just eat it! We can't let the Chief's kindness go to waste!
I don't really know what's going on. I just want some mayo.

As you all eat the takoyaki, your resolution grows stronger...

[Music: Exploration]

Oh man, Yamato at Fate 5 is good news. Very good news, in fact.

Baal is a Deity that's level 65. Despite being seemingly outclassed at this point, he's one I like using and so we will be making him.


I technically can't right now; I have the demons for it, certainly. I, um, just don't have the macca to buy one from the compendium now and the other back again after making Baal. 800k doesn't quite last as long as you'd think at base Compendium prices.

Ah well, let's go attempt to beat the shit out of Benny.

Does that mean the enemy came from this position...?
Simpler to say it came from these coordinates... Hm? Ah, Hibiki. Perfect timing.
What're you talking about?

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Chief Hotsuin, how should we proceed? This is much earlier than we had predicted...
If the Nagoya faction were to defeat the Septentrione, it would jeopardize our goals.
Let's get this done.
Okay, then! It'd be no joke if someone else killed it first.

That's right. I'm gonna go on ahead... Betcha I can crush this thing myself!
Hey, no fair! I want to see the Septentrione too! Wait up!

The two run off...

Ha... Then let us go, Hibiki. The long, arduous journey to Polaris shall end here.

[Music: Countdown]

Ah, there it is. That's the Septentrione this time.

Compared to Alioth and Mizar, this thing doesn't look like much of a threat at all.
So it would seem, but don't relax your guard. We shouldn't treat this one lightly.
Mm... You're right. We are up against a Septentrione. We should be careful...!
Very well. Let's deal with it before the Nagoya faction intervenes!
Yep, yep... Let's hurry and get rid of it.
Let's go, everyone! If we don't win this fight, we'll never reach Polaris!
All right! I'll crush it!
Leave it to me! I'll deal with it in a flash!
Mhm... I'll hurry and defeat it...!

[Music: Septentrion]

Yeah, yeah, we know winning here is impossible. Generic demons here are more worthless than ever. Good for shaking down for their lunch money though.

And, hey, Hibiki "accidentally" sat in Alky's attack range. Oh no!

Even being attacked from that distance skips ahead to the second phase of the fight. You don't have to hit him at all for this one; just a skirmish in any form works.

So, these buds... it was mentioned a while back that if you take out both of them the fight ends that way too.

Be quicker than trying to actively run away at least. Might as well give it a shot.

Plus its not like the buds have ever been challenging anyway. Even when they were first introduced so long ago, they weren't a threat.

And, what do you know. You do actually just straight up run in-cutscene after you beat the second bud.

So, yeah, this map can be cleared pretty fast. Not as fast as, um, some others we've seen before but it's up there.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Yes, everyone seems to be in one piece. But that move it had was utterly crippling...
That thing's some real trouble. What should we do about it?
"Benetnasch," eh...? It sent out demons away and prevented any further summoning...
Furthermore... Hibiki, did you notice its skill called "Pacify Human"...?
It nulls human attacks?
...I suspect so.

Such is the power of Benetnasch...
Tch... We're at a serious disadvtantage here. We gotta do something about this.
Indeed... A plan of attack is called for. Let's all search for a countermeasure.
All right.
Mm. But Ronaldo and his guys are around too. We should be careful.
Our attacks won't work, our demons can't stay out, and we can't summon new demons?
It must have strong ties to the demon summoning process... Which means...

You all leave the area, thinking about the problem.

[Music: Exploration]

Change our plans?
I had thought to strike down Benetnasch with energy to spare, then face the Nagoya group.
But judging by that battle, it will take all our strength to defeat the Septentrione.
After a battle like that, we'd be in danger should Nagoya strike at that moment...
Should be crush them first?
Yes, that's right. That would be the best strategy.

The battle is almost upon us... Make sure you are prepared.

Before we run off to Nagoya to deal with those guys, we'll take a short break to hang out with Keita some more.

...Oh, it's you. What do you want?
How are you feeling?
Not bad. My punches are as fast and direct as ever.
Hmph. Back when that idiot Jungo screwed up...
Remember how I just happened to be passing by, and I killed those demons?
I figured out a trick for delivering stronger punches. I'm stronger now.

So... If anyone else screwed up like he did, call me up.
Don't get me wrong, I don't care if you all die. I just want to better myself.
You got that? If you take this the wrong way, I'll kill you.
Okay, Bipolar Kid.

Tch... Whatever. I shouldn't have said anything.

Keita resumes pummeling the sandbag...

Well... we have come this far with Keita already. Might as well see the finale too.

Hey, idiot! Don't touch my sandbag!
You always look like you have fun when you hit it. I want to punch it, too.
Fun!? Are you stupid!? This isn't a game!
Are you hungry, Keita?

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

What the hell is up with you and that stuff, anyway!?
...You don't know?
This is chawanmushi, a traditional Japanese food. A mixture of eggs and broth--
I know what it IS! That's not what I meant!
Please let me hit this moron in his dumbass face...
Fighting helps you bond.

That's a word! Dammit, you just can't listen, can you!?

Unlike most Fate 5's we've seen so far, Keita's is kind of underwhelming honestly.

Susano-O isn't exactly... bad. Well, not exactly. He's just not good either. An Omega demon with only spells in his default skillset but his stats are Strength oriented as per usual? Kind of not a great mix there.

Oh well, we're not going to ever use Susano-O anyway so whatever. We would deal with this fight next, but, uh... this seems like a good place to take a break.

In the mean time, the recruitment scenes I skipped over...

Recruit Jungo
Recruit Io
Recruit Daichi