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Part 46: A Good Person's Reward

A Good Person's Reward

[Music: Exploration]

Well, we've got some time to kill so we'll get this stuff out of the way first. Should give us some time to relax a bit afterwards.

There you are, Hibiki. I'm sorry to have made you seek me out.
What did you want?
Yes, about that...

[Music: Dark Clouds]

That weird guy?
I... don't know if he's weird, but I mean the one who told you about Megrez in Tokyo.
Why did he appear to you...?
I wonder that myself.
I see... So you can't think of any reason why.
Then would you mind telling me a little about him?

I see... Well, then. There's probably no mistake.
Do you know him?
Hmhm... Don't worry about it. You'll find out eventually.
If he's who I think he is, you'll see him again. But don't let your guard down...
His powers are tremendous. If you put your trust in him, he'll lure you in.
Who is he?

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

...To be honest, I have a high opinion of you all.
To think civilians would give rise to people capable of fighting the Septentriones...
Especially you. I've seen how you have a knack for drawing out your friends' strengths.

Is that a compliment?
Haha... Yes, it is. You have my admiration, after all.
I'm interested to see how much you can achieve... Well then.

Yamato leaves...

[Music: Exploration]

We'll need to do this sooner or later, so let's get it out of the way now.

Hm... But then... Hmm...

Is something wrong?
Oh... Well, anyway, I was just thinking...
You know how our summoning app lets us control demons?

[Music: The Enigma Deepens]

Well... we don't know anything about what demons actually are.

Sure. I'll help.
Mm, thank you... You know, the demons first showed up when the calamity started...
So I get the feeling they must have something to do with the cause of it...
Hey, Hibiki... Where do you think demons go when they're not summoned...?
They're somewhere.

It is a mystery.
Yeah... that's the part I can't figure out.
One moment they're not there, and the next they are... How can that happen?
Kinda like the Terminal.
The Terminal? Oh, right... It is a bit similar.
True... The Terminal lets you be in Tokyo one moment, and then Osaka the next.

Good thinking, Io.
Huh...? Oh, no, you're the one who brought it up. Thanks...

[Music: Exploration]

Wait, but then... how does the Terminal work...?
Why not ask around?
Hm? Oh, right... I could just ask someone in JP's.

Yes, I'm sure Fumi would know... I'll try asking her next time I see her.
I'll help.
Ah, thanks! I'm sure we can figure this out if we look into it...
Let's give it a try!

You say your farewells to Io and leave the area...

Now we can relax for a little bit. We COULD go ask Fumi about the Terminal right now if we wanted to, but we'll chill on the heavy thinking stuff for the time being.

Instead let's go talk to, uh, this guy.

[Music: The Anguished One]

...Ah, it's you. We meet again, Shining One.
Oh, it's you.
Yes, it is me. I wanted to see you.

That's right.
A noble cause... Listen. You mustn't let yourself succumb to something like this.
Megrez seems to have sensed your response and has begun rising to the surface.
Its arrival is a serious threat to you... but also a great chance at victory.
Help us.
Hm? Me... help you?

The tragedy that befell you was sudden. Even I was upset that it happened...
That is why I followed my own path and gave you the power to fight.
The summoning app?
Indeed... I created Nicaea to grant a chance at awareness of your fated deaths...

But then... the possibilities they awakened within you far exceeded my expectations.
I hadn't expected that the power I gave you would allow you to defeat even them...
The Septent-whatsits?
The Septentriones, yes. That is correct.

Should've thought of that.
Haha... True. This must be natural for you all.
But that very sentiment proves that you come from a position of freedom.
I, though... I know that the Septentriones are but tools of a greater will.
There's something worse?

The man disappears. Who or what could he be...?

[Music: Exploration]

That was weird, but let's go with something probably not weird. Jungo's cool. Cats are cool. Let's combine the two.

...Wait, not like th-

...Hibiki, come here.

Jungo runs off. After some distance, he stops and turns back to look at you...

Hm... Over here.

You chase after Jungo...

[Music: Silence]

You catch up with Jungo...

...Hibiki, look.

[Music: In The Devastated Town]

This kitty isn't moving. What should I do...?
Call Otome.

Jungo calls Otome. You can hear her voice over Jungo's phone...

Otome, there's a cat...

Jungo stumbles through an explanation of what happened...

...Okay, I get it. Jungo, can you bring the cat back to headquarters?

Yes, I can.
Okay. I can't leave HQ right now, so I'm counting on you.

I'm going to headquarters. Thanks, Hibiki.

Jungo runs off, holding the cat as softly as he can...

[Music: Exploration]

Okay, uh, Jungo's thing got potentially depressing all of a sudden so let's just go see... Hinako...?

Yeah, Hinako.


Oh, it's you, Hibiki. Were you watching me?
Haha... Thanks! I find it easier to practice in front of an audience.
I was belly dancing just now. I've been studying it lately.
I'm also doing hip-hop, tap, and salsa... A lot of things.
Do you do the guacamole?

I started with traditional Japanese dance. My parents are Kujou masters.
But I've been studying types of dance from all over the world, not just Japan.
Dancing helps take my mind off other things...

Airi walks over...

What do you mean, Ai? I can dance if I want to! Hey, want me to teach you?
Ehh... No thanks. I'm not interested.
Huh!? Why not!?

"Shaking my butt"!? There's a lot more to it than that! Look, I'll show you!
I said I'm not interested. There's no meaning in dance, anyway. Right, Hibiki?
Y-You little creep! Hey, Hibiki!
Dance has meaning, right?
It's no reason for nudity.

A fashion statement!? I thought it was a stage costume...
You two don't understand! Dance can be super useful! Like...

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

...... Exercise! Yeah! It helps you stay in shape!

Sh-Shut up! If you get fat, I'm not gonna lift a finger to help you!
Hey...! I won't get fat. Your'e the one who needs to watch out, Hinako.
I have a fast metabolism. From the looks of you, you might be more susceptible...
I-I'm not gonna get fat! Never!

You decide to walk away and leave them to their argument...

[Music: Exploration]

As nice as this invariably is going to be, it's not that useful in the here and now.

We don't really have to go to this right now but it makes the most sense to. If we don't, we're railroaded into doing it next anyway and pushing it back even once is a Bad Idea.

Hey, give me some! I'm about to starve to death!
O-Over here, too! I haven't eaten for days...!
P-Please, no pushing! Don't worry, there's enough to go around...!
Umm... We can only give one per person... I'm sorry!
Looks like fun.

Ooh, Hibiki! Perfect timing! Can you help me get these people to form a line?
Thanks, it's a huge help. This is going worse than we thought. It's too much for just us two.
Um... A lot of people don't have anything to eat.
That's what I suggested sharing a little of the JP's food...
Is that okay?

What're we going to do...? I didn't think it would get so out of hand...

[Music: Countdown]

Hold up... Something's going on over there...

Wh-What should we do? Those people have summoning apps! The food-- Aaah!

The people who had crowded around start to panic...

Ha! We got the food now! Heeheehee!

The mob that stole the food runs off...

No...! Those bastards!
Wh-What do we do, Hibiki!? They took off with the food...
Hurry and catch them!

Io runs off...

Whoa... W-Wait a sec, Io! I'm coming too...!
Dammit... I thought passing out supplies would be something to do INSTEAD of fighting!

Daichi runs after Io...

Hahaha, you nitwits!

Hey, guys! Keep those bastards from getting close!

That'll give us time to escape! If we get that far...
You got it! Okay, kids, you'd better go home right now...
Oh, crap... What're we gonna do!? We'd better give up right now...
...No, we can't. We definitely can't. We have to catch them...!

You're bold, little girl. I'm gonna have to play rough!

Don't let them escape!

[Music: Confrontation]

The only real "bad" part about this is having to field Daichi. The only real downside to having to field Daichi is that it does mean that we can only pick one from Jungo and Hinako and since Daichi is kind of Hinako-lite that means Jungo gets to join in. Also Daichi's still only at Fate level 1.

Well, really, it scarcely matters who we bring anyway. Daichi and Io could destroy every enemy unit here even without backup if need be.

+Stone and Grimoire + are givens. Grimoire + is an auto-skill that makes it so any ailments are more likely to connect. It doesn't stack with regular Grimoire but it does boost the chance even higher.

+Stone like all +Ailment passives lets it so every physical hit has a chance of inflicting petrification.

That "every physical hit" thing is much more useful in this case. Much like when stacking the Aid passives, this becomes insanely good when used in conjuction with Multi-Hit. Of course, Tailwind means you can potentially deal more hits which leads to a question of whether Grimoire+ or Tailwind is better to use. I prefer Grimoire+ in the long-term but at some points Tailwind is better for giving an extra hit. Once your agility gets high enough, it doesn't help with that any more.

Weaken and Battle Aura are also Auto-skills... but I chose to not take Battle Aura this time in a shocking twist. Weaken reduces the enemy team's defence by 25% which is pretty useful.

Battle Aura, meanwhile, is situational at best and in situations where it works its unnecessary. It automatically nullifies all attacks... that deal sub-50 damage. Y'know, damage so weak it barely even registers. Oh and it costs 10 MP regardless of whether or not you use its pointless effect. I really, really don't like Battle Aura so I'm skipping it for now. I'd much rather have Jungo counter more dudes more often.

Oh, and there's actually two starting points a bit higher up. You'd probably miss them, because it doesn't seem like they'd exist huh? Well, if you put anyone on the bottom two squares they'd basically be out of the fight then and there. The top two mean they can at least try and help out. Emphasis on the "try."

Io and Daichi have to start in the middle anyway. Io's hitting this guy because he's the only one on the map that has a Basilisk. He also just happens to be where +Stone and Grimore + are coming from.

...Y'know, the King is a bit behind in levels at this point. He is not, however, behind in usefulness.

Even discounting how unbelievably good Tyranny is, his damage output is still up there which is nice.

Kumbhanda yet again opted to not Assassinate, so have yet to see how good that could be. Oh and Kumbhandas are weak to Electric attacks. Io has Elec Dance.

Thor has Mazio for all the nothing that really matters.

Baldy here tried to pick a fight with Io. A bad idea the best of times, but I have to actively let him live (he has Retaliate) which is easier said than done.

Battle Aura "helps" with that. This couldn't have killed him because he resists Ice and I opted to use Mabufu to take out the Mezuki without really hurting him anyway.

So, uh, even though it really helps you not accidentally cherry tap something you didn't want dead, it wouldn't help at all if this was something actually not thrown at a resistance. On purpose, no less.

Daichi meanwhile is dealing with these guys down here. One of them has Weaken which Daichi's after in the first place.

Beyond that, he's not really interesting enough to care about though!

The other guy up by Io actually did a smart thing for once. Mostly. He used a Brutal Hit on the King, but he was already fully heealed. Might've actually killed him otherwise, but it didn't so oh well! At least this guy gets points for trying for once.

Might as well name this aresaid.png honestly. Thor's gonna be doing this a lot from now on. It's pretty nuts!

Oh and speaking of "nuts," this guy clearly is because he picked a fight with Daichi.

Pendragon might not be a critmachine, but his damage output isn't to be sneezed at either. He can keep up with the other heavy hitters juuuust fine.

Now may I remind you, there are only 2 NPCs left at this point and neither Jungo nor Hibiki have fought yet. If Io didn't have to intentionally leave one alive, there'd just be one guy trying very hard to run away.

Jungo and Hibiki are completely superfluous here. They're "helping" but in the most token sense.

...Granted, it's worth it for stuff like this. Jungo's Brutal Hits are REALLY good. And now imagine if this had been a critical.

Battle Aura don't mean shit when you can do stuff like this without ever having a chance to miss. Oh, and no, this can never not happen. Marksman costs no MP whatsoever.

And so he can do
something, Hibki's taking out the last guy.

Not like it's really necessary for a fight like this one though. Hardly worth even caring about.

Plus side, however, is Pyro Jack hit level 32. Magical things happen once Pyro Jack hits level 32.

Advanced Race Skills can be gained by levelling up. High-level demons may have them. The advanced Race Skills will be stronger and have new effects.

Yeah, so, a new mechanic now is that one demon per race can have their racial skill change at set levels. Every demon ranked above that one will already have the advanced race skill by default. Every demon below it will never get the advanced race skill.

Advanced race skills are pretty good, but they aren't necessarily enough to salvage some really bad ones. Pyro Jack's Glamour hs now changed into Fairy Dust which is, uh, okay I guess. It's basically the same as before but instead of having to choose targets it now affects every party within range.

We could've actually seen some advanced race skills already but everything that's had it before now has died waaaaay before it could be used.

[Music: Exploration]

You did well.
Mmm-hmm. So did you. It was thanks to you that we got the food back...
Man... We managed to pull through, but I never expected that of fellow humans...
That's how things are.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Yeah... But it does seem like there's nothing we can do about it, given what's happened.

I don't think passing out food will solve anything. Things like this will keep happening.
Uh... Well, anyway! We did manage to teach them a lesson, so at least there's that!
We got really lucky with Hibiki showing up.
Yeah. Thank you so much, Hibiki.
Oh crap... I need to go back and get that truck! W-Well, gotta go!
Oh... right. See you later, Hibiki...

You say your farewells to Daichi and Io and leave...

[Music: Exploration]

Hm...? What's the matter, Ai? You seem out of it.
Oh... I-It's nothing.
*sigh* It's just... things are so awful right now. In Tokyo and Osaka, too...
Mm... Yeah, you're right. Food is getting scarce and nowhere seems safe.
And resentment towards JP's, or whatever, is mounting...
I don't like this... I know it can't be helped, but...

[Music: Silence]

Oh no... Don't tell me...!

I guess it's that time of day...

[Video: Yuzuru Akie]

[Music: Countdown]

[Video: End]

I think Nicaea's finally bugging out. At this point, I find it hard to believe that Joe would get taken down by a Pyro Jack. Or that Ronaldo could kill, uh, anything with a spell, least of all a new demon we haven't seen it.

[Music: Crumbling Routine]

Joe's going to die.
N-Now it's Joe's turn...!? What should we do!?

Daichi and Io rush over...

D-Did you see the death clip just now...!? Where's Joe!?
Let's call him up.
Oh... R-Right! Here goes...

The number you have dialled could not be reached.

I wonder what's wrong... At this rate, Joe's going to...!
Ronaldo was there too.
Oh, yeah... Sure enough. Then wait a moment... The place in that clip was...

Really, Ai!? You're sure it's Centering Park!?
I-I'm as sure as I can be! That's where Joe's gonna die...
...Okay. Let's hurry and get over there. We gotta find Joe...!

Unlike before, we have very little leeway with rescuing Joe. Like, there's enough time for one - and exactly one - extra event before Joe will die.

The question, then, is who's the lucky person?

The other, much more important, question is...

Does Joe live or die?