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Part 18: Feinne's Notes: Keita Wakui

Ah, so now to Keita's map. We're still not in a situation where losing Unkillable is a serious risk, because as Dragonatrix noted Keita's party is the only one that's at serious risk. With the way the map is designed, Dragonatrix's strategy of pairing the party up and pushing up either side in twos is solid and how I go about things as well (it also lets you split people off slightly to deal with the miasmas). One thing I would do slightly differently is the rate of advance, Dragonatrix sort of rushed ahead of Keita and ended up with Joe and Hinako a bit too far towards the middle and it left Keita more vulnerable than I'd generally prefer him. Always keeping someone in Keita's vicinity while there's demons close enough to engage him helps you stop him from being as risk and also stop him killstealing you. There are a couple of parties that are moderately threatening but they're very vulnerable to magic so you should just be able to blow them up really. Don't worry, things start to get a bit more interesting soon. Now let's talk about Keita.

Keita Wakui- Keita is a really interesting character. He's sort of a hybrid physical attacker, he has a high enough Agility to use Strength/Agility skills (I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter that at 99 he's only got 37 Agility but certainly he won't add extra hits to Multi-Hit as quickly as Hinako does) and he puts almost nothing into Magic, so he's also got a bit more Vitality than Hinako. This doesn't just translate into stronger defenses and a bit more health, it also lets him get some use out of a set of physicals that benefit from health (though not as well as the character who does that, who we haven't met yet). It's also sort of his flaw, though, he's got one of the lowest Magic stats in the game and this leaves him unable to support his party with healing in the way Hinako can. Keita is really good honestly, but I generally prefer Hinako for the role of real physical attacker. He's also kind of a prick.