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Part 110: Strong Breaker

Strong Breaker

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

It came quickly enough, but we're already knocking on Polaris' front door. No answer yet, so let's speed things up by kicking it in to pay him a more personal visit.

There you are, Hibiki. Everyone is present.
Hey there, Hibiki. You're the last to arrive.
We can't very well get started without you, can we? Let's go!

[Music: The Operation Starts]

No, I'm not posting all 11 of these. Just the new one(s) and the ones that come from this route's main characters.

[Music: The Enigma Deepens]

It seems we've made it. But where is Polaris...?
Humans. You have overcome my ordeals and now stand before me.

I am Polaris, administrator of worlds from the Heavenly Throne.
Grant our wish!
...Do not be so hasty, humans. All your work has only been a test to meet with me.
First, I must ask: What kind of world do you desire, humans?
A true meritocracy.

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Hibiki is absolutely correct. You know very well that the world is corrupt.
Knowledge, wisdom, power... Those who are strong will be treated appropriately!

I see. In other words, you wish for individual strength to reign supreme.
That's right.
...We've all sacrificed a great deal to meet the orders you gave us.
We've had enough. Change the world, now, and put an end to this.

Whether your resolve is true, if you will never be corrupted again... I must test you.

[Music: Countdown]

Ugh, another fight. But the administrator of all worlds... I'd like to see that power!
That's a true merit system!

Now... This is the final battle. Everyone, don't show any restraint! Take him down!

[Music: Septentrion]

This stage is identical on all routes. The only thing that's really different is how quick you can do it really.

...We've already seen this stage in depth, so let's skip ahead.

Time for Yamato to obliterate Polaris' first... form?

Yeah, like that.

No... This is still not enough to bear the world. Let's move on...

And then he does the phase 2 transformation thing. Seen it before, it doesn't change here.

[Music: Countdown]

Now... This is the path you have chosen.
Prove to me that you are worthy of surviving in a world based on power.

Much like in Al's second phase, he summons a bunch of demons in. There's a minor difference here from that one, though.

[Music: Will of the Species]

Phase 2 is the biggest change in this fight, since it actually shifts around a lot depending on your route. In this case, we just have to beat up a bunch of demons.

Polaris doesn't get turns here, nor is he even targetable. The demons themselves are mostly identical to last time we did this, though. Except this one random Vritra.

If only because he has a Jarilo and Da Peng. Neither are much of a threat here, but Da Peng is noticably out of place for being almost level 80 and the top tier Avian demon.

Also Loki has an, um, unexpected line of dialogue when you beat him up.

Aside from that, it's just more of what we did before. Only without having to defend Alcor. So let's skip ahead...

Very well. Let me present the final ordeal.

And then he transforms into his fat, spotty "true" form...

[Music: Akashic Records]

This will truly be the end of our mission. Everyone, call on whatever strength remains!

Polaris here is actually kind of marginally different to before.

His stats and regular skills aren't different, but his AI doesn't seem quite so prone to try dirty tricks. Oh and his Race Skills are mostly different.

Rather than letting Polaris get Double Extras combined with two attack actions, they just grant him extra defence.

Since we're not explicitly after his head this time, he's actually going a bit easier on us. It doesn't really seem like it at first, since stats and the like are the same no matter what, but it does feel like he doesn't hit quite as hard.

Polaris B still goes before everything else, but it doesn't do much with it this time around.

Oh, Murmur picked a fight. He got Megidolaoned.

Picking off the random demons just keeps them out of the way, to be honest.

There's little need to ever really do this.

Mostly, they pick the fights with you anyway.

They immediately regret it, but never learn from their mistakes.

So, let's just kick Polaris' teeth in. Baal uses Enlightenment...

[Music: Overseer of the World]

Oh, Bishamonten doesn't have Physical defense. He's Strong, sure, but Polaris proper has Pierce so its moot.

And, yes, Ab's defence boost is very noticable here. Bishamonten would not be hitting for sub-200 under normal circumstances with a Deathbound.

...This is what Enlightenment does to Baal's Holy Dance. The defence boost vs Demons is not a minor thing.

Thankfully, he has no such thing when Yamato set him on fire though.

Didn't quite one-round him but... wait, hang on. I shouldn't be able to do this normally, but I can now. This is due to Matchless; it's secondary ability is to let you use Racial Skills before the second skirmish too. How very convenient.

Because now Yamato shoves an icicle up Polaris' interstellar ass, finishing him off.

[Music: Silence]

I see. ...Impressive.

And then despite not actually killing Polaris this time around... it shows him dying anyway?


Hmph, that took long enough. Still, though, I'm unimpressed. Polaris was weak.
...I see. It was no coincidence you overcame so many trials in order to see me.

[Music: The Operation Starts]

It manipulated this space as if it was nothing... So that's the power of Polaris.

Yep, nothing at all. Totally unkillable.

I have seen the potential you showed today. Your power is immense, for humans.
Indeed it is. So tell me, Polaris, are you ready to grant my wish?
Yes... I am.

Heh... Hahahaha...! Finally... At long last, my ambitions will be realized!
It's been far, far too long... Now that the day has come that my abilities will be recognized!

I thank you for that. If not for you, this would never have come!
Humans, listen well. The order you have requested is one of absolute authority by power.
The weak will be eliminated, in contrast to the world as it was.

That's fine.
Hahaha... Good for you, Hibiki.
Such is the way of a true merit-driven world. We must simply maintain our strength.
But I agree, Polaris. Once we descend into weakness...

...Very well. Let us begin.
Hm... humans are truly a mystery.

[Video: Meritorious]

[Music: Overseer of the World]

What're you talking about? You were hiding out during the entire affair.
Why would we share our food with you when you obviously have nothing to contribute!?
P-Please...! I-I'm a lawyer! I've got connections!
I'll give you all the money you want once this mess is over!
Persistent bastard, aren't you? Keep pestering us and see what happens...!

Whoa, that's enough! Stop all this fighting!

Yes, you're with JP's. I could tell from the uniform.
I'm a doctor working with JP's on an unofficial basis.
I was just on my way to Osaka at headquarters' request. And on top of that...!

What...!? P-Please excuse me, la--Ma'am.

Hm...? Why would I do that?
B-Because... I'm starving! Please, you have to tell them to--
Huh...? What are you talking about? I hate to see fighting, but you're just plain trash.

Ghk...! A-Aren't you a doctor!? D-Do human lives mean nothing to you!?
Ugh... Someone want to tell me what this piece of trash is getting at?

I will now call forth those who have received promotions. Corporal Ikeda, come forward!
Yes, sir!

I am honored to receive my new rank, sir!

Attention, please...!
Hm...? A message?
Ahem! In addition to Ikeda's promotion, the following other changes will be made!

What!? That's impossible! I can't just be... What's going on!?
You got your position through your parents' influence, no? You had a good run.
Oh, but it looks like there are sanctions for those who died due to your incompetence.

Urk... Aaaah!


Then what do we do!? If we don't get through here, we can't make it to the others...!
Well, hold tight. Our leader will be back soon.
We're better off having him handle the strategy.
R-Right... I'd rather he be the one making the decisions.

Oh... y-yes. I'm fine, thank you.
This route's blocked off with demons everywhere. There's no way we're getting through.
What should we do!? We didn't want to make a move until you had weighed in...!
Yeah... um, there's no guarantee there'll be a safe path even if we go around...

Okay, we'll break through the front. Um, I'll lead and draw their attention.

Let's see here... I'll want at least one person backing me up, too...
Oh... You can leave that to me. I'm good at fighting...
But you guys better get through and call for backup as soon as possible, okay?
Y-Yeah, of course. We'll make sure not to leave you hanging. Good luck, guys.

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

As before, we get one last mail after the credits. This one is marginally different to before, though...

And with that, we're two endings down.

[Video: End]

And the Tsuutenkaku is now lit up on the save screen along with the Big Dipper.

So, what titles did we rack up this time?

Five more for hitting Fate 5, of course. Just missing Ronaldo's now and we'll have all 13 of these.

This comes from getting all skills. Every command, passive and auto needs cracking, getting from Data Cards, what have you.

Yamato's ending title. Very ho hum.

This is from never doing a free battle. Well, never doing an event that is titled Free Battle at least, because...

We definitely did these three. Soul Preserver is from beating up Sage of Time, Spell Breaker is from besting Lilith and Fly Swatter is for taking down Beelzebub.

So, that's two routes down. Two left to pick between...

Question is, which one comes next?