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Part 116: ...Justice For All

...Justice For All

With Alice dealt with now, we've nothing else to do but plow onwards with the plot. Let's go see what Yamato's crew are up to, shall we?

[Music: Countdown]

Hibiki! Come, you must hurry!
Sounds serious.
This is nothing to be so calm about! The Osaka faction is wreaking havoc up ahead!
Everyone else is on the way! We need your help...!

What, are you done already? Looks like you were all talk.

...Keita, you're going too far. There's no use in killing them.
Huh...? Then you go chase down these Nagoya pricks.
This mob of trash is starting to piss me off.

...They're here. Keita, that's enough.
Yeah, okay. I dont give a damn. Hey, you. Get the hell outta my way.
Argh! R-Ronaldo!
It's all right! Just get out of here! I'll avenge you all!
Ngh... Please, do...!
At least they can walk out of here... Look like they went easy on those guys.

...What is with you idiots and your posing? Geez... Well, it doesn't make a difference.
Yep, great reception. I shouldn't have any problems from here. Can you face me?

What...!? But, our summoning apps--
Right, you'll never be able to use them again. Now, what do you say?
Keita, you dope! Why're you telling them that? Are you seriously that stupid?
I've always to fight them, especially Hibiki. They need to be serious.
Oh, for Pete's sake... Well get it over with, will you? Take them out.
All right...! Let's get this fight rolling, then!
We have to do this... If we lose our phones, we're doomed!
Hibiki, we've got to defeat these people before Fumi hacks into our phones!
Yeah. If we don't hurry, we're boned for sure.
Yeah, let's hurry! We can't (sic) them crush our dreams here!
Hibiki, everyone... Let's go!

The only real important difference between this map and the one we did before is the victory conditions. Nothing else is really any different.

Keita and Fumi (and Makoto if she was still alive here) have the exact same builds as they do on the other routes.

Win condition aside, nothing else different enough to care about. The time limit is super generous and doesn't really even come up much.

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

They were strong... I wouldn't have expected any less, but I really thought we might lose.
Haha, well, they are part of JP's. Then again, they took care of us until yesterday.
Oh... yeah. I don't like going up against friends either... I just want to end this soon.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Of course he wasn't here.
I agree... This is Yamato we're talking about. The ones just now were only cannon fodder.
To him, pawns who can't win are fitting sacrifices. Ugh, that twisted mind of his...!
Haha, it's all good. I actually don't hate Yamato.
He can justify his actions to himself. You couldn't have done anything about it.

We're both to blame.
He's right, Clicky. That goes for all of us.
It's okay for everyone to have their own opinion about Yamato.

Actually... now that I think about it, this may be a secret opportunity for us.
For an ambush?
What? No! It's our chance to persuade Fumi and the others to join our side!
Indeed. According to the rules, the losers in battle must step down from our little game.
So it's up to us what happens to the ones we just fought.
Sure, yeah, it'll be okay. I mean, we won, so why wouldn't they at least hear us out?
Yes... But I assume they'll treat any overtures we make with caution.

Yeah, I agree. We'll leave this part to you, Hibiki.

You leave the area, still talking with everyone...

[Music: Exploration]

Due to a notable lack of people we have, we can't actually finish off most Fate stuff. Ronaldo's was the only one we can actually get every scene from.

So, rather than do all the generic scenes, just do Joe's to see what they're all mostly about and then skip all of the rest.

Hey, Hibiki. What are you doing here?
I was just poking around in some convenience stores.
What'd you find?

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

They were all wrecked inside. Of course, all the food was gone.
And the weekly manga magazines are all the same... The same models, same characters.

...We'll have to do something about this with our own hands.

Joe walks away...

...Yeah. Believe it or not, the generic ones for people who didn't even join us are even less interesting. Somehow.

Try not to think too hard about that.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Hm...? Ah, Hibiki. Hello.
Hello to you too.
Hahaha. I'm exhausted. I was never cut out for physical labor.
Well then, what brings you here? Were you suddenly seized with the urge to visit me?

You're such a nice guy. And strong, too, which is completely unfair.
Same goes for you.
Me...? I'm smart, but I'm hardly nice.
Research was my life, after all. I lost interest in anything else.
Research was the reason I joined JP's and sided with the Chief against you.

They provide me with all the things I need for projects I could normally never pursue.
As a result, my research has progressed quite nicely. They've been good to me.
Will that help others?
Who knows? I do pure research. I'm not interested in the practical applications.
We're only human, you know. There's only so much we can accomplish.

So much so that it's virtually useless to consider. The odds of understanding it are slim.
Don't you want to know?
Hm...? Of course I do. There's nothing to lose by understanding anything and everything.
Anyway, I've said enough. Did you need anything else?
Lend me your strength.

You still think of me as an ally? Are you serious?
I am serious.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Mm... No, I can't do this. I'm simply too tired of the whole thing.
If something comes up, I may lend a hand. But it's a little late for us to be comrades.
I understand.
Yes. Well, good luck to you. I expect quite a bit from you, after all.

Fumi leaves...

The whole "if something comes up" bit is just the game handwaving away why she'll be willing to help out with Trumpeter regardless. Which she does. It's completely the same regardless of whether she joins or not.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

...Oh, it's you. Hey.
How're you doing?

Tell me, Hibiki. I'm strong, right? So how'd I lose to a guy like you?
Your heart's weak.
Huh? Who're you calling weak-hearted!?
I'm much stronger than you clowns, clinging desperately to each other... Hm?
I see... So that's it. Haha... hahahaha!

...I wish I was stronger.
How, though? What do I have to do...?
I'll teach you.

...Hey, Hibiki. If I hang with you, think I can get stronger than you?
No idea.
Ha... You're right. If it was that easy, anyone could do it... Hm?
Nah, that ain't it. I'm way overthinking this.
...Whatever anyone says, Hibiki, I still like the idea of a merit system.
...Might makes right. Those with the power call the shots.
Haha... what was I stressing out over? It's a simple fact.
I don't think that's true.

If you say fighting against your allies is wrong... then that must be it.
Allies, huh...? As long as you keep winning, that'll be this world's real justice.

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

Oh, you'll see.

Alright... I'm gonna go see the other guys and tell 'em I'm helping you out.

You say your farewells to Keita before leaving.

Alright, so that's all the possible recruitment stuff done and the only person who joined was, uh, Keita.

Before questioning whether or not it was worth it, let's just fuse a couple new things. We'll start off by making a Hero...

The final Hero, in fact. Amaterasu + Yoshitsune give us the legendary warrior Masakado. He's not too spectacular, but he's pretty great at what he does.

We'll follow up by making our final Femme too. Lilith came from Amaterasu and Black Frost in this case; sadly her race shifted from Night to Femme once we picked her up, but it's nice to have a magic oriented Femme again for the first time in quite a while anyway.

[Music: Exploration]

We'll put them though their paces later; for now, let's see what Keita has for us here.

...Hm? Yo, Hibiki... You look gloomy, as always.
What's on your mind.
...None of your business. Leave me alone.
...Hey, Hibiki. Remember that woman from before?
She talked about your dad.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

...I just remembered something.

I don't know when he made a deal with them, but he didn't just disappear...
He took the whole thing on himself.
That must be it.
Tch... There's no knowing now. But that might be what happened.
Well... Either way, he's gone. I'm the only one who survived.

Don't die.
...Hpmh. I'll survive, no matter what... so I can be stronger than anyone.

[Music: Exploration]

Alright, that's enough of that. Let's get the info we need on Trumpeter.

Nope, this isn't it either. How about this one...? Wait, I checked it already. Hmm...
This is junk... Ugh, where could it be?
Stop! Thief!
Thief...! No! I'm not a thief! Hm...!?

Delicate, eh...?
Haha, sure enough! I've faced a lot of things too, you know!
Hey there, Hibiki. So Clicky has a weak heart? Haha, that's hilarious!
...What's so funny about it? I didn't say anything odd.

It's all JP's stuff anyway, so why bother being careful? Just toss 'em!
...I seriously wonder about your nerve sometimes, with how disorganized you are.
By the way, why'd you come here? Are you looking for something?
Ah, this is about what you learned from Fumi, yes? Otome contacted us about it.
She says Trumpeter may be able to jam Benetnasch and seal that attack.
That's right.
Which means we're after the same thing you are.

It was Yamato's domain.
What...? Then was Trumpeter under Hotsuin's control? That does seem like solid evidence.
Wait a second. I saw a document a moment with Hotsuin's name on it...
It was a list of demons under his control. Could it be in there...?

Ronaldo begins searching the documents lying around...

What the... It's not here! I'm sure I saw it... Where did it go?

This is it...! Thank goodness. Here, hand me that-- Hm!?
Wh-What the... It's all sticky! Careful, everyone, this may be one of Hotsuin's tricks!

...I worry about you sometimes, Joe. But in any case, we have it, smeared though it may be...
Let's take a look.
Yes, this is it. Trumpeter... Found it! See, it's right here.

Give me that code.
Of course! Haha, you seem rather eager to do this, Hibiki.
If all goes well, Benetnasch's special waves will be nullified and we can summon as we please.
Our victory is nigh. Hah, it's even written in the document.
"The vast echo of his trumpet sends unusual sound waves all through the surrounding area.
"The effect gradually takes hold over a wide range. More experiments may be required."
Hm? Wait a second... Did I read that right? It affects a wide range?
Oh, come on...!
Our app won't work?

[Music: Dark Clouds]

We'll be jammed just like Benetnasch, and we still can't summon any demons!
Ngh... I wasn't expecting this.
Even if we summon our demons before the effect takes hold, what do we do afterwards...?
Then again, we don't have much time. We may have to go through with this anyway...
Wow... This is some pickle. What should we do, Hibiki? It's a real double-edged sword!

You say your farewells to the troubled Ronaldo and Joe before leaving...

We have no alternatives, so we go coerce Trumpter into helping us out anyway.

And then Yamato turns up at the Tsuutenkaku.

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

My, my... Hibiki. What are you doing here?
Let's end this.
Hahaha...! Ever the joker. But don't be so hasty...
I heard you put down the Tokyo faction... Very well done, Hibiki.
Shijima hadn't a chance... Anyone who challenges you, other than myself, is a fool.
Don't make fun of him.

Once more, Hibiki: Won't you come with me and help me realize my merit-driven world?
Sorry, but...
Hell no.
How unfortunate. Then let us put an end to this... I will be waiting at the Tsuutenkaku.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Hey, Ronaldo.
H-Hey... I mean, no! I could swear I just saw Hotsuin!
You gotta know, Hibiki, that he could kill you if you let your guard down!
Are you okay? What did he say!?
We're finally ending this.
...He sounds pretty confident about all this. Actually, this may be a great opportunity.
You see what I mean? At least this is better than an ambush or sneak attack from Hotsuin.

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Yamato! It's time for our justice to strike and crush your evil ambitions!
...You imbecile. You can't see how you're smothering him. You're Hibiki's cancer.

This is a mess.
That's not true! Hibiki's here by his own free will!
All this "making him come to his senses" stuff makes no sense at all!
Silence, girl. You ignorant masses are all the same...

I don't know about that. How can you really judge a person's worth...
Unless it's how useful they are to others, huh? That's why...
Hahaha... So that's what you believe is equality... This discussion is worthless.
...It's no use. Looks like Yamato's dead set on fighting us.
You're the fool here, Yamato! Evil will always be defeated, and your evil deeds end here!
I have only one word for you... Die!

[Music: Decisive Battle With A Sworn Friend]

Frankly, compared to the fight against Yamato on Alcor's route this one is super uninteresting. He does have a gimmick, of course:

The Tsuutenkaku was built to use the Dragon Stream as a barrier to begin with...
Thus, it has the equipment to activate the Dragon Stream!

Naturally, then, this gives him a new skill:

Basically its just Beast Eye with a fancy name. The movement speed isn't actually there at first.

Its listed initially, but it doesn't actually happen until after a few turns. Not that it matters though; once he gets here...

You can just have someone with an Avian or Wilder immediately get to him.

That's why we must all join hands now! And, Yamato... that includes you, too!
Don't treat me the same way. If one can only live through helping, they should die.
Man's existance can become something truly noble and sublime...
But an inferior being like you could never come close to understanding this!

Yamato is really nowhere near as threatening here to fight as he was before either. Not only does he have Revive instead of Magic Yin, he has Megido instead of Megidolaon.

He doesn't even have an Anti skill.

Even with his natural resistance to Almighty, his lower stats make it waaaay easier to hurt him too.

So, yeah, not really a particularly challenging fight this one.

Even with more level relevant demons, he's not a particularly difficult fight. Not really in any real danger here in comparison to before.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

You're the monster, Yamato. Why do you work so hard to eliminate the weak!?
Why? WHY!? It's only natural!
You dregs have defiled the purity of the world! The weak that ruined this world!
You're weak, too.
...! What...?
...Yeah. Hibiki's absolutely right. Mmm-hmm.

Unless you change, you'll never win against the ones you revile for being weak!

That's a great idea.
Ha. I said that equality must be given to all. You're no exception, Yamato.
How about it? Lend me your strength, and we can create a peaceful world together!

Then join us!
Ooh...? Does this mean Yamato's going to come with us and--
But... I have no plans to live in a world where my ambitions have collapsed...!

[Music: Silence]

...! I used too much of the Dragon Stream's power...!

[Music: Countdown]

Tch...! Fools! Get away!


[Music: Requiem]

This... is how it should be. I took a gamble to sacrifice the world... and now I pay.

It's not fair...
This... it's not fair at all. He wouldn't admit defeat, even at the very end...
That was his choice.

...It couldn't have been helped. That's the type of guy he was. I finally understand.
We don't have time to mourn. Our opinions agree, and now we must defeat Benetnasch!

You all leave, with hardened resolution etched upon your faces...

And then we go and beat Benny, spend the small amount of the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing interesting and then go to bed.

bring about our peaceful world.

I'm on fire now! I think I could do anything with you around.

Tomorrow's the day, friend!

Only got Ronaldo's email this time around. Could still post transcripts of Joe's and Airi's, but that doesn't work for Otome's since it has an attachment.

So, I guess if you want to see Koharu draw Hibiki that gives an incentive to do this route for yourself sometime ever.