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Part 19: National Crisis

National Crisis

Let's have a nice, relaxing break from constantly battling demons for a while. Instead, let's just chill with Hinako for a bit.

[Music: Countdown]

Just come over here!
I told you, I can't leave my assigned post.
But someone's hurt! We need your help here!
Help is on the way. Hold on until then.

[Music: Silence]

Huh...? Who are you...?

[Music: Heroes Have No Fear]
still rocks, still should click it.

Someone's in trouble. They need help. You're here.
So what's the problem!? You shouldn't have any reason to hesitate!
B-But... I can't act on my own without any orders...!

It's your job to help the people you can, while looking good to your superiors.
You're not making sense...
Fine. You mess with one Osakan, you mess with all of them. You got that?

...F-Fine. All right, all right...

Over there! Towards Doutonbori...

The SDF soldier runs off along with the woman...

[Music: Exploration]

You're a good negotiator.
Of course! I was brought up among hagglers!
Doesn't matter how much money you have, haggle away!
...Well, I'm gonna go see if I can help those people too!

Hinako walks away...

Like with Keita's resistance doubling up with Daichi, Hinako doubles up with Makoto. The difference, though, is that Hinako comes a lot earlier than Makoto so it doesn't feel quite as redundant.

Looks like we're hanging o- uh, stuck advancing the plot now. Let's go do that then.

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Here we are... The Osaka branch, JP's main office.
It's an amazing facility... I can't believe there's something like this in Osaka...
It's the same as Tokyo.

Oh, Yamato-- Er, Chief Hotsuin.
Yo, Yamato... I brought Team Tokyo. Am I done here?
Thank you, Wakui. You may return to your duties.
Don't mind if I do.

Keita leaves...

Hinako steps forward towards Yamato...

I wanna fight alongside you guys. Can I join?

I'll prepare a room for you. You can be briefed there.
This way, please.
Looks like I'm really one of the gang now! Well, I'll see you guys later!

Hinako follows the JP's member out...

Not enough information.

Yamato smirks...

Haha... Cleverly put. It seems you have some insight into the problem at hand...
Huh? Problem? W-Wait... What are you getting at...?
You don't know? Then how about this?

[Video: National Crisis]

[Music: Crumbling Routine]

Hey, it's Shibuya. We already know that's wrecked since we were there earlier.

Is that Nagoya? Things are bad even out there?

...Beppu. Almost directly in the center of Oita Prefecture.
Oita... In Kyushu!? Wh-What's going on...?

You see here the state of the six cities we have reports on.
No... How could six places all be...?
You misunderstand. These are the conditions of the six cities that we know of.
Wh-What's that supposed to mean!?
What about everywhere else?

Uhhh... So that means...

[Music: Requiem]

The human race is currently undergoing an unprecedented crisis.
No... That... It can't be...

Everyone is at a loss for words...

What should we do?
...We don't know that at the moment.

Ha... Haha...
A-Are you serious? There's no way I'm believing that. I-It's gotta be a lie.
I mean... We did come here to find out what caused the disaster, but this...

...Easy there, Daichi...

Ngh... Someone... tell me this is all a lie!

Daichi runs off...

Ah! D-Daichi!

Joe leaves the area...

...Leave them. They'll have to face the facts sooner or later.

It's just... I can't believe something like this could happen...

Io leaves the area...

You should think this through as well... whether to continue on or wait for death...

Yamato leaves...

[Video: End]

[Music: In The Devastated Town]

This seems like a rather odd time to get a new gameplay function, but Add-Ons are actually pretty cool. They give neat extras during fusion, but I'm the kinda moron who never uses them unless necessary even though you really should. They can make already good demons phenomenal, they can make even normally bad demons usable. We don't have any right now, though, and the game never explicitly tells you how you get them. It's just through not fucking in combat; they're effectively tied to macca bonuses. There's a fair few Add-Ons (some of which are way better than others, of course) so we'll look at them in detail as/when we get them.

For now, we've managed to find a spare moment when the plot isn't bearing down on us. Might as well take this opportunity to decide who we spend some time with! ()

There's enough time to hang out with 1-3 people, so bear that in mind when voting. BUT since there's too many permutations to list them all this time around, just vote for however many you want to see and depending on proportion I'll pick the top 1-3 accordingly.