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Part 45: Feinne's Notes: Petty Squabbles in Osaka

So, we've seen our first fight where we can alter with our choices who we're fighting. Fighting both sides is clearly the correct choice most of the time, because it gets you all the possible skill cracks. In future runs of the game of course you can do whatever, since you should already have whatever skill. This specific map is pretty easy, since so many of the enemy teams don't even have demons. Nothing on the map is a real risk to take away your Unkillable. Don't worry, the game's just giving you a break before the amazing colossal bullshit that is coming later in the day.

Strengthen is really useful early in the game, because there are a few really nice demons that have a tragic weakness that would normally be very difficult to patch. Later on it becomes pretty pointless, because any demon worth using at that point shouldn't have uncovered weaknesses anymore. I'll discuss strategies for weakness patching once we've seen The Skill that radically changes it.