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Part 51: Feinne's Notes: Megrez T-O-N ~ Delta Battle

Let's talk about Megrez!

So Dragonatrix gave an amazing summary of why Megrez is a pain in the ass, you're up against a bunch of really irritating chaff that you may or may not even be able to stop from respawning on you while dealing with a boss that moves around and Megrez buds falling from the sky. Even worse, you're on a time limit of some kind (it's pretty generous and shouldn't be a real problem but it's definitely there). I pretty much agree with this strategy, keep the party back to deal with the demons/miasmas/buds while the main character focuses on Megrez. One thing you can do to speed things up is get a good magic party like Otome, Io, or Fumi up to the third place Megrez will go to once things are in control and have them ready to just pop his ass as soon as he moves, which should leave you able to just run the MC in and finish the map. As far as adds, your priority should be Megrez Bud>Miasma>Demon Party. Diastrophism is incredibly threatening and you never want to let one of the Buds live long enough to cast it. Never be shy about using Flight/Phantasm to bypass a demon and clear a miasma if you get the chance, Suparna's actually pretty good so for once you're not hamstringing yourself by having an Avian. The fight is really long and drawn out, and has lots of moving parts. Still, there aren't a lot of things on it that are really threatening if you handle them properly.

Let's talk about the two characters who 'could' join us for just this fight since they are totally real characters who could actually for reals join us in the future.

Yamato Hotsuin: Yamato is a Str/Mag character. He's also one of the most fragile characters in the game in terms of raw stats. He doesn't ever put much into Vitality and he has one of the smallest health pools in the game (though I'm pretty sure he gets some secret bonus health over what anyone else with his stats would have). It's sort of deceptive, because he is resistant to physical attacks thanks to Fate level 1 and also has a secret hidden resistance to Almighty. Still, he's not particularly different from Io or Makoto and not really that impressive in the end.

Ronaldo Kuriki: Ronaldo is a Str/Vit character. He is a lot like Jungo, but instead of having the worst Magic in the game, he has the worst Agility. Expect Ronaldo to always go last, basically. He's good but I'm not sure I'd use him over the other physical characters. He might get a bit more health than normal for his level and stats I think, but not so much that it's really noticeable. That's really... someone else's gimmick. I'll talk about that later when we get to the point where it could come up.

Also I'm really glad now I didn't ever watch the anime because even though I don't really like Ronaldo the plot really does need him later on.