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Part 33: Feinne's Notes: Jungo Torii and Fumi Kanno

First of all seeing Man of Fury on the event list is enough to make me kind of throw up a little in my mouth, just gotta get that out of the way.

Saving Daichi and Jungo without losing anyone is pretty easy, as Dragonatrix noted. The main difficulty in the whole operation is getting your skill crack sorted out, because that observatory map is really restrictive to your ability to move. Things like Flight and Genma Race Skills that let you move freely through objects are pretty awesome whenever you're on this specific map, and it's also one of the few places you might legitimately use Switch. Sarasvatis are still good enough that you should have one or two to keep Jungo healed, though getting to the other side of him to take the hits is still ideal. Io should of course be given a set of demons that lets her not need support, because she's doing some Tactical Espionage Action and you do really want to actually Rescue Daichi and get those points. Let's move on to the much more interesting discussion, our new characters.

Jungo Torii: Jungo's the best traditional Strength character in the game, no questions asked. He's Strength/Vitality, and he has basically the worst Magic stat in the whole game. Don't expect him to ever do anything useful with anything Magic-based attack wise, it's best to just give him physicals and let him roll. He also doesn't get much Agility, so he won't be doing much to speak of with Multi-Hit/Multistrike. That's okay, because there are attacks pretty much tailor-made for him. If it weren't kind of awkward to give two characters the Pierce effect (it can be done but there are some problems) I'd always use Jungo and Hinako, but since I have to choose Jungo sadly gets sidelined in favor of some colossal bullshit we'll see discuss later on when we've seen the last skill in the combo (we're close). That doesn't mean I don't think Jungo is one of the best characters in the game, though, he's probably third to fourth in my estimation (he and Hinako are extremely close).

Fumi Kanno: Fumi's Magic/Agility, but unlike Joe she levels up properly instead of seemingly at random with no regard for the final result. She's the fastest character to 40 Magic in the party and also unlike Joe she doesn't blow points into Strength that are of minimal value to her. Instead she's actually got a fair amount of Vitality, enough for the sorts of things you want Vitality for. If Fumi is available I always bring Fumi along, because you can have basically as many Magic characters as you want thanks to the wide variety of skills they can use and how relatively easy it is to keep them in MP later on. I reckon Fumi as the second best character in the game, only the Vitality/Magic character is better (again in my estimation, which values a character who can both dish out great damage AND absorb hits like a tank very highly).

As far as characters we've seen so far, I rate things approximately like this: Fumi>Jungo=Hinako>Keita>Io>Makoto>Airi>Joe>Daichi. I bring up Makoto because we've seen her a few times as an ally even though we don't have access to her yet, she's a lot like Io but with some slight differences in how she decides to level up. Obviously when we've seen everyone who can be part of the party I'll post a new, final order (though regardless of which ending path we pick there will be at least one character who can never join us, that's just how the game is structured).

Get ready for next time when I have a ton to say about a map because Man of Fury is where Unkillable actually starts to get to be a challenge.