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Part 122: Show Your Free Will (Part 1)

Show Your Free Will

For one last time, we need to go back to Day 7. There is only one thing here we have to do, but since we're already here...

Let's see what Yamato has for us too.

Chief...! We can't give up like this!
We can still fight... Let's try it again!
The new Japan needs us, Chief! It needs your ideals! Just give the order...!

[Music: Elegy]

No! You'll always be our leader! For glorious JP's...
I lost. My limits have been proven. Don't make me say any more.
...Stop. Do you wish to disgrace me even further?
The world no longer needs JP's. Don't you see that...? Are you that blind?
Now go. JP's is over.

The former JP's member's shoulders slump as he walks away...


[Music: Connected Hearts]

...If things are to be done right, I must disappear along with JP's.
But there is much that I still need to do.
Rebuilding Japan?
...Rebuilding is your job. It does not require me.
I have to make sure whether or not the world you're going to create will be a good one.

And to see whether a world even better than my own ideals will unfold...
That is my last task as the head of the Hotsuin clan... No. As myself.
Until then, I sill fight alongside you. ...Don't disappoint me.

Yamato walks away quietly...

The only remaining scene for Yamato happens in the same way regardless whether or not he's even in your party here. I guess that's something?

[Music: Elegy]

H-Hey you... Do you think I'll survive...?
Tell me honestly... I'm not going to survive this wound, am I...?
...Probably not. I'm astonished that you're still breathing at this point.
Hahahaha... You sure don't beat around the bush... But I did ask you to be honest.
...Was it a demon...?
Hey... Can you look in my pocket?

What's this?
I wanted to give that to my daughter... but I guess that's impossible now.
So... I'm giving it to you. Heh... I know it's not much...
It's no use if I hang on to it... Please, take it...
...Impossible. Do you know who I am?
JP's, right? I know... I've seen you before...
But it doesn't matter anymore. No point in fighting... or hating...

I'm... incompetent at my company... and of course I can't survive... It's my fault.
I wish I could see my daughter... I'd see her... and together...

The man takes his last breath...

...... Incompetent, huh?

Yamato looks down at the candy in his hand...

Hibiki... Do you believe I have the right to be carrying this?


Yamato silently walks away...

Alright, that's done so let's turn back the clock now.

This event is only available on Daichi's route AND you have to have done the Concepts event to get it to turn up.

[Music: Exploration]

Will you give it a rest already? This is proving to be too much of a hassle.
What do you mean, a hassle!? This is important!
What's going on?

Picking on you? More like picking your brain.
Sheesh. I mention the akashic record just once...
And everyone bombards me with these stupid questions.
I can't work with these lesser minds, I tell you.
Can you tell me too?

That's not what we were doing, Hibiki. The past data is in the akashic record too, right?
Yeah, wouldn't that mean the data from before the world was destroyed is there too?
It has to be. And if Polaris can edit that data...

I see.
So yeah... we're wondering if we could get out old world back with Polaris' powers.
If that's possible, everything will reset to normal, and we can go back to our lives!
So how about it, Fumi? Can we do it or not?

[Music: Connected Hearts]

But restoring the world is just like turning back the clock, isn't it?
If we restore the same world, the same things will happen and we won't remember any of this.
In which case, won't we go through the same calamity all over again?
I don't think so.

R-Right! If we can keep out memories, we'll be able to make it a better world...!
...That doesn't follow.
Ugh! Fumi! We're all trying to think here, so quit raining on our parade!
Yeah, yeah... sorry. Hmph.

You say your farewells to everyone and leave...

There's nothing else left to do on Saturday, now. Well, not on Saturday proper anyway.

Going into the final day one last time, this is where we're sitting now. 5 with everyone but Alcor; I imagine it is possible to maybe get 5 with everyone. But since Alcor only gets enough points for Fate 5 on his own route it wouldn't make a difference.

Technically this isn't necessary for what we want it for, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

And with that, we'll go check in on Tico one last time. They have something new to say but only because we've done the Reversible Idea event...

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

...Ah, forgive me. My prior statements may have caused some confusion.
My services as a liaison for the death image site Nicaea are no longer needed.
But this app that you have already downloaded can still, of course, be used.
I am the AI face of this app, here to serve you...
And I will do so unto the end of your journey.
Now, to start afresh...

Well? Would you like to hear it?
That's okay.
I understand. Well, then may your tomorrow be...

In the course of investigating the changes to the world over the past seven days...

[Music: Dark Clouds]

You have happened upon the existence of the akashic record.
If there is anything about it, you would like clarified, I would be happy to assist...
Is there data of the past?

May I assume you are thinking of restoring the world prior to this sequence of events...?
It is possible, but there are some difficulties.
Were you to meet with Polaris with the aim of restoring the world in mind, and he accepts...
Polaris would overwrite that "past" data over the current state of the world.

Which will, at some point, cause Polaris to send another calamity like this one...
We'll prevent that.
Is that so? I beg your pardon, then. However...
The overwritten data will all disappear.

Thus, you will have no memories of these past seven days once the world is restored.
Even if your heart is strong enough to reject the data overwrite...
With multiple data sets in one world...

What are my odds?

You will need a very strong will to reject the overwrite and keep your memories.
Even if you do so, whether you can prevent another calamity is another question...
Thereis no easy solution... That is all that I can tell you.
May your tomorrow bE a nICE daY As wEll...

Now that we've done the Reversible Ideas event, and had that little chat with Tico, a few things on the last day change...

[Music: Exploration]

The first of which is in the opening scene, no less.

Yooo, Hibiki. Rise and shine!
I'm awake.
Yo, sorry to barge in like this so early in the morning.
Everyone's up and gathered in the command room already. You better get moving.

Ah... Good morning, Hibiki. Did you sleep well? Everyone's been waiting for you.
That's right, Hibiki. Polaris at last!
Mmm-hmm... We've beaten all the Septentriones, so today's the day we meet Polaris!
Uhh, wait a sec. About that...
Did you guys hear what Tico said yesterday...?
About us disappearing?

[Music: Dark Clouds]

I heard about that too... How it's nearly certain that we'll cease to exist...
S-So what do we do? If our memories or existence is wiped, this could all happen again.
That'd be bad. I don't want the world to be destroyed again...
Hmm... yeah. Restoring the world's all well and good, but it looks like there's a catch.
Going that way could be a huge gamble. We need some specific prospects of success...
...There's another issue that must be solved first.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Dubhe, Merak, Pheca, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, and Benetnasch...
In all, we've defeated seven Septentriones to this point.
If they are indeed based on the Big Dipper, the one yesterday would have been the last.
But nothing has changed since defeating Benetnasch. Don't you think that odd?
Let's look for Polaris.
Hm... I see. It may be here already, somewhere outside of our notice.

Let's do that. The deadline is approaching, so if anything happens, we'll call--
Uhh... Hold on. Mind if I butt in? There's actually one more thing...
Oh? What is it?
Uh... hm. Well, then again...
Uh... what? What's the matter? Is something bothering you?

What are you talking about!? We won't know unless you say it! Are you stupid or what?
Hmm... you guys don't mind hearing me out?
Sure, let's hear it. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
You guys are so mean... But fine, here goes.
Um, this all started because of Polaris, right?
Yes, and?

Doesn't that seem strange?
Hm, you got a point. It was Polaris who set this situation up to begin with.
Yeah, bowing down to something like that so we can get the world fixed seems kinda off.
Y-You see!? I mean, if Polaris hadn't done that, we'd still be living normal lives!
It's like... wouldn't we have been better off if Polaris didn't exist at all?
Then should we kill it?
Kill... Polaris!? That hadn't occurred to me...
Hey... That's it, Hibiki! That's exactly what we should do!
Sounds like we're on the same page for once, Hinako. Fighting it's better than begging it.
What!? H-Hold on a sec! Polaris is the world's administrator!
And? We knew that already. What of it?
Guys... You don't see how it could be bad to defeat a thing that manages the world!?
We have no idea what would happen if we defeated this administrator!

Defeating Polaris, huh? We can't know what would happen, but that's one possibility...
The thing is, we need to reach a conclusion soon.

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving...

Most notable from this is that we're not actually on-track for any particular ending right now. The idea of killing Polaris gets brought up still, but it gets shot down for the moment as well...

Ah well, this is the last time we'll be on the last day and there is something we still have yet to fuse so let's do it right now.

There are exactly three ways of making Beelzebub. In what can only be described as a thoroughly stupid decision, all three use Satan. This one came from him and Metatron.

Oh and Beelzebub was the only thing still missing from the compendium. So, there's that.

There's also a new event available but only on this version of Daichi's last day. There's only enough time in the day to do either the same old event or the new one, though. And we have to do one of them eventually.

Man, this sure is a tough choice we don't have to make.

[Music: Exploration]

Hmm... changes, changes... I don't see anything.
Yeah, I haven't found anything either. You sure you're looking hard enough, Hinako?
Of course I am. Try again, Ai, this time with your eyes open, okay?
What? I'm wide awake! Quit making fun of me like that!
Are you sure...? I thought I saw your eyes roll back in your head during our break.
Urgh...! Th-That was something different! Stupid Hina!

Hey, it's Hibiki. Did you find any changes anywhere?
Not yet.
What!? Why not? If we don't look carefully, we can't... Hm? Hey, look!

A familiar-looking man is standing on the other side of the road...

Oh...! Hibiki, it's that one guy!

[Music: The Anguished One]

Hey there.
Haha, I see you've become accustomed to my ways.
Oh yeah... This is a great chance for us to bring up what we were talking about!
Hey... there's something we want to ask you!
Is there...? I'll try and answer as best I can. What is it?
Can the world be restored?
I see. Does this mean you will ask Polaris to restore the world prior to the calamity?
Mm-hm, that's right. But we hear the restored data and our current selves may conflict...
After the warnings we got, we don't know if we can pull this off or not.

The world will share the same fate. Even if you had an especially strong will...
Resisting the past data could potentially result in both versions of you being erased.
So it won't work.
What should we do?
There is only one thing I can tell you, Shining One...
So far as I know, yes, it will be difficult to retain your memories after the reset.

We would? Then that means...!
You humans have endured the trial sent by Polaris and driven off the Septentriones.
The fact that you still live is more than I had expected from you.
I see.
Shining One, you are buds with infinite possibilities. You must carve your own paths.
So... even though it sounds impossible, we still have a chance of pulling it off...?

We'll do it.
That's the spirit. You control your own future.
I look forward to the outcome...

[Music: Silence]

The man disappears...

An ally.
An ally? Yeah... he did just give us a hint...

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

W-Wait a sec! If he was right, doesn't that mean we really can restore the past!?
It sure does.
Mm-hm. If we all work together, we can do the impossible.
Whether we defeat Polaris, or restore the past... the choice is up to us.
Hibiki... we need to think carefully about this.

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving.

Strictly speaking, that event was optional since we can go and kick Polaris' teeth in and get our real goal without it. But it works well at setting up what comes next...

Mostly in regards to how the entire first part of what usually occurs here being transposed to there, but also because it works well for one other thing.

[Music: The Anguished One]

Ah... you've come. I've been waiting for you, Shining One.
I came to talk to you.
I know. I knew that you would come...
The time to make your choice has come. You have unified the will of the species, yes?

Now then, Shining One... Tell me your will.

[Music: Silence]

We'll restore the world.

Like he said, this answer is what matters. This choice occurs because we've now seen the Reversible Ideas event; we can choose this line for our real final ending, or we can pick the Dumb Choice For Idiots and still choose to kill Polaris.

If you ask Polaris to restore the world, your past and present data will conflict.

You understand the risk, correct?
We'll be okay.

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Y-Yeah. We just have to hang onto our memories, right? We won't let this happen again!
Mmm-hmm... I'll never forget! So many precious memories of the time we spent together...
Haha, well, I'm sure we'll remember. We've been through some pretty intense stuff!
I'll be fine. We've overcome so many ordeals... This is just one more.
Yeah, to hell with starting over again! I'm gonna keep getting stronger!
Yeah... We've worked so hard these past eight days so we'd be ready for this moment!
There is another risk. If you have strength enough to retain your memories...
The stronger that power, the more it will conflict with the force of the overwrite...

Do you understand the potential consequences?
We won't lose.
W-We'll be fine! We've got all the potential, right!? There's no way we'll be erased!
Mm-hm. I won't disappear. I'm stronger than my past self.
Ah well. It's illogical and completely unscientific...but I could live with that.
There's no need to worry... Our will is strong. I'm sure this will work!
Ha...that's right. We have nothing to fear. We'll survive this trial too.
...Hurry up. Hibiki and I are here... we have no need for your tedious babbling.
I see... Then I will say no more. It is time to test your true strength.
Now... Let's begin. Are you ready?

[Music: Countdown]

Say hello to Botis again. Hi Botis!

He's here because I opted to not kill him this time around when taking on Fumi at the Nagoya TV Tower. I, uh, accidentally killed Bifrons since he's a colossal chump though. If both are dead, that's where Black Frost comes in; he's the stand-in for if the intended demons aren't around. So, there's 4 possible variants of this map; Botis solo, Bifrons solo, Botis and Bifrons or Black Frost.

Botis is the only important dude after you unlock Black Frost for fusion though.

Ah... that's a harsh welcome. Does that make you an enemy after all?
No... You misunderstand me.
I have no intention of getting in your way, but your path is difficult and arduous.
That's why... I wish for you to show me you have the power and resolve to come through.
We can do it.
Then, let's begin. Defeat all that stands before you and return silence to this place.

So what makes Botis more important than Bifrons?

Mana Aid. Botis is the second, and only other, place we could've gotten it. I dunno what Bifrons has here, off-hand, but nothing as good as this.

Anyway, aside from our old friend(s) making their potential return this map is the same as ever.

We poke the demons and they die. We then get told about the Terminal, needing the dragon blah blah blah. Alcor's only other event on the last day is now just a repetition of what we've already seen (i.e. we fight him and he dies, but this time with the same generic dialogue as on Ronaldo and Yamato's routes).

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]

So next, and last stop, is Polaris then.

Yo, Hibiki. Everyone's been waiting for you.
Mmm-hmm. We can't start without you! Shall we go?

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Let's meet again. Promise me...!

This is it!
Let's go!

[Music: The Enigma Deepens]

It seems... we're here. Now, where is it...?
Huh...? Everyone, look at that!

Are you... that Polaris thing?
I am Polaris, administrator of worlds from the Heavenly Throne.
W-We defeated all the Septentriones! That's why we need you to--
That's right. We've united our wills and overcome the trials! The conditions are met!
...Do not be so hasty, humans. All your work has only been a test to meet with me.
First, I must ask: What kind of world do you desire, humans?
Restore the past.

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Th-That's right! You might not understand our world...
But we lived our lives to the fullest in that world!
For the past eight days... We have done and learned tons of stuff...!

You desire the world to be restored to before it was destroyed.
But if your world is over-written, there is no knowing what will become of you.
We understand that.
We haven't been living like we did back when we didn't know anything...!
We'll do our best to not lose ourselves to the way we were before...!

And yet, you believe you will be able to lead them in the correct direction?
Mankind has lost its worth, huh... Ha. I must agree with that.
But, Hibiki's powers have brought us this far. Can you say it's truly impossible?
I see... Then I will say no more.
Whether your resolve proves true or not... I will test if you have the power to lead.
Fine with me...! Test us all you want!

[Music: Countdown]

And that's when he drops the etc etc.

Wha...!? I don't like where this is going... Are we gonna have to fight Polaris now!?
Sure looks that way.
Aw, dammit! But this is the last one, right? Fine... Okay, everyone, let's do this!

First phase, same as before, never changes, routine same as ever...

Thankfully, the second phase is quite different to what we've seen before.

We'll never be able to hang on to our memories while the rest of the world turns back...
Can that even be done...? I think it's impossible...
How can we have memories of things that don't happen...? I'm scared...!
What're you doing...? Do you really think this will work?
Once the world goes back, our memories will vanish. Memories of our new friends, too...

What good will it do, anyway? Mankind will just go down the exact same path again!
Haha... What an amusing joke. Return the world to the way it was before...?
Miracles are unscientific. Either you'll lose your memory, or you'll be erased. That's it.
You shouldn't do this... You're going to be erased.
The families you leave behind will curse you forever... Are you okay with that...?

You'll lose your memories... Lose your existence... The world will go on to its doom.

Are you gonna just let the world die, along with your friends? You want that?

Or do you think you can stop that decay by yourselves? Haha... Don't make me laugh!

Think about it. You can't change mankind that easily. It's better to just give up!
What useless struggling... Us, saving the world?
We're just normal people! C'mon! We can't tell the whole world that it's wrong.
...Are you stupid or somethng? It's impossible to change the world back...
It's always been useless, this whole time... It's not going to change now!
Wh-What's with that!? Are those... us!?

[Music: Will of the Species]

So, these guys are quite a fair bit different to the usual "lots of demons!" shtick.

Not by much, mind, you but hey. They're something. Notably, there is one for every party member.

Except, of course, for Hibiki. Which makes sense; why would he have doubts over this plan? It wasn't quite his idea but he was the one who made the final decision to go for it, was the most forward about asking questions about it and is pretty open about being sure it'll work. Everyone else subconsciously being unsure also makes sense, since they've all been portrayed as being not quite as strong as Hibiki so there's the added fear of being unsure if they'll remember this or be erased.

[Music: Decisive Battle With a Sworn Friend]

And they all even have weaknesses in some way; Yamato doesn't at face value, but that he comes alone means his strength is limited.

It's a clever concept, but by doing this ending so late we can steamroll them all with minimal effort so the meaning behind it gets a wee bit lost.

or maybe im just reading way too much into it who knows

As always, the final ordeal is the giant fat thing.

[Music: Akashic Records]

Alright... This is it for real! Brace yourselves, everyone!

Sadly, the final form of Polaris on this route is the same as when we sided with Yamato and Ronaldo.

So it's sort of tanky when it comes to demons, but doesn't put up much of a fight. Which is perfectly fine by me at this point.

Disappointing, but fine. Dude's not really in any serious danger so he doesn't have to try as much.

[Music: Connected Hearts]


You have shown your potential. It would appear that the order of the world is changing.
Really...!? Then you'll grant our wish...!?

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Yes... I acknowledge your desire. I will return the world to its previous state.
Yessssss! We did it! We totally did it!
Yeah! Now all our dreams are finally going to come true...!
Hmph... of course. To the victor, the spoils.
Do not forget, humans, that I only saw potential in you.
To return the world to its previous state means that the future must also change...

Do you still wish to return to the past state?
That is what I wish.
...Very well. Let us begin.

But before that happens, because we managed to get everyone to Fate 4 or higher something else happens...