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Part 47: Yuzuru Akie ~ Salvação

Yuzuru Akie ~ Salvação

[Music: Exploration]

We'll go visit our weird new buddy first, just to get it out of the way.

Which, uh, is actually a bad idea. Should really do Joe Lost first but it doesn't matter
that much in the end. Just miss out on one small optional scene. No biggy.

[Music: Requiem]

I can't take this anymore... How much longer will this go on?
I don't know... And there's nothing we can do...

You're right... There really isn't anything we can do...!

You recognize a man who is watching the people...

[Music: The Anguished One]

Just like the stars, no matter how far away they are, they still obey the rules.
Don't you agree, Shining One?
What're you talking about?

Once, humans were ignorant and weak beings, that merely kept themselves alive...

And now... humans are free to live any way they choose. What a rare gift.
But it's ironic... That free spirit also gave birth to twistedness in their hearts.
Don't you remember how chaotic the world you once lived in was?
Tell me, human. I want to know...
Do you really want those diseased days to return?
I see... Then why don't you think of it this way?

Receiving the bounty of earth with no cares, only existing to pass on seed...
How would that be?
No way.

...Just what has freedom done for man...?

The man vanishes, leaving only his mysterious words behind...

[Music: Exploration]

Of course Nicaeaman has Fate levels. He's clearly special, has a unique everything, has already been shown to use demons and even has his own theme music.

What isn't immediately apparent is just how insanely good his Fate level 1 resistances are going to be:

Airi was the first to get multiple resistances at level 1. Anguished One takes that further and gets two resistances and an outright immunity. Because he is just that good.

But we'll possibly see that in practice later. For now, we have a Joe to go and retrieve from the lost and found.

Joe's not here... Looks like he hasn't been here yet.
Dammit... Where the hell is he? We still can't get through to his phone, either...
Mm. He's probably okay. Let's keep looking.

He usually shows up at the weirdest moments, but now that we're looking for him...

[Music: Countdown]

Hey...! That voice... Could it be...!?
Yeah... Let's go check it out!

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

Hmph! A slap's nothing next to what I went through! I nearly died!
"I'll protect you with my life!" you said, but what do you actually do!? Turn and run!
N-No... You got it all wrong! I can't kill demons, right? So I was going for help...

You even turned around to nod an apology while you ran!
C-Come on, it wasn't like that... I was just trying to tell you I'd be back and...
What...!? You expect me to believe that? I don't want to hear any more excuses!

It wasn't Joe... What should we do, Hibiki?
Leave them be.
Actually... I think we should intervene. I don't really care, but it is dangerous here...

Enough of your lies! I'll never forgive you for this!
Um... Sorry to bother you. I can see you're in the middle of something...
Shut up! What do you want!?
Yikes...! No use shooting the messenger, lady...
Er, I mean... If you're going to fight, you might wanna take it someplace else.
What...? Butt out, kid!
Isn't this a public park!? We can do what we want!
S-Sure... but it probably won't be long before demons show up here...
Demons...!? A-Are you serious!?
No way I'm getting involved! I barely got away from them the last time...!

Hey... He ran off again! Get back here!
What's with you!? You should be more like the guy in the flat cap who helped me escape!

[Music: Silence]

The woman goes after the man, her expression fierce...

[Music: Exploration]

Mm. Don't worry. My boss says the more a couple fights, the closer they are.

Oh...! Yeah... maybe so!
Then we should be able to find him if we look around here some more...
Mmm-hmm! Let's keep at it, everyone!

You all decide to split up and search for Joe...

We don't really have to do this event yet, and that's why this is where I should've taken a minor detour to hang out with The Anguished One. Ah well, live and learn I suppose. 17:00 is the absolute last chance to save Joe though.

So, yeah, not really any leeway here!


Survives 92% (128)
Dies 8% (11)

Good thing too, since that means we can get this done right now.

[Music: Countdown]

Oh! You there, turn back! Th-There's demons that way!
Just demons?
Um... W-Wait! There were a few people who didn't get away, but we can't go back for them!

The man runs off as fast as he can...


Oh, this might explain why Joe's slated to die here actually. He is risking his own life to save other people, and those sorts of escort missions are seldom fun.

W-Wait... I can't go any further...

N-No...! Get away!

Dammit... This is unbelievable...
This is bad... If it keeps up, everyone's going to--

Ugh, this is horrible. Maybe there's no point...
Huh!? Oh, Hibiki! Great timing!

...And that explains why Joe's just stood there not doing anything. It's not cutscene stupidity; he outright can't help even if he wants to (and he clearly does).

Everyone, get to safety immediately! I'll protect you!

Oh! Clicky! Uh... What should I do?
Hibiki's over there, and Ronaldo's over there...
Get over here!
Oh... huh? Okay. I'll do that!

The dialogue option for where Joe should head makes a very minor difference to the difficulty here. Sending Joe and the other civilians our way puts the escape panels over by our starting point.

[Music: Challenge to the Fate]

This makes it marginally easier since most of the demons will then funnel to our location instead of away from us. It doesn't make a real difference or anything. It just saves some time.

Loa's the only new demon here in the sense that we're fighting it before using it. Power Charge and Preserve Extra are the only cracks available; since Jungo, Io and Hinako are all at Fate level 2 or higher, this setup makes it so that regardless of who kills either the Loa or the Orthrus we get the skill.

You can get some bonus Fate points with Ronaldo if he survives through the fight. He's mostly capable of looking after himself, but if the fight takes too long he will get taken out.

The civilians can't fight back against the demons, but they're not in any real danger either. They can take a few hits, but they really shouldn't just in case.

There's exactly one demon up by Ronaldo and it makes me question the one change he has made to his lineup. He removed his not-terrible Baphomet and replaced it with a weaker Pendragon. I have no idea why.

Like Joe said, he can't use his phone here so he's functionally identical to a regular civilian. Not a problem, just something to remember; he won't be helping us out here.

Whoa ho ho ho! I knew I could count on you guys! Be careful!

Hibiki could've taken out this Pyro Jack before, but that wouldn't be very fun.

Best let Jungo massacre it instead.

Loa's kind of gotten a hell of a lot worse since its Devil Survivor 1 version.

There it wasn't threatening per se, but it could throw around a ton of ailments.

Here it tries to pretend to be menacing but has no attacks and dies if you so much as look at it.

That Add-On is vaguely relevant to this, I guess. Unfortunately it's the seventh one we'd be in possession of, so I have to ditch one of them; I opted to get rid of Vi+2.

Out of all the add-ons there are, I never use Vitality ones. I dunno why; I just don't. I know on some level they'd be good to use to fix any major problems with, like, demons that have the durability of tissue. I just never remember to use them.

Man, I wish I could fight, too... Sorry I can't help. I'm counting on you!

Now that we're actually putting demons out of commission, a couple more spawn in at the top. It's only this Pyro Jack right behind Ronaldo and a Wendigo directly above our starting point though. Nothing actually dangerous.

Hinako has Tailwind right now. It lets her be double-useful; +Stone and Grimoire make it likely that she automurders anything that isn't outright immune to Curse. The number of hits combine to make her raw damage up there with everyone else, so even if Stone doesn't proc then she can still probably murder them anyway.

It's not quite as visually pleasing as a single big number would be, but it's still damn nice. A bunch of numbers that add up to that one big number has almost the same effect.

It just looks less impressive because you see her do 50 damage a hit compared to someone like Jungo dealing that 250 in a single blow. But it's the same result anyway, so it doesn't really matter too much.

Oh, and in case you were wondering when Wednesday was going to stop being a complete cakewalk it still isn't happening. Joe's death clip fight is super easy.

Getting Ronaldo's bonus Fate points is the hardest part of this whole thing by far. It's still not actually difficult though.

And by this point, there's only the Pyro Jack and Wendigo "reinforcements" left alive. The civilians can just leave whenever they have the chance.

The Wendigo party suffers from the same "everything weak to Fire" problem the Loa one had. Sadly it's at this point that King Frost's low default level is showing its problems. He can still deal a respectable amount of damage but he can't take hits so good any more.

I'd say King Frost had a good run, really. This is his swan song, but he's been around for a good long while as is. Hopefully we'll fuse him into something nice.

...I still do not know why this Pyro Jack decided to warp to fight Hibiki here. Ronaldo's down to just himself. He has 80 HP left; the Jack and Tlalocs could take him out here and now.

So instead they warp to Hibiki, who's only fought the Loa thus far and is in good shape. And further away too. I'm not complaining; just confused.

Helped Suparna out though. Avian's second race skill, Winged Flight, is actually pretty nice though it does render Devil Speed basically worthless for whoever you give it to. Instead of just a +1 to movement, it's a +2 boost.

Really, the only thing that stops that being super good is that even after this point Avian demons aren't that great. It also doesn't stack so you can't get to +8 by giving someone two Avians.

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

What about your demons?
Ahaha... Actually, I noticed later that my phone's battery had died...
Th-The battery died...!? You really are dumb, huh!?
Hahaha... Yeah, I was in a real fix there. You know how I'm a city boy?
When I got here, I ran into some folks who were being chased by demons.

Hm...? Ooohhh, Clicky. I gotta thank you too. It's 'cause of you that I'm A-OK.
Cli... Anyway. Don't rush in so recklessly. If we hadn't been around, you'd have died.
Ooh, you like it? Ahaha... Don't worry, I think I can be more careful from now own!
I... I guess you'll be okay?
Hahaha. Sure, yeah, I'll find a way through!

You think so?
...I won't force the issue. Well, time I was going.

Ronaldo leaves...

He really is a nice guy. Yep...
...So, Hibiki. What brings you guys here?

Whoa... Yikes. Did I really die in that thing? Man...
Then again... You know, I felt a little like my number was up until I saw you.
So that was it. Thanks a ton, man. I really appreciate it.

Oh, for the love of...! Does he really understand that he almost died?
Hmm... Who can say? He's a strange cookie.

Oh yeah... Do we have to do something about that thing? I guess we do, huh...

You say your farewells to everyone and leave...

[Music: Exploration]

For once, someone other than Jungo hits the next highest Fate level first. Much like with Fate 2, the level 4 bonus is the same for everyone and something to help with combat.

Unlike Joint Skill Cracking, I think this one is completely and utterly worthless.

SDTP, also known as "Summoned Demon Transfer Protocol," lets you send demons to others. Ths allows you to send demons to teams that are in danger.

SDTP is not as nice as it sounds. Instead of summoning a demon from the stock, or healing or anything like that you can have your party leader send one of their two demons to Hibiki. He can send one to anyone who has Fate level 4, but two people with Fate 4 cannot send demons to/from one another.

This is not worth using, ever. Having a demon return to stock and then have whoever you want to pull it from there achieves the same thing but doesn't leave one person significantly gimped. It also doesn't mean having Joe send a demon to Io requires Hibiki to waste his time acting as an intermediary.

I'm sure someone will say I'm wrong because of reasons, but whatever. I've tried using SDTP a couple of times and not once has it been worth the hassle.

On a less bitter note, this time Hibiki DID level up so let's fuse some new things.

We'll start off by fusing Kikuri-Hime and Leanan Sidhe to make a Lailah. She's pretty okay; no weaknesses, can eventually revive dudes, deals pretty sweet magic damage, is a Divine despite her appearance... hard to complain really.

You knew it was coming. Thor + King Frost made this guy; I'm mildly annoyed I couldn't do anything about that Physical weakness, but pairing him with Suparna at this point does mean that whoever has the two of them will move further than they would normally AND can snipe at dudes from a safe distance.

I get the feeling that the weakness is going to be a mild inconvenience.

This is a Joe filled update, so let's combine a Kikiru-Hime and Lailah (I bought a second one from the compendium of course) to get Joe's first Fate demon in on the action. Kamapua'a isn't that stellar being a Unique Avatar and all, and his stats aren't all that well equipped for whatever he's going to do.

That said, his only weakness by default is Fire and I do believe he's the earliest source for Diarahan. That alone makes it worth using one for a little while; full HP recovery for a relatively small amount of MP? Don't mind if I do.

We have some time to kill now, so before we do anything else let's go do this event. No reason, I just got a good feeling about it.

[Music: Requiem]

Damn... How did this happen...?
Open your eyes... Come on... Please...
It's no use. He can't hear you anymore...
No...! This has to be a bad dream... It has to be!

...Hm? Ah, it's you.
...This tragedy hurts both the dead and the survivors. The whole city is like this.
I thought my job would have conditioned me against seeing dead bodies...
But this situation isn't like that at all.
Are you a yakuza?

[Music: Silence]

Haha, do I look like one? You're very observant, kid.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Ironic. It's been so long since I've been out in the world, but it's much worse.
I hope me reunion with my daughter isn't like theirs...
You'll be fine.

Don't you give up either, kid. Life is like soccer.
You've gotta run when you're in trouble.

The mysterious man pats you on the back and walks away...

Now that we've got that out of the way we... still have some time before we can deal with Megrez.

Um, okay. We have enough time for 3 events before we can even try to worry about anything else. I think we should ask Fumi about the Terminal sooner rather than later though, so we'll do that.

So what about the other 2?