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Part 120: ...A New Future? (Part 2)

So that's Ronaldo recruited, along with Joe. Just leaves Yamato to deal with and he's turned up already. How convenient!

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

My, my... Hibiki. What are you doing here?
Long time no see.
Hmm. The last time we spoke was... when I invited you to beat my side.
I heard you put down the Nagoya faction... Very well done, Hibiki.
Kuriki hadn't a chance... Anyone who challenges you, other than myself, is a fool.
He did pretty well.

Once more, Hibiki: Won't you come with me and help me realize my merit-driven world?
Sorry, but...
Hell no.
How unfortunate. Then let us put an end to this... I will be waiting at the Tsuutenkaku.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Hey, Daichi.
Hey, Hibiki-- Wait, no! Wasn't that Yamato!?
What was with the friendly chat just now!? What if you'd gotten yourself killed!?
What did he want, anyway!? I mean, what did he say to you?
We're finally ending this.
Yikes. He sure is confident. Come to think of it, though... This may be our chance.
You see? It's must better this way than waiting for him to ambush us!
Going up against Yamato... Man, I'm getting chills. Let's go, Hibiki!

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

You stupid jerk! Hibiki's not like that!
Silence, fool. How dare you speak of Hibiki.
You're Hibiki's cancer. You are the ones who corrupted him!

C'mon, don't fight.
H-He's right, Yamato! I'm begging you! Stop this right now!
Yeah... If we can leave all about your merit system behind and work together...!
Silence, peons. You ignorant masses are all the same...
You cling to people of worth and drag them down to your level, wasting their talents!
That's not true! We're friends...!
We're not clinging or dragging anyone! You're wrong, Yamato!

Ngh... Yamato... He'll never begin to understand...
Speaking with you is nothing but a bother. I'll kill you all, and that's final!

This fight is completely identical to when we sided with Ronaldo. Same set up, same skills, same gimmick and everything. Speaking of the gimmick...

If you let him survive long enough, he'll power up a third time and get the final version of his unique passive. It's just the same as the previous versions but his speed is increased even more.

Still gets his ass kicked.

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Yamato leaves the area...

Seriously! No wonder he was the Chief of JP's...
I'm so glad that's over.
I'm with you on that one. But hey, at least we've defeated both Osaka and Nagoya!

Now all that's left is Benetnasch. Ugh... I'm not looking forward to that.
We need a countermeasure.
Mm. We gotta think of something. If we can't stop that attack, we're powerless.

Yeah... There's not much time left, either. Seriously, what should we do?
I hear you... Well, let's not just sit around here, anyway. C'mon, let's go!

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving...

We got a chance to persuade Ronaldo, so its only fitting that we get one for Yamato too.

Needless to say if we don't have Ronaldo recruited, he won't be here. Only difference that makes is all his dialogue (and all directed towards/about him) gets removed.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

...What's the matter? This is your best chance to kill me. Aren't I your sworn enemy?
Hotsuin... I came to ask what your real motives are. Not to be goaded into a fight.
Ha... It's saying such things after coming this far that makes you nothing but scum.
...Ah, Hibiki. So you've found me.
I came to see you.
Hahaha... Really? How noble of you.

I hate you, Hotsuin. I've been a witnes to all the atrocities you've committed so far.
But I don't understand why... Why do you inflict all this suffering on people!?

*sigh* Take this fool away, Hibiki. His incessant yapping grates on my nerves.
No, I want to hear this.
Is that so...? Fine, then... Since you asked. I'll consider it my forfeit.
Before its destruction, was the world a paradise for you?
Pretty much.
Yeah... I think so too. Though I admit, it had its flaws...

It was rotten. The useless plebians did as they pleased, without a care in the world...
...I cursed my own talent and birth.

Sacrifice themselves...!? For Japan!?
You have my sympathies.
Haha... Don't misunderstand. I have no qualms at making that sacrifice for Japan. However...

[Music: Requiem]

Look at the state of things! This is not the country the Hotsuin gave their lives for!

This is not what the Hotsuin family gave their lives for!
Calm down.
...Yes, of course. A normal person would think my ideals to be madness.
But what is "normal" in this case?
It is "common sense" planted by others. Self-preservation for those who fear change!
Worthless, utterly worthless! So I chose to change the world via Polaris' invasion!

It's not wrong.
Is that so? Then why do you stand before me as an enemy?
That's not it, Hotsuin. I see now that the world to you is filled with flaws...
But your methods are wrong! That's what Hibiki is trying to tell you--
Silence! Our forebears tried many methods of leading the people...

Hibiki... Kuriki... I will tell you what your beloved citizenry is really like.
They are benighted fools not worth saving!
The only time those plebians will accept revolution...
Is now, when their own lives and livelihoods are at stake!
I'll show you.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

...I still cannot find any proof in support of your confidence.

Want to stay and find out?
What...? Are you asking me to lend you my strength?
That's right... Come with us, Hotsuin. We both tried to fix the world in our own way.

...More jesting.
But, Hibiki, were you sincere in what you said?
I won't repeat myself.

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Very well... My strength is yours.
Glad to have you aboard.
Hahaha... I recall asking something similar of you. It seems I owe you now.
Well then, I have outstanding business to take care of. Go on without me for now.
Understood...! We'll be waiting for you, Hotsuin!

You say your farewells to Yamato and Ronaldo before leaving...

Now with a party of 13 people, all that remains is to kick Benetnasch's ass one last time. This involves speaking with Fumi to find out we need Trumpeter...

And then going to get his location.

[Music: Exploration]

This shelf's no good. I didn't find anything like what we're looking for.
Hm, I thought not. Then try the library next to it, and make it quick.
What!? That one too!? But there's an assload of stuff here... Are you serious?
...Don't make me repeat myself. Is there some problem?
Um, no, but... I think I'm starting to get a fever from all this reading...
Hang in there, Daichi. We'll find it soon.
Hope so... Maybe the next binder will be the one...
Hurry it up. We haven't time to waste. Hm...? Ah, it's you, Hibiki.
We're searching for materials applicable to the Benetnasch situation.
Is there something you needed me for?
Trumpeter? Where did you hear that demon's name...?
I see... Kanno told you, did she?

That's right.
Hm... that hadn't crossed my mind. We'll need to release the seal on Trumpeter, then.

Yamato logs into a nearby terminal...

...Here it is. Trumpeter is kept in Tokyo at Hibiya Park.
The release codes are yours. You are in command.
What about you?

Yesss! If all goes as planned, we should have a chance against Benetnasch, right?
Don't start celebrating yet. There is one problem with using Trumpeter as a weapon.
We'll be fine.
Haha... That's so like you. I want to believe in you, but you should still know this.
Trumpeter's melody will not affect only Benetnasch.
Our research shows that the sound waves have enough range to affect the entire area.

[Music: Dark Clouds]

Oops. We'll be affected too. That's not good...
S-Seriously...? Even if we summon our demons before the jamming starts...
What do we do after that? Dammit, there's not much time... Do we have to go with this?
...This bears consideration. Trumpeter is something of a double-edged sword for us...
I'll leave the decision in your hands, Hibiki. Don't let me down.

You say your farewells to your friends before leaving...

Well, we don't really have much of a choice. We go grab Trumpeter and we kick Benetnasch's ass effortlessly.

Just leaves some time to kill doing Fate scenes that were skipped over before for one reason or another.

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

No, no! You're not sticking your right leg out soon enough! Don't make me say it!
I'm doing it as fast as I can!
No, you're not! You almost fall over every time!
...Hey, Hibiki! Help me!
Why are you asking for help? You're the one who said you had perfect pitch!

How could it go out of tune in just a few days?
I don't know, but it was! I'm never wrong about that!
That doesn't change the fact that you were wrong.
You lost the bet, so suck it up and we'll continue our lesson.
This isn't a lesson, it's punishment!
Relax! It'll start to be fun after a while.
You'll be my first apprentice and become a great dancer!

Go ahead! Abandon me! Do it! Hibiki, help!
Hey, Hibiki. You want to try, too?
Cool, cool. Hold on for a bit.
I'm testing out all these exercises on Ai here.
Am I your guinea pig now!? That's unfair!
Come on, Ai, back to the lesson! One more time!
I don't wanna do this anymore! I'm gonna be all sore tomorrow...!

You walk away, leaving Airi to spin in not-so-silent suffering...

Well, Airi DID say that she wanted to find something else to do. Might as well stick close to what she's good at, even if it is by force.

Ah well, we needed Airi to finish off Io's Fate scenes too. Let's give them a look-see.

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

I said, it'll be Nagoya next!
Don't be stupid. It's going to be Osaka, of course!
Oh, Hibiki! Back me up here! Nagoya's right in the middle of the country!
It's going to be Osaka for sure. Right, Hibiki?
Oh, you know what we're talking about. Now, pick!
Yeah! Answer! Noooooow!
Oh, hey, everybody. What's going on?
Oh, hey, Io! Listen!

What? You want a new capital city?
Yeah! Shouldn't Nagoya be next? It should, right?
Are you kidding? It's gotta be Osaka. A new capital of Japan should be full of spirit!
Don't you think so, Io?
Are my only choices between Osaka and Nagoya...? Ummm... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
I don't think... it should be either!
Huh? Why not?
Whatever city becomes the capital will have a lot of people move there.

Thinking about that happening makes me a little sad...
Hmmm... You might have a point. I don't want Nagoya to turn into Tokyo 2.0.
Yeah... The energy behind Osaka is mainly from its anti-establishment spirit...
Right... I think things should stay the way they are.
...Io, you've changed.
What...? I don't think--
Nuh-uh. Something up with you. Veeeeeery suspicious.
N-Nothing's happened! ...Right, Hibiki?

Io hurriedly looks to you...

Ha! That strange glance!
Buh...? Wha...!?

Indubitably, Airi Watson. We must take control of this situation!
Now, Hibiki, fess up!
H-Hey! Hibiki...!?

All right, we'll let them go for now so they can talk it out. Right, Airi?
Hmmm... That's a pervy answer. You're not allowed to do more than talk! That's it!

Airi and Hinako walk away, laughing and trading high-fives...

I-I think there's a misunderstanding somewhere!
I'll talk to them... Don't worry about it, Hibiki.
It's providence.

Io looks towards you, then away, then back again...

I-I'll be on my way, then... Ahaha... Ha... ha...

Io's face is red as she stands up and walks away...

Since we've seen everyone else's events, it makes sense to cover Ronaldo and Yamato's when they're not the route leaders too. Only got time left in this day for 1 of them though; do Ronaldo now and Yamato next time.

[Music: Countdown]

L-Let me go...! I'm not causing you any trouble!
What!? You're causing trouble just by being alive!
Yeah! Why do you still get to live, while my daughter...

The helpless man is being brutally pummeled...

Hey! What are you doing!?

Ronaldo walks into the area...

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

What do you want!? This guy's a wanted criminal!
He's a thief! I saw him on TV!
Isn't it wrong that someone like him should be alive? That's why we're...

Ronaldo stares down at the man who is apparently wanted for theft...

...No. You guys are wrong.

Ugh... What the hell!?
Let's... not fight him. He looks really strong.
Tch! What an idiot. He thinks he's a hero, huh?

When the men leave, the man who had been on the ground stands up...

...Get lost.
I'm not saving you. I just didn't like how they were treating you.
Didn't you hear me? Go. Don't make me say it again.
...! O-Oh, uh, right...

The man walks away, looking over a shoulder nervously...

...You saw that, didn't you, Hibiki?

But do I have to accept it?
No... Maybe not
The world may change, but he did commit crimes in the past. That doesn't change.

...Right, Hibiki? We must lead the world in a better direction!

Ronaldo walks away...

[Music: Exploration]

Of course, like always, Ronaldo has one more scene for us to do here.

...Oh, Hibiki. I was just doing some thinking.
About a girl?

Although, to be honest, I was just thinking about my childhood. No big deal...
I told you that I used to be a detective before all this happened, right?
I just suddenly remembered what made me want to be one..
Were you kidnapped?

[Music: Connected Hearts]

They just believed in saving people, in justice... I wanted to live like that.
But when I did, I was disappointed by all the corruption and politics...
I didn't know events would come back to letting me save people again...
Life sure is mysterious...

Ronaldo half-smiles...

And that brings Saturday to its close for what is essentially the last time. There is still one last little thing we have to do here (alternative Fate scenes for Yamato not included), but we'll save that for later.

decided to do it

After I finished, she sent me this picture as thanks for my help

But I don't know what it is

I could speak my mind.

Tomorrow, we'll take on the world together! Good night, Hibiki.

After we take care of the world, let's visit Jungo.