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Part 121: Space Oddity

Space Oddity

Same as before; just going to skip through most of this day, since it's pretty similar to previous routes at this point.

[Music: Exploration]

Yooo, Hibiki. Rise and shine!
I'm asleep.

Everyone's up and gathered in the command room already. You better get moving.

Ah... Good morning, Hibiki. Did you sleep well? Everyone's been waiting for you.
Morning, Hibiki. Sleep okay? Everyone's here.
That's right, Hibiki. Polaris at last!
Mmm-hmm... We've beaten all the Septentriones, so today's the day we meet Polaris!
Yes, that's right. But before we meet Polaris, we must decide what to do with this world.
Indeed. No matter how many Septentriones we defeat...

Meeting it and asking it not to erase the world now would be fruitless.
Whaaat? Then what're we supposed to do? We finally stopped the fighting, too...
At this rate, it's all gonna have been for nothing.
Umm... about that. I've been thinking... would you guys mind hearing me out?
Sure, let's hear it. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
You guys are so mean... But fine, here goes.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Um, this all started because of Polaris, right?
Yes, and?

Doesn't that seem strange?
Hm, you got a point. It was Polaris who set this situation up to begin with.

Y-You see!? I mean, if Polaris hadn't done that, we'd still be living normal lives!

Then should we kill it?
Kill... Polaris!? That hadn't occurred to me...
Hey... That's it, Hibiki! That's exactly what we should do!
Hahaha... interesting. You plan to defeat the world's administrator, hm?

Ha... count me in! I never considered fighting Polaris...
But until we remove the one who destroyed this world, we may never see true peace!
Wait, you guys are serious!? I-Isn't Polaris the world's administrator!?
Uh... we know. What about it?
Well, um... is it okay to take it out of the picture?

Why should it control us? We can make our own decisions.
Ha... sounds like we're on the same page for once. Fighting it's better than begging it.
Hm-hm! This is our world, after all. We don't need an administrator.

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Alright, "administrator"... Let's do this!
Yeah! Oh... but there's still some things we need to look into...
We've defeated seven of the Septentriones so far, right?
Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, and Benetnasch...
If they're based on the Big Dipper, then the one yesterday should have been the last...

Let's look for changes.
Should we all search around this area? I'm sure we'll find something...!

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving...

Everything at this point is basically identical to before. We go bump into Alcor, beat up Black Frost, figure out we need the Dragon, beat THAT up and then go to the Terminal.

The stuff with Alcor here isn't massively different, but it does change to reflect our new goal of murdering the shit out of Polaris.

[Music: The Enigma Deepens]

We're here... I-Is this really the place?
It is.
R-Right. I can't think of anywhere else... Ugggh! I've got butterflies in my stomach!
This must be it. Terminal equals JP's, and JP's equals Osaka.
And Osaka equals takoyaki, right!? Oh man, my mouth's already watering!
This is no time for foolery. You brought the dragon, did you not, Hibiki?

I don't know how.
Y-Yeah, how does this work? Do you know what to do?
Well, from here on in isn't known even to the Hotsuin family. I'm only speculating...
But it's likely similar to what Hibiki did before. We must define the Dragon Stream.
Oh, right... That was when Hibiki wished for it to become smaller...
Focus on your desire for a path to Polaris... that should do the trick.
I'll give it a try.
I'm sure you can do this.

Oh, c'mon! That's not it, you moron! Will you get a grip...?

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Ah...! The entire locale has changed. So this is what he was speaking of...!

[Music: The Anguished One]

Ah... You! Y-Yeah, it's all done! Do we get to meet Polaris now!?
Not yet. I believe I told you the last Septentrione must be defeated.
Now's fine.
Wha...? Now...? What do you mean, Hibiki?
Hah... you've figured it out, Shining One. It's as you expect.

The companion star to Mizar, known as the Lifespan Star... last of the Septentriones.
"A-Alcor"...!? You're the last...!?
...In the past, I doubted Septentriones' and Polaris' unified consciousness...
That doubt eventually split me from them. After a long slumber, I was led to you.

This is the human world!
Only humans will survive!
...I see. You plan on defeating Polaris...
That may be possible for you. Your human hands hold infinite possibilities.
...Very well, humans! Defeat me, before you attempt to face Polaris!

[Music: Countdown]

S-Seriously...? He's the last Septentrione...? No way...
Let's do this!
Dammit...! We've got to do this... We don't have any choice, do we!?
Do we r-really have to fight him...? No, it's the only way...!
I-I can do this...! It's not like we have any other say about it...!
I hate having to do this... But we have to win!
Hmph...the final ordeal, hm? Let's go, Hibiki!

Sadly, despite Alcor being sympathetic to our plan of Murdering The Fuck Outta God before, on this route he won't be joining us.

So we gotta put him down. And we do. Quite easily at that; doesn't even take 3 minutes.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

...I don't understand. Why are you looking so upset?
The last Septentrione has been defeated. The path to Polaris will now be opened.
It's still sad.
Th-That's right... I mean, this might sound weird, but I wish we didn't have to fight.

...Alcor, was it? The long animosity between you and the Hotsuin family has ended.
Yes... Yamato Hotsuin. I apologize for the heavy burden I cast upon your clan.

Haha... That's true. Humans are already out of my hands... The rest is up to you.

[Music: Silence]

[Music: Elegy]

A... Alcor!

...He was just like us humans, being led around the nose by Polaris. It's rather ironic.
Yeah... he wasn't that bad a guy in the end.
We can't waste this chance.
Yeah... we've lost so much. We gotta get it back.
Yup...this is it. We'd better brace ourselves.
Yeah... let's make sure we're ready before we go to meet Polaris...!

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

Only thing left to do now is go and fight Polaris one last time. We've kicked his ass for real once before; how hard could it be to do it again?

Yo, Hibiki. Everyone's been waiting for you.
Mmm-hmm. We can't start without you! Shall we go?

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Let's go!

[Music: The Enigma Deepens]

Looks like we're here... But where is Polaris?

Are you... that Polaris thing?
I am Polaris, administrator of worlds from the Heavenly Throne.
I knew it! It's your fault that our world's... We'll never forgive you!

Forgive... me? What utter presumptuousness from mere worms.
If you do not forgive me, why have you come before me in this way?
To kill you!

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Th-That's right! We won't live under your thumb!

Mm. We don't need to be managed! We can take care of ourselves!
Complete and utter foolishness. After soiling your world and involving me...

Th-That's right...! We won't lose! That's why we've come here...!
Very well, humans. If words will not sway you, I shall erase you myself!

[Music: Countdown]

We'll erase you.
Alright... This is not a drill! Brace yourselves, everyone!

Hey, look, it's the same first phase as the past three times we were here!

That's better.

I need only eliminate you and their hearts will be shattered. All hope will be lost.
Die, Hibiki Kuze...! If I can end your life, this farce will be over...!

Aha... so that's its next plan.Looks like it's gonna go after Hibiki next.
Well, we just gotta defeat it while keeping Hibiki alive.

[Music: Will of the Species]

Hey, look, it's the phase 2 fight from when we sided with Alcor. Only this time the one person who's not allowed to die isn't half-melded with the floor. So it's basically easier.

And it is the phase 2 fight from when we sided with Alcor. Right down to having to kick Polaris' ass again to move onto phase 3.

We do so.

[Music: Akashic Records]

Alright... This is it for real! Brace yourselves, everyone!

To say this is the harder version of this fight (because he's actually fighting for his life, rather than as a test you see), I'm actually kind of disappointed.

In retrospect, this version might actually be the easier one. Because the main body doesn't have its defense buffs. This means demons can ruin his day quite easily, which is a good thing. While Daichi could do it, it would take him longer.

...A lot longer, than just having Satan and Alice flick him a couple times.

[Music: Silence]

To think your childish delusions could truly defeat me... You fools...
You've lost.
Hurry up and go away.
You humans do not know your place... You are more dangerous than I could have foreseen.
But when I am gone... you will no longer even be able to control demons.

Ha... hahahaha! Agh... Ngghaaaaaah!

And then Polaris dies for real. It really seems like the only reason you don't kill him dead when siding with Yamato/Ronaldo is because, well, you don't want to. For all his posturing about being unkillable, it just comes down to your intent and if you wanted to kill him you totally could.

[Music: Dawn]

It's all over.
Mm... Yeah... Now we're really, truly free...
Yessssss! We did it! We totally did it!
Oh, but... Now what are we supposed to do?

Don't ask me.
Yeah, Daichi! It's not like we're under anyone's control anymore!
We're the ones who decide what happens next! All of it!
Mm-hm. No one knows how things will turn out.
So we gotta decide for ourselves.

We're still going to live.
Yeah... but we'll be all right. Okay, let's go home! Back to our Tokyo!

[Video: Liberator]

[Music: Beyond the Firmament]

Shh, there you go! There's nothing to worry about... You're okay now...!

Good, we can use those! There's tons of evacuees that way, bring them over there!

An aide will come and ask if you need medicine, so tell them how much your family needs!

No good... The west side's completely gone!
Dammit. What about the east? If we take a little bit of a detour...
Nah, that way's out too. My friends went to check it out. It's a mountain of rubble!
...Okay then. We'll head around to the north side that's been scouted already!

Of course!
Okay... anyone who isn't injured, follow me! We'll depart immediately!

There's a lot more ocean now, and it's all...

Where the void used to be.

Like always, this gives us a new mail on our phone.

[Video: End]

And with that, the Tokyo Tower is lit up on the save screen too. Went quite nicely left-to-right thinking about it.

Title wise, just a couple more...

First up is the one for murdering Polaris while siding with Daichi. Not very surprising there.

Other one was a special one for filling in most of the compendium. Specific requirements here is just having registered every demon that is available by default; Fate ranks and ones you have to beat up don't count for it.

...But if we've already gotten what seems to be every ending, what's this one on about?