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Part 35: Feinne's Notes: Man of Fury

Unkillable Lightning Round!

Bad joke out of the way, it's time for shit to get real. Let's start with the first round, against Ronaldo. So, there's no bullshit tricks really to pull here. Ronaldo's just really fucking high level for where you are in the game and if he decides to fuck someone's shit up it's tricky to stop him. Killing the Baphomet ASAP is vital, because the range is a bit part of what will butcher you. You still could end up in the shit of course, because he could spam Mow Down like a cock and wipe a party like it ain't no thing. Keeping yourself carefully positioned to prevent him opening on people you don't want him to is the most important thing, you need to 100% control where he's going to go and who he's going to try and engage. Dragonatrix made this map look a LOT easier than it can be if you don't know what's coming. Once you've managed to down Ronaldo without losing any parties, now you get the second half of the boss double feature to contend with.

So, Phecda's much easier than Ronaldo overall. You just need to stay away from the merged form as best as possible, stay spread out, and wait for him to split. Clear out the chaff demons while you're doing that. So, the physical Phecda is by FAR the biggest threat on the map, because he has a little skill that we haven't seen yet called Assassinate. This skill hits only party leaders and ignores the normally increased defense they get. It's SUPER LETHAL and can easily one shot a weak character. Managing things so that you engage this Phecda with an Anti-Phys character is your best bet, then he can't just randomly fuck you over. You do not want to die here after going through all the bullshit last map, trust me on this. Dark Lightning is really only a threat if Phecda manages to double up on someone with it, and it generally won't use it on a single target so don't worry too much about it.

And yes Tyrants are great. They're not quite as great as they were in original Devil Survivor, because they slightly nerfed the turn speed delay effect. In spite of this, Tyrants are still one of the most useful races and are 100% vital to doing a certain map cleanly.