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Part 29: Feinne's Notes: Airi Banned

Wow, two fights and a new character today, so a lot to talk about.

If you've managed to come into this day at a good level like Dragonatrix, neither of these fights are really threats. The demons here are mostly pretty weak and for right now enemy humans are generally less threatening than demons (this will change, holy shit will it change). As always, just be careful about people going in unsupported. Now, if you're NOT as powerful as Dragonatrix, the map with Airi especially can be pretty exciting. There are a lot of surprisingly mobile enemy parties that tend to not like to do what you want them to. Even still, I'd strongly suggest doing exactly the same thing and using a Waira to get up in that Anti-Force party's face to snatch that up. Anti- skills are crazy worthwhile, after all. Pick your most robust party and run everyone else as close as possible to try and give the enemy more targets. As long as the human character survives you're fine, and since this is early in the map it's not a real problem to reload if shit goes horribly wrong for you. Airi can pretty much handle herself, as noted. Jungo's map has tougher enemies but is in general easier, since Jungo's super competent and the enemy comes in waves. Neither should really give you a problem, if they are that suggests you just aren't where you need to be level wise for this day and that means do some Free Battles. Now for Airi.

Airi Ban: So, Dragonatrix doesn't like Airi much. There's a decent reason for this, because Airi is one of the few characters who will never max out a stat even at level 99. She almost maxes out Magic and Agility, and splits her other level-ups evenly between Strength and Vitality. That said, I actually prefer her to Joe for a few reasons. She gets two resists (Elec and Force) and actually puts some points into Vitality, for one. That said, I wouldn't really use either of them if picking out my favorite party of four so "like a slightly weaker but more robust Joe who is also slightly better at when she levels up what" isn't a terribly ringing endorsement. It doesn't help that the rest of the characters who will join us from Nagoya are goddamn incredible in one way or another. We'll talk about that as we get them.

Also I can tolerate Airi but I also liked Midori so maybe your mileage may vary with regards to things like that.