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Part 109: (I'm Not) The Breakman

(I'm Not) The Breakman

Final day's come around yet again. This one's mostly different enough to before, surprisingly. Won't quite cover everything this time around, since some stuff is basically identical regardless, but most of it.

[Music: Exploration]

You're awake, Hibiki. It's another great morning.
Buenos noches!
I don't know how much foreign language training you have, but that means "good night."

The others have already risen and are in the command room. You should go meet them.

Ah... Good morning, Hibiki. Did you sleep well? Everyone's been waiting for you.
*yawwwwwn* Oh, hey, Hibiki. How's it going?
I was so nervous I didn't get any sleep at all, haha.
Ahh, Hibiki. The time's finally come for us to face the Dread Polaris!
The Dread Polaris!
Mm-hm. If we've defeated all the Septentriones now...
We'll be able to meet Polaris, right?

[Music: Connected Hearts]

That's right... We've beaten seven Septentriones so far.
Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar and Benetnasch...
If they are patterned after the Big Dipper, that should be all of them.
Well... I don't know about that. True, if this ordeal from Polaris is over...

Hmm... But it's morning, and nothing's really changed.
These things always appeared at the worst possible times, but now? Not a peep...
I almost feel let down. I wonder what it means...
We should look for Polaris.
Ah... I see. Maybe it's here already and we just haven't noticed it.
Since we're all here, why not keep looking around, like we talked about yesterday?
There's been more demons, so let's stay in groups.

You mean that weird guy?
Yes. The one who has appeared before us, and continues to supply us with information.

...Were the heavens and the Earth to switch positions, I would never tell you.
Jokes aside, though, there's nothing to tell. I'm still not certain myself.
Huh. The way you say that makes it sound like something is still going to happen.
Wh-What...? Are you still hiding something from us? I really wish you'd stop...

Hmph... It doesn't matter. Long as we meet Polaris and set up the merit system.
Of course. Come what may, we will not waver from our goal.
Now... let's go. It is time we finished this.

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving.

So, like before this is mostly just a few fights with two minor scenes that aren't about kicking ass. Also, left the map here this time because I forgot to last time. And, yeah. Pretty much everywhere but small parts of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are gone.

Anyway, this scene itself isn't really that different. So we'll skip over it.

Besides, theres actual new content available. Much more worthwhile to deal with that.

[Music: Exploration]

He's nowhere to be seen... The other members are looking too, but there've been no sightings.
I see... If there have been no changes spotted with this many people searching...
Hm? Ah, Hibiki. Well? Have you found anything?
Not yet.
What!? You better look harder! At this rate... Hey!
Look! It's that weird guy!

A familiar-looking man is standing on the other side of the street...

[Music: The Anguished One]

I'm honored.
The honor is mine. Well done in defeating Benetnasch. Human ability is remarkable.
Enough nonsense. It seems it is as I anticipated. I have a question for you...
You said the path to Polaris would open when all the Septentriones were defeated.
...This was no lie, correct?

I thought not. Then our way forward is clear...
Our way forward? Chief Hotsuin, what do you mean...!?
Uhh... Shut up for a second. This could be...

Hmph... Flattery now? You're talking more like a human.
That wasn't my intent. I was being genuine.
...I take it you won't change your mind, whatever happens?
Enough. Our way forward has been decided... I believe I said that already.
Ah. I understand. But... are you qualified for the task?

Don't be so certain. Allow me to put you to the test...

[Music: Countdown]

Hm...!? Demons! So you are planning on fighting us!
Of course. The path you desire strays from the one that I had wished for...
But, that cannot be helped. If that is what you humans have decided upon...

We can do it.
Then, let's begin. Defeat all that stands before you and return silence to this place.

You have all overcome countless ordeals, no? This will be no different...

Aside from Black Frost, there's just a whole lot of trash demons. Of course there is.

Careful, everyone! In any case, we have to get through this!
Ha... Now this is fun! I'll crush everyone!
Does this mean that this battle is related to the path to Polaris... So, wait...
He's testing us with demons like these? Hmph... What a joke. Let's go, Hibiki!

[Music: Battle of the Brave]

I guess this sort of maybe half counts as a boss fight?

I mean, Black Frost is the boss here but he's really more of a miniboss even normally. Ah well, he's not really meant to be that much of a challenge.

We'll worry about him later on. For now, Keita's putting the screws on this poor Decarabia.

Say what you will about Keita, he's at least pretty efficient at what he does.

Just get rid of the random Arioch next, since he could be a mild nuisance. Turn delay and all that.

As you'd expect, not really able to stay standing very long.

...Ho? What're you saying, ho? You've got me confused with somebod-hee else!

Frosty's a bit special on the map:

For whatever reason, he gets to move twice. I guess he needed some minor gimmick to fit in with the rest of the day.

Oh well, Keita's the best person to deal with everything down here.

After all, he can actually punch Rangdas.

Black Frost decides to run at Yamato now and, uh...

[Music: Shudder]

You can guess how well this ended for Frosty. Poor thing gets blasted without any hassle. He only has 1,560 HP so he barely lasts into the Extra Turns phase, never mind past it.

Cerberus opts to try and take out Makoto, for whatever reason.

It doesn't really work out in its favour.

Just a couple minor regular demons left to go at this point.

And by a couple, I guess I mean "one."

It's only real chance of not dying horribly at this point is to outspeed Keita and get a successful Marin Karin off.

It didn't manage that, so Keita punches and they die.

There is kind of a harder alternative to this map, but it's not really that much harder.

We'll see that eventually though.

[Music: The Anguished One]

Of course...! We haven't been playing around up until now, after all!
Indeed, I understand now. But... there is something that you must still do.

But... the one you currently have is too weak, and canot harness the power required.
First, you must find a way to strengthen the Terminal that you do have.
...All right. We will first strengthen the Terminal before we can proceed.
I look forward to it. Let us meet again... Shining One and Yamato Hotsuin.

[Music: Exploration]

*sigh* Looks like we're not quite done yet... Ugh, more running around.
I wonder what he really is.
Yeah, about that. Time to come clean, Yamato. You obviously know something.

Now, that aside, we must first strengthen the terminal! There's no time to lose...!

You all leave the area...

Of course, since we beat up Frosty, we can fuse him later on. He's the highest ranked Jaki, which is something I guess.

Next up, we need to come to the conclusion of using the Dragon to upgrade the Terminal. Worth going through this one though...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Hmm, well... If that's the case, it seems feasible...
I see... So it's theoretically possible to strengthen the Terminal.
What's this about?
Oh, Kuze. We were just discussing ways to strengthen the Terminal.
Indeed. There's several ways to improve something, right?

Let's make it a mecha!
...You think this is funny? Quit joking around! Bolting extra junk on won't cut it.
Then again, I hate this science crap. Hurry up and get to the point already.
Well, that narrows it down. Then we'll have to enhance it supernaturally.
Like with demons?
In a way. We will strengthen it spiritually to make it capable of holding vast potential.

Here's a test, Hibiki... What power is left to us.
The Dragon Stream?

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Ha... Well done. You are, of course, correct.
Yet the Dragon Stream was entirely consumed in the battle with Mizar. Right?
There's still some left.
Indeed. We still have the last of the Dragon Stream.
During the battle with Mizar, the last piece of it fell to the ground...

Then let's go get it.
Hmph... Are we through talking? Then let's go, Hibiki. Meetings are boring.
I thought you looked a bit out of your element. You couldn't follow the discussion...
Wh-What're you saying, moron!? I'll pound you to dust if you keep that crap up...!

You leave the area with everyone...

The unexpected battle is the expected battle.

[Video: Versus The Dragon?]

We fight the Dragon.

...And by "fight" I mean Hibiki walks up to it, Baal uses Enlightenment and then the Dragon gets destroyed in one round. It, um, at least it put up more of a fight than Yamato did?

[Video: End]

So let's skip ahead to the next event.

[Music: The Enigma Deepens]

Well, we're here. Let's get started immediately.
Will this really work?
I believe I told you already that the Dragon Stream is a cluster of pure potential.
Now then, Hibiki. You have the remnants of the dragon with you?

...Satisfied now? That's enough playing around.
...I'm on it.

[Music: Silence]

Yeah, yeah, we know what happens here. Where it drops us off this time though is a mite different...

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

[Music: The Anguished One]

That's right. But... There is still one last matter to be dealt with, no?
...Very well. It seems the time has come to put an end to all of this.
Do we have to fight?

"Alcor"...!? You're the last...
...In the past, I doubted Septentriones' and Poalris' unified consciousness...
That doubt eventually split me from them. After a long slumber, I was led to you.

[Music: Silence]

[Music: Countdown]

...! Huh... Now that's a surprise. Is this you showing your true strength?

...No more words are needed. I want to see your wills, as shown through your powers.
Now... Come!
I imagined as much. Heretic, you have been useful. But, I will not be beaten so easily.
Is everyone ready? Let's go, then. We will defeat him!
His duty as a Septentrione... That guy...
...Let's go, everyone! If this gets us to Polaris, then we can't complain about it!
Dammit...! We'll do this, you dumbass!

[Music: Septentrion]

Alcor is sort of kind of intended to be the penultimate boss fight on the first cycle. He's, um, quite easy at this point.

Not for a lack of trying, mind you, but we do kind of have him beat. He has 4,185 HP which sounds like a lot but it's enough to still be one-roundable even without a weakness to exploit.

Ominous Star is his special and...

...? It seems I'm unscathed. But, what did he do...?

Ominous Star isn't a direct attack. Rather, it just inflicts a gimmick Ailment. Naturally it's not blockable.

It makes the next hit you take hit harder. Of course, it wears off on the entire party on your next turn, so there's not much of a chance of it actually mattering.

Speaking of things what don't matter, Murmur tried to pick a fight with Keita.

He then got taught a lesson on why you don't pick a fight with Keita.

I could kind of just ignore all the demons on the flanks, yeah, but that's not quite as interesting.

Might as well give the map its dues once. The demons are just regular ol' trash demons, but eh. They're here, so why not.

Plus by picking them off along the outer edges, very few will run up and interfere with Alcor.

And the maybe two that do try it end up eating dirt for their troubles.

This Ganesh is the only demon left along this side.

Or, rather, it was. Now there's only one over by Makoto, an Arioch lurking around the top area and Alcor himself.

Speaking of Alcor himself, let's just take him out here and now and finish this.

...Your coming has greatly changed the Hotsuin family's fate. I'll put an end to it!

[Music: Break Out]

In the actual fight itself, Alcor manages to be less threatening. His only real mean of attack is Mazandyne.


Meanwhile, he sort of relies on having nullification against Physicals to stand up to you. That doesn't work out very well.

Also no Almighty resistance. Kind of gets what he deserves.

There is kind of a second half to this fight which we'll cover on the next run, I'm sure.

Makes more thematic sense to just murderise Alcor right away on this route.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

We won!
Yes, you are victorious. I... could not stem the tide of possibility, after all.
Now, monster. We have fulfilled your conditions. Open the path to Polaris!
Of course, Yamato Hotsuin. That is... the reason for my existence.

[Music: Silence]

[Music: Elegy]


...He's dead. What a fool. He was indecisive and so died never knowing his true purpose.
Are you sad?

Well, well... it seems our long journey is coming to a close.
This is it. We'd better brace ourselves...
Indeed... All that's left is to meet Polaris and fulfill Chief Hotsuin's dream...!
All right. Let us be thoroughly sure that we're prepared before heading to Polaris!