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Part 47: Feinne's Notes: Hinako's Second Form

As Dragonatrix noted the opposition here is generally pretty weak and not a huge threat. That Basilisk/Kumbhanda party is the only real threat, since it can both petrify and Assassinate. Petrify doesn't itself count as a death, but since it makes any force skill instantly kill you and any physical have a chance of the same it's still a pretty big problem if a human gets stoned. I'd suggest having Constrict from a snake or a movement increasing power available to stop that guy who runs away, Bind or Ghost Wounds can also work well. I will disagree with Dragonatrix on Battle Aura a bit, while it's not incredibly useful it's not useless to negate weak hits because that will give you Extra Turns for nullifying attacks and take away enemy Extra Turns. Though at the same time I agree that the picks were pretty good.

Now that we've got +Stone, we've got one of The Combos (though not in its final form). You use a Multi-skill (either Multi-hit or Multi-strike, the group version), +Stone, and Grimoire or Grimoire+. Then anything we touch with one of those attacks that can be petrified will almost certainly die to being stoned and then shattered. If you pair with a demon with Force, you can 100% guarantee the deaths of the enemy. So yeah, if you're wondering why I think so highly of Hinako it's because she's KUNG FU DANCING MEDUSA.

Fairy Dust is an interesting Race Skill, mostly because it's the only way to heal more than one party at once. I wouldn't say it's strong enough to be worth bringing in its own sake, but most Fairies are actually really good. Indeed, one of my favorite demons in the whole game is a Fairy. And since I always keep my group as together as possible, I do definitely get some use out of Dust.