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Part 48: Feinne's Notes: Saving Joe and the SDTP

As Dragonatrix noted, this is not a particular threat to an Unkillable run (though if you're particularly underleveled everything sort of is, so make sure you're keeping up with things). None of the enemy demons are a particular threat, so just keep things together and make sure parties can support each other. You can heal Ronaldo with spells and Race Skills, so if you're wanting to keep him up as well just get someone over to his side with things like Flight.

So, we see why Suparna is actually pretty amazing here as well. Winged Flight is super strong and almost worth bringing Avians a lot of the time. It's also pretty much mandatory for fighting Megrez and not having it be a clusterfuck, as we'll see when we get to that funderful fellow soon. Avians do still mostly suck sadly, but that brings me to the last topic for the day.

So, SDTP does have some uses, they're just really picky and require some set-up generally. SDTP can be useful for transiting around demons you've only got one of but have use for in multiple parties, such as mobility enhancers. You need to be smart about where you start them and how you're moving them since they always have to go through the main character, and you also need to be smart about where you leave parties and the very real risk of people ending up with only one demon for a while. I actually seem to recall I used SDTP on one of the NG+ only maps to do just this, because I was pretty much just soloing it with the MC anyway and had a party back away enough to not have to worry much about temporarily having one demon in it. Still nowhere near as useful as joint cracking though.