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Part 22: Feinne's Notes: Merakulous Mondays

Merak is where things get a bit interesting depending on how well prepared you are and what strategy you employ. Those demon groups near the starting point are actually pretty resilient and can be potentially dangerous if you're a bit too flippant about them. I usually leave two groups behind to deal with them and hold that end of the map while two advance towards Merak, but that's also because I tend to intentionally drag this fight out. See, he'll spawn infinite amounts of those Merak Missiles, they're easy to kill, and they're worth a good amount of experience. This is a great place to farm up some levels for weaker characters on them. Merak himself is mainly scary if he catches you with Circumpolarity (which does pretty crazy Ice damage) or if you screw up the advance and he hits you when you can't fight back. Make sure you check his range so you know that you've paused outside of it before running up. If you can get Force Dance on something you're in good shape, as Dragonatrix noted. If you're careful this shouldn't be a substantial threat to kill anyone, especially if you do some free battles before and pick your levels up. Getting Anti-Elec and Ice Dance is pretty much the only thing you should care about as far as Skill Cracks, the status skills here are easy to get and you're unlikely to really use them (there IS a status that's super valuable but neither of these is it).