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Part 43: Feinne's Notes: Otome Yanagiya and the Kitty Warlord

The defeat conditions of the map ensure you will can't lose Unkillable, and it's pretty easy, so there's really not much to talk about there. If you've been keeping up with your demons the only threat is the Assassinates from that one enemy party, and even then the characters you have here are pretty robust. It's possible to time out the map and get the ability to escape it, but then you miss out on killing and unlocking Neko Shogun (not that he's like amazing, but why bother not killing him). Let's talk about our amazing new character.

Otome Yanagiya: Otome is the best party leader who isn't the main character, let's just get that out of the way. As noted she's the Magic/Vitality character. She doesn't level up Agility as much as you probably will on the Main Character, but who the fuck cares when she attacks when she's super hard to kill and can smash faces with trivial ease. If you can be using Otome you should probably use Otome, and realistically the best party is MC/Otome/Fumi/(Jungo or Hinako). You won't always be able to USE the best party because you're sometimes forced into using characters you'd rather not, but if you've got a choice that's the party to bring (If you care about stuff like that, I would sometimes slip people into rotation just because I like them).