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Part 27: Feinne's Notes: Ghost Q

Okay, now let's talk about Versus Q.

So, it goes without saying that you cannot lose Unkillable against Ghost Q, because the only party you could lose is also your only party. It's definitely the most problematic fight so far, though, and is a great fight to illustrate a concept I touched on briefly before, turn locking. Turn locking is something that can occur when one party is being targeted by multiple parties consecutively and is a result of how participating in a skirmish impacts the turn order. Since we're alone against multiple enemies, it's really easy to get in a situation here where the enemies get multiple turns for every one we take. Where this is a problem is that, as noted, Ghost Q has a huge goddamn range and uses it. So, we get skirmishes against him where we aren't allowed to act, which can be a real problem if you weren't able to heal up during the other skirmishes. Your best bet is to take things down to one or two enemy parties besides Q, as Dragonatrix did, which should limit their ability to fuck you over. As noted he's pretty fragile once you start beating on him, so just kick his teeth in quick and be done with it. And GET FORCE DANCE I cannot stress this enough, it's 100% necessary to have any chance in hell against one of the bosses later on and you might as well get it now. The worst part is that after you do all this Ghost Q is garbage (as with pretty much every Fiend in this game honestly) and honestly probably not worth the effort of fusing. There are much better demons in his level range that actually serve a purpose at all.

Dragonatrix noted that you can get skills from data cards in Free Battles, but actually got one thing a bit wrong. There is at least one skill late in the game that actually only comes from the memory cards in a particular Free Battle, there will never be an enemy on any path that will have it set.

Also I strongly approve of using that Level+ on Sarasvati because Megami are the best and more Megami is more good. I might actually have had a Sarasvati with every party for a while on this day, because they're amazing casters and healers who are also pretty sturdy. Though recall I'm a crazy person who always looks for 100% no risk boring as mud strategies.