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Part 123: Show Your Free Will (Part 2)

[Music: Memories of the Firmament]

The Fate 4 requirement is basically just so they would join the party you see; you can technically avoid Daichi, Io, Jungo, Hinako and Alcor, but why would you?

We couldn't have done this without you. Thanks, man.

Thanks, Hibiki... It's really because of you that we made it this far.
None of us knows what happens now, but... I'll never forget you, okay?

Outta the way, stupid Hina! It's my turn!

I'm all ears.
Hrgh... Y-You don't have to be so goody two-shoes about it...
U-Um... I'm glad I met you, Hibiki! And...
Even if this world gets overwritten, I won't forget you. Not ever. That's all!

Here. Eat this. It's good.

You have some too, Keita. It's good.
I don't want any, moron. Sheesh... C'mon, you said your piece, now scram.

Y'know... it was fun. I'm sure you'll still be doing stuff. Call me up, okay?

I'm doing good.
Mm, I thought so. Pretty amaing... You're about to defy this world's rules.
Honestly, I don't really care about JP's or what becomes of the world.
It's just the world, you know? I'll learn everything I can about it, and then die.
But you... I am interested in you. To the point that I'd give my life to see what happens.
...That's all I'll say for now. Hope we meet again. Hahaha!

Everyone appreciates it. And I do too, of course. So... I have a little reward for you.
There, there... You really did a great job. Good boy!
How 'bout a little more?
My, my... How precocious. Let's save that for next time.

It's just begun.
Huh, yeah, you're right. Sure, you could put it that way, yep. But you know...
I feel different. Like... I'll take things more seriously from now on.
Thanks, man. I owe that to you.

That's right.
I see... I understand it better now. Look at them... look at those smiles on their faces.
I can see that the restored world will be much better than it was the first time around.
I'll continue to walk the same path as you. And one day...
Hah, never mind. We can talk about our dreams after we've successfully averted disaster.

Of course.
Haha, amazing. Would that all leaders were like you...
I'm... glad I followed you. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude.
Thank you, Kuze. I'm proud to have fought at your side.

Of course.
Ah... is that so? I'm not. To think that my ambitions resulted in this...
But I won't give up. For your sake, I will watch over this world's restoration.
Depending on what the future holds, I may again work for a merit system as your enemy.
Go easy on me, will you?
Hahaha, I'm not so sure you should be the one saying that. It sounds like my line.

You think so?
Ah... Haha, you still say the strangest things.
It's only been eight days since we met in Shibuya, you know. It feels like a dream...
Um... thank you, Hibiki. We owe this all to you.
It's all right.
Yeah... It's the strangest thing. A few days ago, I barely knew your face.
When we met at the subway platform that day...
Really, I wanted more time to talk. So even if the world's restored... I won't forget you.

[Video: Restorer]

[Music: Exploration]

I wasn't listening.
Ooh, so you admit it. I was just talking to myself the whole time... Well, whatever.
Anyway, yeah. There's all this stuff about college...
But it's my future, so I guess I should quit complaining and try harder.
Now that I didn't expect.

Oh, hey, that reminds me. Is that game out yet--Hm!?

Daichi is staring at something...

You see something?

I knew it...! That's Io in Class C, right? Io Nitta!
She's smart, cute, gentle, innocent, modest... They don't make 'em like her anyore!
She's really something... Everyone looks up to her.
Let's go talk to her.

Um... Excuse me.
Yeah, whaddaya want!? Can't you see we're in the middle of...
Oh... I'm sorry. Did I bother you...?
I-Io!? Wh-What a coincidence...!

Io seems to want to say something...

Yo, Io.

That's... kind of cool.
I came a little late... I was wondering if everyone was still there.

Of course! You're in the clear!
There are some afternoon tests, so anyone applying for public universities should be there!
...Good to know. Thanks.

Io still seems to have something left to say...

Anything else?
Oh, um... well...

So... s-since we ran into each other... if you don't mind...
Then... um, you're up for it?
R-Really? I can really, um, hang out with you...?
Um... Hellooooo!? What about me? Sorry if I'm in your way!
Step aside.

Heehee... You're so funny. That WAS a little mean of you, Hibiki.
Yeah! It was plain uncalled for and... hm? Man, that makes me feel even worse!
Haha... Um, why don't we all go somewhere ? Is that okay...?
Of course!
All right, dammit! Let's go have some fun! Onwaaaard!

And so, the game ends pretty much how it begins...

Just another sunny day in Tokyo. But this time with the chance of death by train car at around 0%.

[Music: Beyond the Firmament]

Well, that covers Hibiki, Io and Daichi rather well, but what about everyone else? They just get small interstitial scenes in between the credits.

Though, I gotta say they're all pretty optimistic.

Even leading to the unlikeliest of actual friendships.

And the happier outcomes that never were able to happen before.

All things considered?

Doesn't seem like Polaris is gonna be pulling any world ending antics any time soon.

The reset even gave a second shot at achieving dreams that had to be put aside.

...Though I'm still not sure why Fumi's chilling in the middle of a park with a portable generator. I guess generic office-y area wouldn't really mesh with the theme.

At least it looks nice.

I think at this point we can safely say that Sunday's Melancholy is a thing of the past.

A brighter future lies ahead...

Nicaea's got the same idea. The demon summoning program isn't going to be needed for a long while...

[Video: End]

And thanks to the Restorer, Polaris himself is now lit up on our save screen. The 3 missing towers also have their silhouettes added; they do not, thankfully, mean that there are now 3 new endings available.

They probably will do that in Break Record, though. The whole new second half of the game that's allegedly going to be as long as this one certainly implies as much.

...Y'know assuming that ever materialises, and stops being Atlus' apparent vaporware project that is going to still be made fun of 5 years from now.

now watch as the day after I post this, a release date gets confirmed

Anyway, final three titles!

Restorer is the one for our reset ending. We found that new path with Daichi.

Demon Wrangler is for getting a 100% compendium. This one DOES include Fate demons and ones you beat the stuffing out of.

Triumphant is special. Its description implies you need to get that Memories Of The Firmament bit of the ending to happen, which is unique to this route, but you can actually get it on any of them. Not just any of Daichi's. Any period. You just need to get everyone but Alcor up to Fate 4 or higher.

But, hey, with that we are done! Completely and totally. No more ending routes to see, no more optional bosses to beat up, no more titles to get, nothing.