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Part 25: Tuesday's Disquiet (Intro)

Tuesday's Disquiet (Intro)

[Music: Exploration]

Kuze, I'm coming in. Oh... Whoops.

...Okay, fine, this is the "wrong" answer but it's worth it so who cares.

I may have rushed you because I was in a hurry to let you know...
Perhaps because I've lived at JP's for so long... I may lack the normal niceties...

Makoto hesitates...

What's this about?

Not just him, either. We can't raise anyone in the Nagoya branch.
There's speculation that some kind of problem has arisen...
Are they dead?
That's possible, but highly improbable. Still, we don't know just what's going on.

Want me to go?
You'd go to Nagoya? But...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

But... I don't want you kids to get any more involved....
Let's do this!
Wh...!? Kuze...

All right.
...Thank you. I promise you we'll send reinforcements the moment we can spare them.

Makoto leaves the room...

The compendium is a wonderful addition that wasn't in the original Devil Survivor (it was thankfully added to the Overclocked remake at least). With this in hand, there's not much point to using the Auction any more. The only real exceptions are if we need something cheap or a skill we don't have normally.

The compendium also does something nice and gives us a minor explanation about the real mythology behind any demon registered in it. Nothing in-depth but a good entry point to help out if you know absolutely nothing about it.

And with that, we're bringing this opening to a close. Now, there are 4 events here and we have enough time to do 2. We can push it to 3 at a stretch, but like always there's a catch.

The fourth event opens up after we do one of these. It also gives us a neat reward... but therein lies the problem. If we do either Io's or Joe's event (or even both), then that fourth event changes slightly, and we miss the reward until a second playthrough. I'm fine with either, but as always:

The decision is yours to make.