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Part 117: Stand Proud

Stand Proud

Trying to keep this one brief; we've seen most of this before, so just be blitzing through it this time around.

[Music: Exploration]

Hey, Hibiki. Looks like another bueno day today.
Buenos dias!

The others are up already and in the command room. You should get ready too.

Morning, Hibiki! It's time at last... We gotta go see Polaris!
You're right.
Heheh, yep! I mean, we beat all the Septentriones, so...
We can meet with Polaris, right? And then it'll grant our wish!
Yes, that's right. Once we bring equality to this world...

Yep. But... remember what that guy in red said? The time's supposed to come today...
But it's morning, and nothing happened. What's going on?
Hm... I remember him saying the path to Polaris would be apparent when the time came.
This makes no sense. What's going on here?
Let's find that man.

Let's split up and look for him.
Hmph... Sure, whatever. If there's monsters still around, I'm looking forward to it.
All right, let's head out. Give it your best, everyone!

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving...

Before we head off to deal with Black Frost at the Akasaka Palace, we might as well do one last batch of fusing before finishing this one off.

Appropriately enough, next on the list going by level is a jump up to 86 to pick up a pair of familiar faces. Nyarlathotep give us Belial, the third-best Tyrant which makes him arguably the least good one that you have to unlock.

I'unno, still like him since having 3 top-class Tyrants is pretty game.

Nebiros is the only other level 86 demon, and since we're replacing old Tyrants now, we'll make him by fusing Astaroth and Anubis. Nebiros suffers from being the second-best Fallen, an already pretty eh race, but makes up for it by being the only demon you have to unlock that is not Unique.

Since these two are next, it stands to reason that the final one we can make before breaking into the 90s for real is...

Alice, and being a Fiend there is only one way to fuse her. Rather obviously, it is Belial + Nebiros. Which is quite often the only way to fuse her even in other games. Naturally, she's the top-tier Fiend, has the upgraded skill by default, and since she requries two high level demons she also has the prestigious award of being the Only Good Fiend.

Unfortunately, it takes a hit by the significant lack of Die For Me! in her repertoire.

We'll be using all three of these because I like making things go by quicker.

Huh. I haven't seen that guy anywhere. Seriously, where could he be?
Indeed... But we absolutely must find that man.
Ah, Hibiki. What about you? Were you able to find him?
I haven't been looking.

Look over there... Isn't that...!?

A familiar-looking man is standing on the other side of the street...

[Music: The Anguished One]

I'm honored.
As am I. You have overcome each ordeal thus far... Humans truly are amazing.
...We need to talk. You said we'd be meeting Polaris today.
We've defeated all of the Septentriones! The will of the species is united!
All the conditions are met! Now show us the path to Polaris!

What...? S-Seriously? But we beat all seven...
Yes, you did. But the ordeal of the Septentriones...
Today has been set as the day you will meet the last of them.
Whoa, another Septentrione? So we weren't done yet...
Ngh... I see now! I knew something seemed off!
All right, tell us! Where can we find this last one!?

Now... Let's begin. Are you ready?

[Music: Countdown]

D-Demons...! Ugh, so are you planning on fighting us after all!?
Of course. The path you seek is difficult and arduous, after all.
I wish for you to show me that you have the power and resolve to see it through.
We can do it.
Then, let's begin. Defeat all that stands before you and return silence to this place.

...Don't be hasty, Ronaldo Kuriki. You have all overcome ordeals. This is no different.
Ngh... Let's do this! If we don't defeat them, we can't ask him why he's doing this...!
What's he thinking...!? Grr, I'll beat up everyone here!
...I don't really get it, but it looks like we've got to do this.
Ha... Now this is fun! I'll crush everyone!

And then we kicked the shit out of them all. Very ho hum, completely identical to last time we did this.

[Music: The Anguished One]

Well... Yeah. So how about it? Do you trust us a little more now?
Indeed, I understand now. But... there is something that you must still do.

But... the one you currently have is too weak, and cannot harness the power required.
First, you must find a way to strengthen the Terminal that you do have.
All right, we believe you! We just have to boost the Terminal's power, right?
Yes, that's correct. Let us meet again... Shining One and Ronaldo Kuriki.

Let's focus on the Terminal.
Yeah, Hibiki's right. Let's make strengthening the Terminal our priority!
Sounds good. But uh... how do we strengthen the Terminal anyway?
Hmm... I don't have a clue. We gotta think about this...

You all leave the area, considering various ideas...

The pre-Dragon discussion isn't interesting this time around, sadly. We come to that conclusion, go kick the Dragon's teeth in in all of 40 seconds again...

So let's deal with Alcor.

[Music: The Enigma Deepens]

Well, we're here... Let's get started!
What do we do now?
Ha... I'm not sure on the details, but we're powering up the Terminal, aren't we?
Oh, that reminds me. Where's the dragon, Hibiki?

I willed it to happen.
That's right, Airi. It didn't just happen on its own. Hibiki wished it, so...
Hm...? Wait a second... That's it!

Huh!? What're you talking about? There's no way it'll be that easy!
Not true, Airi. The Dragon Stream was originally a pure ball of potential, right?
Hotsuin controlled its shape by imposing a definition...
So if we want to strength the Terminal, we just have to do our own defining!
Whaaat? Is it really that simple...?
It is!
Wait, you agree!? O-Okay, fine. We'll give it a shot.

Wh-What!? This little dragon is that heavy...?
Well, it must be done... We have to strengthen the Terminal!

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

[Music: The Anguished One]

Ha... Here you are, mystery man. We've done everything you said. When do we see Polaris?
Not yet. I believe I said that the last Septentrione must be defeated.
Anytime you're ready.
What...? Now...!? Hibiki, what do you mean?

...Shining One, my name is Alcor.
The companion star to Mizar, known as the Lifespan Star... last of the Septentriones.
"Alcor"...? So you're the last...
...In the past, I doubted Septentriones' and Polaris' unified consciousness...

But... now that you have reached an answer, I will fulfill my Septentrione duty.

[Music: Countdown]

This is my true form... I am Polaris's sword, here to assign you an ordeal.
...No more words are needed. I want to see your wills, as shown through your powers.
Now... come!
Ngh... So that's how it is! He's the last Septentrione... What do we do, Hibiki!?
Let's do this!
This doesn't make any sense at all!
Oh, man, this bloooooows. ...But I guess we've got to do it anyway.

[Music: Septentrione]

Alcor's fight here is identical to last time, so we'll skip to the important stuff.

Namely what happens if you don't actually destroy him in one round (which is harder than it sounds at this point!):

The second half of the fight becomes a thing then. Of course, this is quite easy to skip if you wish.

Probably better to let it happen though.

When/if this happens, his stats themselves don't change. His attacks and resistances do though!

Namely, he picks up two glaring weaknesses. Chaos Stir sounds like a problem, but, erm...

It functions like every other counter, so its Physical. So it can be reflected back at him.

Sadly, the reflected Chaos Stir doesn't deal double the damage your original attack did. That'd be great if it was the case though.

So, yeah, his gimmick is to make himself easier.

Not often you see that one.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

...I don't understand. Why are you looking so upset?
The last Septentrione has been defeated. The path to Polaris will now be opened.
It's still sad.
I agree... I can't convince myself we did the right thing. We didn't want to fight you.
Ha... It's mysterious. I feel the same way...

[Music: Silence]

Hibiki Kuze... and your comrades... Go. Polaris waits ahead.

[Music: Elegy]


So he was Polaris' puppet just like we were. Makes it hard to hate him...
We can't waste this chance.
Yeah, you're right. We've already lost so much... Let's hurry and end this.
Yeah... no time to mourn him. We're almost at the finish line.
Alright... Then once everyone's up to it, let's go see Polaris.
Man, I'm hungry. Wonder if there are any instant noodles lying around...
What are we going to do with you... But then, I guess that's what makes you reliable?
...Well, Hibiki. You heard the man: let's all gather back here once we're prepared!

You leave the area with everyone...

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

Alright, let's get this thing done. Only thing remaining is to see what Polaris has in store for us this time.

Ah, Hibiki. The rest of us are ready.
Yep, but we couldn't start without you, Hibiki! C'mon, let's go!

[Music: The Operation Starts]

[Music: The Enigma Deepens]

No idea, but we made it here in one piece... Now where's Polaris?
Humans. You have overcome my ordeals and now stand before me.

I am Polaris, administrator of worlds from the Heavenly Throne.
Grant our wish!
...Do not be so hasty, humans. All your work has only been a test to meet with me.
First, I must ask: What kind of world do you desire, humans?
Peace and equality, without discrimination.

The human race must live on by thinking of each other and helping everyone from now on!
I see. In other words, you wish for a world where all humans work for each other.
That's right.
I mean, do it now! Right this second! We came all this way for it!

Whether your resolve is true, if you will never be corrupted again... I must test you.
Huh...? "Test"? Does that mean we've got to fight you? Haha, I thought that'd happen.

[Music: Countdown]

Hooray for passion!
Yeah, that's right! Our passion and justice have led us all this way!
This is the last battle...! We'll bring peace and equality to the world!

Phase 1 is the same as last two times. Skipping over this one then.

Now... This is the path you have chosen.
Prove to me that you are worthy of a world filled with peace and equality...

Of course, like both times before he spawns a bunch of demons. This time, however, he spawns something a bit... different as well.

Wh-What's going on...!? Oh, God, I'm so confused!
Tch... It summoned people and now it tells us to keep them safe!
Calm down, everyone...! It'll be all right! We'll protect you, no matter what!

[Music: Will of the Species]

Surprisingly enough, I'd say this is probably the hardest variation of this fight we've seen so far. Because the helpless are just that: completely and utterly helpless. They don't move, they die in one hit if any enemy gets close enough, and thats quite easy to happen with some very poor planning.

Like, say, this Ganesha right here. Starts close enough that if you don't put someone where Joe is standing, that woman will die before you can rectify your mistake.

...That one might just be me though, because I haven't used demons as low level as Ganesha in a long while now.

A-are we safe!? Oh, thank you!

Aside from that one team, there's no real threat at least. Everything else is managable easily enough; not even a Loki on this one.

[Music: Akashic Records]

And that leads us quite nicely into the final phase.

Unlike the second phase which changes based on the route, there are only two variations of this part. And we've seen them both already; since we're trying to utilise Polaris' powers to reshape the world, we have the easier version.

So, it's just a repeat of when we sided with Yamato. A little quicker though, since Ronaldo's able to deal a mite more damage.

I see. ...Impressive.

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Heh... we've been in his shadow the whole time. I don't believe this...
Do not misunderstand. I am this world's administrator. I cannot be destroyed.

Huh...? Th-Then...!
Your wishes will be granted.

Heh... it's about time. We'll finally see true peace in the world.
Yet I do not understand...
Humans, the old ways were your ways. Hatred, pain, envy... All products of your actions.
How is it, that with all the warmth and kindess you have shown to me...

Good question...
Heh... it's actually quite simple, Hibiki.
Polaris, humans aren't all as strong as we are.
They can hate, they can make bad choices, they can behave self-destructively. And yet...
They can also adjust and correct themselves--like we're doing now!
I see... you do not wish to impose discipline upon the world using my power...
Rather, you will use it as a catalyst to better yourselves by your own strength.
That is acceptable, on one condition. The power of demons was not meant to be yours.

I don't mind.

[Video: Egalitarian]

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

Sir! There are many evacuees, and not enough food to go around!
Hrm... that's a problem. We don't have any more food stored up...

If you go to my tent, you should find some food that had been rationed before...
B-But...! Captain, then you won't have your...!
What are you talking about? Our food is everyone's food.
Even if we were on the brink of starvation, all food should be distributed equally.
Ah...! Of course! Understood!
Then let us gather the food rationed to us and distribute it to everyone!

Put this in with your own supplies and make sure it gets to the evacuees!
Ah! That's very considerate of you.
You're sure it's okay?
Of course! There's no reason we should get special treatment!

And make sure that you and I don't get a bigger share than anyone else, got it?
Yes, sir! Understood, sir!
Hahaha! This is wonderful... I never knew people could be so kind to their fellow man!

Hm...? Hey! We have an injured man over here!
Oh... are you guys with JP's? Why are you...?

But... I'm of no use...
Haha, don't be silly! If someone's in trouble, of course we'll help out.
Now put this on. Don't get up too fast... Here, take my shoulder.

Alright, I'll call for backup! You guys go with her!

Ugh... we don't have the manpower to help you! All of our units are out!
That's unacceptable! Those people are suffering even as we speak!
Can't you do anything? Could you recall the ones you have out searching!?
N-No, we can't! They've gone out too far by now!
Dammit...! Should I request backup from camp?
But they don't have many units to spare either...

Yep! And we're here to help! We all came along!
My god... B-But you were evacuated to the camp...
Heh... so what!? We've already been saved once, right?
It's not fair for you guys to do all the work while we sit around!
C'mon! All for once and one for all! Let's all pitch in and get this done!

[Music: A New Order]

Like always we do get a post-credits message. Though this one is a bit different...

[Video: End]

Wait, hang on. I think we are getting something through here...

is a cafe in Nagoya that serves strange food like strawberry spaghetti and stuff so I don't know what his deal is.

We don't have many ingredients so I just used what we did have but I'll do better next time and you should have some of it then!

Third ending down, and now the Nagoya TV Tower has been lit up on the save screen too. Just looks like there's only one to go now...

As for titles, there's only a handful and they're all quite obvious. Still, with the 13th regular Fate title obtained the 14th not quite as obvious one sounds like a natural next step.

Ronaldo's ending. Just leaves Daichi for these now.

You're all smart people; I'm sure you can guess where these came from. No more optional bosses left to kick the stuffing out of though.

Shame too, but I guess Daichi's won't be all the same shit we've seen before. After all, we'll be starting it off with a bit of an experiment...