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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

by Dragonatrix

Part 128: Alcharagia one-ups himself


Jungo stood on Terminal platform celebrating victories of battle but suddenly he heard noises.

It was Hotsuin demons surrounding him! Their Dynes were aimed at Jungo with accuracy of pins. Then with wicked entrance Yamato Hotsuin walked in hallway.

"HAHA Jungo behold the chariot of your death! It will be last sight for you as you are dragged to Hell!" Snarled Yamato Hotsuin with madness in his eyes.

All hope seemed lost but all of a sudden familiar voice was heard by all.


It was Hibiki Kuze riding on Evil Flow and carrying the Dragon Stream!

"This whistle is blowing for you!" Cried out Hibiki Kuze as he activated Dragon Stream sending shockwaves everywhere stunning Demon armies.

"Thank you Hibiki Kuze now the turn is mine!" Cried out Jungo as he lunged fist into sky with speed of soaring hawk causing hurricane tornado to form sending demon squadrons to oblivion, leaving only Yamato.

"My fist is a category 6!" Said Jungo as he looked on at destruction.

Jungo turned to Yamato Hotsuin ready to make him pay for the sins of his crimes.

"You are cur! I am King of Meritocracy! Kneel before me!" Roared out Yamato Hotsuin in defiance.

"You are forgotten. You may be King of Meritocracy but I am KING OF LIBERTY." Declared Jungo as he took Yamato Hotsuin by the neck.

"Let go of my royal neck you peasant man!" Yelled out Yamato Hotsuin in protest.

"For crimes against humanity and chawanmushi I judge you GUILTY." Said Jungo with mighty justice as he tore Yamato Hotsuin's head off.

"Looks like you have lost your head." Said Jungo with coolness as he tossed Yamato Hotsuin's body in the Terminal's pit.

"ARRRG" Cried out Yamato Hotsuin as he burned in the Terminal's pit.

"Order of Grilled Yamato Extra Crispy." Quipped Jungo as he turned away.