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Part 52: Real Changes

Real Changes

Before we go see Clicky, we've got a lot of fusing to do. Let's get to it!

We'll start off by combining a Flauros with Kamapua'a to make a pretty good Touki demon. Aggravate, Assassinate and +Stone are all on Ikusa by default. That's pretty nuts since not only does it enable guaranteed crit, but it can pretty safely oneshot enemy leaders without worry or at the least probably petrify them.

Even if the leader doesn't die, if it gets petrified that unit can no longer move or initiate combats. Functionally, it doesn't even get turns until its cured. They still "happen," but are immediately skipped instead.

So we have to counterbalance the good with the bad. Arahabaki is what we got for Jungo's Fate 3 reward and... she's really not worth it. On the one hand, her stats seem pretty good, she learns Bufudyne in a couple levels and has Awakening too.

...On the other hand, there's only 2 free passive skills and 4 weaknesses. Arahabaki effectively single-handedly justifies the use of Strengthen for that reason alone. We can better mitigate these kind of things further down the road but right now it's a colossal pain.

Barbatos is a pretty cool Fallen demon. If his strength was boosted instead of his magic, he'd have a deadly combo in Mighty Hit + Crit Up since that's permanently guaranteed crits combined with a passive that makes crits deal even more damage.

Instead, he has a usual Force Dance + Force Boost combo. Oddly, though, he has Force Boost by default but nothing to use it with.

Ikusa + Wendigo made this particular Afanc. Anti-Fire's to patch his Fire weakness. Not much special there. Might pair it with Baphomet or something to enable a larger attack area.

And now for the big main event of level 33...

Baphomet + Apis made this wonderous Moloch. Our newest Tyrant who can be self-sufficient in two ways, dance all night and resist flimsy punches. Moloch is sticking around for quite a while as you might expect.

Oh and even though I'm showing this guy last I made it first so I could combine it with a Baphomet for the Arahabaki, and a Kamapua'a for Barbatos.

[Music: Exploration]

Now that we have our new demon lineup ready for Thursday, let's go see what Clicky wanted to show us.[/i]

We're all clear.
Well... you remember when we attacked the JP's branch?
You were weak.

I got as many files as I could off their computer... so I could expose their conspiracy.
I didn't get much, due to the security and time constraints. But I found this.

[Video: Wednesday's Changes]

[Music: Dark Clouds]


Call me Captain Obvious here, but that's pretty blatantly not-good. You'd think this should be something we'd have been told about by now.

[Video: End]

What is this?

Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya... We know those three cities are safe.
But don't you think it's odd...?
...See, that's what I'm getting at.

But apart from those first three cities... there's been no mention of the others since.

And this is why?
I don't know... We have no way of finding out what that black, scarlike thing in the photo is.

Is there a way to check?
Hmm... It would be great if we could go directly to places like Fukuoka or Sapporo, but...
Given the situation, it won't be easy.
What about the Terminals?
The Terminals... Wait a second. There is a way!

If the Terminals let them travel between branches like Tokyo and Nagoya...
There must be a Terminal in their Fukuoka branch too! Good thinking, Hibiki!
How do we get there?
Hrm... You're right. JP's uses special codes to control the Terminal destinations.

Unfortunately not...
I see. Hm... That's a problem.
Would someone have them?
Most likely... JP's controls the Terminals, after all.

On the other hand... someone who knows a lot about JP's equipment might have them.
I'll look for them.
Thanks. I'll give you this, if it helps...

I'll also try to dig up whatever information I can. Well then...

You say your farewells to Ronaldo and leave...

[Music: Exploration]

Well that was a spontaneous new plot point from the least likely source.

So let's not capitalise on it at all and go talk with Io about something to finish up that little event line for the time being.

Wake up.
Oh, Hibiki... S-Sorry...
I was, uh, just trying to sort out what Fumi told us about the Terminal...
Let me help you.
Huh? Oh, wow... Thanks...!

The reason the Terminal can transport people is that we're just information too, right?
Mm... so what about demons?

[Music: The Enigma Deepns]

Them too, I'd think.
Oh... good, that's what I thought too.
I mean, demons appear out of thin air, right?

Ah... whew. I'm glad to hear you agree...
But if that's true... where would the demons' information come from?
Good question.
Yeah, because when the Terminal sends people, there's a place they come from...

That may be.
Yeah... We can't say for sure, because there's no way to confirm it...
But the demon's location, the cause of the calamity, and the Septentriones...

Io seems lost in thought...

[Music: Exploration]

Oh, sorry... Um, I'll try thinking about it some more.
We still don't know much, but I think we've made some progress... Thanks, Hibiki.

You say your farewells to Io and leave the area...

Now we can really begin to unwind a bit. We'll start by checking in on the kitty that Jungo found I guess.

Isn't it great how he's getting better so fast?
Mhm... It's all thanks to you and Hibiki. Thank you.
Oh, it's not a problem. I'm a doctor. Saving lives is what I do.

Hehe... He seems to like you. I'm jealous.
Oh, yeah. Jungo, we should give him a name while we're taking care of him.
A name?

...All right. I will think of a name...

Jungo cogitates deeply...

Got anything?
What is it? "Cookie"? "Buttons"? "Mac"?



[Music: A Moment of Rest]

It's the easiest name I can remember. I will name him Jungo.
...Maybe, but that's gonna get really confusing...
Is that a bad name...?
Uh... No... But...
Then you pick a name, Hibiki.

...C'mon, there's only really one option here.

You too, Hibiki? Maybe I'm getting too old for this new kind of humor...
Jungo... From now on, you're Jungo.

I hope you get better really fast, little Jungo...
...? I'm fine.
No, the cat... See? I said it'd be confusing!

[Music: Silence]

Otome, is Jungo going to survive?

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

...What about after that?
Even if he gets better... Can he survive out in this world?
Oh... That's...

Jungo gently pets Jungo...

[Music: Exploration]

I'm sure Jungo'll be fine.

Next up, let's go see what Fumi is doing to Jungo.

Oh, Hibiki, what's up? Actually, don't answer that, I'm busy.
Mmph. There. Now it's ready...
Oh, Hibiki, what's up? Didn't I just ask you that?

This is Jungo, my guinea pig. I chose him because he's healthy and sturdy.
Hm... I will do my best.


Jungo begins punching buttons on his phone...

Is it on? All right, I'm activating the test.

Fumi's machine is getting louder and louder...


Hmm. So the ratio changes at this point... Then...

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

I see. No irregularities here.

Good job, Jungo. Now, can we go through this one more time?

Jungo fiddles with his phone again...

Hmm... I see. So, that's what that means. Then...

You leave before things get too dangerous...

[Music: Exploration]

Poor Jungo; it's a good thing he has all that HP to tank this machine in the name of social links Fate events science.

Ah well, next up on our agenda is hanging out with Io for something other than "where do demons even come from?" for a change.

It's closed here, too... I wonder if everyone's been evacuated...
Looking for a bookstore?
Oh... Hibiki. Yeah, I'm looking for a book. I was hoping the shops were open...
But... How'd you know I was looking for a bookstore?

As much as I'd love to pick Maerlyn's Grapefruit here, it doesn't have a particularly great reaction and it's the only "wrong" choice. Shame; I'd be willing to put up with the minor hit to Fate points for the sake of something cool but alas Io's boring.

Call it intuition.
Oh, really? That's odd.
...I can't find what I'm looking for, though. Everything's closed.
Maybe I should just give up...
What are you looking for?

Makes sense all things considered.

And also... Reference books? I don't really care what they're about...
Good for you.
Oh... thanks... I just...
Around this time, I'd usually be studying, and it's hard to not be doing anything...

Think it might be a bit late for that. Call it a hunch.

What else could I be studying, Hibiki?
Something useful.
...That would make sense. But what's useful to know?
I guess this whole "society" thing's over... I'm gonna go look around some more.

Io walks away, lost in thought...

Hathor is a pretty sweet Fate 3 demon. We can even make her right now, since she's level 31.

In fact, by combining a Suparna with Ghost Q we do just that. She normally has a Physical weakness, which is awful. Thankfully Nalagiri can be fused with Orthrus to make Suparna so we can get take advantage of Anti-Phys pretty easily.

With the last of our 6 demons for the start of Thursday now in hand, we'll go see what Hinako's up to.

[Music: Silence]

Hibiki! Great timing!
Hold your horses.

[Music: Countdown]

Help! There's someone trapped under the rubble! I need your help!
That's where you come in! Can you help me out? It'll be tough with just us two, but... Oh!

Ah, Keita! Great timing! Can you help us!?
There's someone trapped under the debris! It's too heavy for us...
So? What does that have to do with me?
We're all from Osaka! We have to help each other!
I don't give a rat's ass. Go ask someone else.
You don't think you can?

Come on! We're wasting precious time! If we all work together, we can...

Huh? Hey, wait!

Keita stalks away...

Hey! Keita!

[Music: Exploration]

I'll never forget you, for as long as I live...!

The woman profusely thanks Keita and walks away...

...Whatever. I'm outta here.
Th-Thank you. You moved that debris all by yourself... You're really strong.
It's nothing. I'm a boxer.
A boxer... That makes sense. You're pretty fit, after all.
But, man, that's impressive. I couldn't budge that thing an inch when I tried.
...What can I say? Lady arms. I'm outta here.

Keita leaves...

Hmm... What can I do?
Dancing, I guess...? But that's not much help...
Oh, but thank you, too, Hibiki. Keita did everything, but you were some help!

You say goodbye to Hinako before leaving the area...

Peri's level 38 so we won't be seeing her for a little while. Not much of a problem though; we'll most likely get there sooner rather than later.

And we'll wrap things up with some Joe time. Sounds good.

Hey, Hibiki. Thanks for the other day. You were a great help.
You mean your girlfriend?
Yeah. You gave me some advice, remember?

I was so relieved. They said she was really ill, but she looked pretty good.
We were able to have a normal conversation. We talked a lot, haha!

That's good.
Yeah... I feel refreshed, like a weight has been lifted.

Hey, thanks! It's great to get a friend to give me their blessing.
I thought it would all work out, somehow. In a world like this, crazy makes sense.
Aside from the ceremony and stuff, I guess we just needed to know how we felt.

And, well... I'll take care of her, like I'm supposed to.
See you later. Think about that speech! I want something hilarious and tear-jerking! ♪

Joe looks serious for a moment...

Joe walks away, singing a strange song...

...Oh, apparently I can't count now either. Man, I am bad at things.

Uh anyway, yeah, I miscounted and there's a 6th free event before the end of Wednesday. Well, let's see what Yamato's problems are then.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

I'm very sorry! This is completely my fault...!
...Tell me the situation.
We let a few demons go, and there's a lot of damage on our end...
And the cause?

......I understand.
I said I understand. Is that all you have to report to me?
Y-Yes, Sir... What's going to happen to me...?

Huh? But what about--
Don't make me say it twice. ...Go.
......! Excuse me...

The member leaves..

You're not punishing him?
Ha... Punish him? I'd only try that on those who still have a chance of improvement.
Trash materials provide trash performance. That's it. It's not worth punishing him.

And yet, there are simple, modern people. Training does not improve their powers.

But I cannot understand you... You are a civilian, but you have performed amazing feats.
Where did you get the grounding to do such things?
It's a talent.

Sadly there is no "It's called being the main character" option.

That's how the talents slumbering within you have blossomed. Impressive.
I look forward to seeing how far you will continue to surpass my expectations.

Yamato returns to his work...

[Music: Exploration]

And now whenever Yamato gets around to joining the party, he can already joint skill crack. Which is probably gonna help a ton I'm sure.

Now we can go to sleep. And nothing else but a few free battles; they're no different to normal this time, so we'll just head off to bed.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I have compiled a simple summary of your actions on this day...
Well? Would you like to hear it?
Let's hear it.
Understood. Well then...

You spoke to them about gaining a clearer understand of what is happening in this world...
...After which, Master Daichi made a rather crude suggestion in regards to the health exam.

But another bud appeared soon after, allowing you a chance to meet my master.
By the way, what impression did he leave after your meeting?

You went to Osaka at Yamato's request and took part in a discussion concerning Megrez.
It seems JP's had no prepared countermeasure if Megrez had not surfaced on its own...

You also used the Terminal for the first time. It seems you are already accustomed to it.
I constantly marvel at your extraordinary talent.
I'm sure you know this already as well...
But the tension between JP's and the civilians appears to be mounting.

Vital supplies are scarce in these times. People have begun to turn on one another...
I wonder if JP's will be able to settle matters.
Next, you watched your friend, Master Yuzuru, die in one of our death clips.

You also fought against the Septentrione Megrez and defeated it.
Congratulations on your hard-won victory over it.
But about the photo of Fukuoka Master Ronaldo appropriated from JP's...

If so, what is the black scar devouring the land...?
...This concludes my overview of the day's events.
May your tomorrow bE a nICE daY As wEll...

As usual, we have some emails to give a once over before the day comes to its close.

actually lemme do it in text too. sorry i left you alone so long. you don't have to worry bout anything anymore!

ok, see you tomorrow!

Oh, Joe.

get it. hehe sorry.


By the way, Daichi and Joe are so bad! I told a white lie to Makoto to cover for you, but give them a scolding for me!