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Part 54: My Sleeping Karma

My Sleeping Karma

As usual, we have some fusion stuff to deal with so we'll do that first.

Level 34 brings with it 3 demons. Yuki Jyourou is the middling one; this one came from Kikuri-Hime and Barbatos. This made her both not weak to fire and actually vaguely usable beyond Devotion. I'm still only really interested in Marin Karin (high chance to Charm 1 thing) and/or Drain Hit (regain HP on physical attacks) though.

Still, Inherit+ came in handy here to boost her Magic stat so maybe she will come in handy later.

Tonatiuh is the only other level 34 demon we're bothering with. He's our first Omega demon, and came from Thor and Pendragon.

Omega are another race of Unique demons, but for a good reason. They're all pretty good and Asura Karma is potentially a mega-crazy good racial skill. It gives your team the ability to have a third turn in a skirmish; during your extra turns, Asura Karma lets you get another extra turn.

It's not great for regular demons, since they die easily enough as-is, but it becomes super crazy good against bosses. Especially human bosses, and I can't think of a single instance where you fight against an Omega demon off-hand either. I'm sure it probably happens at some point but I don't remember it at least.

The last level 34 demon is a Loa. Hahahaha, no thanks.

Since we don't have to worry about hanging out with Makoto, we'll go see what The Anguished One has to say about Alioth.

[Music: The Anguished One]

Hi there.
Haha, how nice. Human greetings have a certain charm.
By the way, Shining One... Your new adversary is called Alioth.
How will you stand against such an unparalleled threat...?
We'll shoot it down.

Listen, Shining One... the means to shoot down Alioth are already in your hands...

What do you mean?
Oh, I've said too much already. I am here only to watch over your liberty.

"Pasupata" is coloured. That means its super important!

The man disappears...

What could this Pasupata he spoke of be...?

We can't quite go and look into Pasupata just yet, naturally. So we'll go see what our super-best friend has to say about the reason to be.

[Music: Requiem]

...Aren't you going to run? I hear there are monsters around here!
Leave me alone... there's no point in surviving...

It's okay... I give up...

A familiar looking man is watching the people...

[Music: The Anguished One]

Hello, Shining One... I want you to tell me.
People seek a reason to live. Merely existing is not enough, they need purpose.
It is an idea that drives people to live, but it can also bring them death...
Is having a reason to live really that important?

...It's difficult to find one's own purpose in life.
This difficulty has caused humans to lose their wills to live and doomed the world...
What about a world where there is no need to find a purpose in life?
Would people be happy if they were handed their purposes?

Who should be the one to decide the reason humans have for living...?

The man vanishes, leaving behind only his mysterious words...

[Music: Exploration]

This might just come in handy some day. For now, it's just like with Yamato's; waiting for its moment but being a great time saver when it arrives.

We could go and look into Pasupata now, but we'll take the moment to enjoy our break while it lasts. Next up's... this thing over here in Nagoya.

The mysterious man approaches you...

I noticed that you're with JP's... but you're different from them, right?
I'm new.
You're new? So you're a civilian cooperating with them? I thought so.

She's also a civilian working with JP's.

Well, let's see. It should be quite obvious already but if not let's narrow it down slightly.

Io's dad's pretty dead; she told us that much herself a while back. Hinako's is a dancer and not a detective so that just leaves...

Are you Airi's dad?
Whoa, wait. I can't tell you my name, but I can't say why.

Well, now we finally have a name for our strange detective friend.

Is that a nickname?
I was a detective back in Nagoya. That was my nickname back in those days.
I know who you are. You're Hibiki Kuze, right? I'll let you in on something.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

I did it to hide from JP's.
You're hiding from Yamato?
I don't know whether he gave the direct orders, but yeah.
I was the lead investigator in a random murder, but there was something very odd.

But I'm the kind of guy who won't stop digging, so I kept investigating it by myself.
That led me to the JP's organization and the Hotsuin family.

That's what I suspect anyway, since they've been coming after my life ever since.
It started getting dangerous for my family, so I faked my own death and disappeared.
So don't tell anyone that I'm alive, kid.

Besides, I don't know what JP's would do to my daughter if they knew I was still alive.
All right, kid? Promise me, man-to-man.
All right.
Thanks, you're a stand-up guy. Just what I expected.
Okay, kid, I'm depending on you. Until things settle down...

"Dera-Deka" walks away...

[Music: Exploration]

Since we went to meet up with Dera-Deka again, we're stuck going to see Makoto now. Understandable; she's most predisposed in all of JPs to both know of Pasupata and be willing to tell us about it.

Hm...? Oh, Kuze. What's the matter? Do you need something?
It's about Pasupata.

That's it!
Hm...? G-Glad I could be of some assistance.

Not quite. Pasupata is indeed a spear Shiva has in some depictions, but what she's referring to here with the third eye is Maheshwar Astra. That is very much what we don't want, unless we want Shiva to burn basically everything down.

So, uh, let's try to avoid that one.

And, of course, all of this is not to be confused with Pashupata which is a version of Shaivism. Worship of Shiva is close but not what we want either!

In one tale, the gods wanted Shiva to take an interest in Parvati, whom he later wed...
They sent Kama, who released an arrow at Shiva, but since this disturbed Shiva's meditation...

Kama, huh...?
Yes, but... why do you ask?
To fight Alioth.
What...!? Don't tell me you're planning to shoot down that monster with Pasupata...!
Hmm... True, Pasupata may be capable of bringing down Alioth...

Is there a problem?
Well, they're both powerful demons. They can't be easily resurrected mechanically.
What do we need?

Nataraja is Sanskrit and means, uh, lord of dance. Because Shiva is badass and also the God of Destruction, Nataraja Shiva is him dancing to wipe out the universe so it can be created anew.

Did I mention Hinduism is kind of awesome? Because Hinduism is kind of awesome.

It would be best if there was an expert dancer to draw Shiva's interest...
What about Kama?

...The Kamasutra is named after Kama, beore you ask, yes. That tells you everything you need to know here.

But what would draw his attention...?
Sex appeal? I doubt it, but who knows...
I'll look into it. If anything happens, report to me. Well then...

You say your farewells to Makoto and leave...

So now we have the weird task of asking every named woman we've met to dance and/or attempt to lure out Kama... somehow.

One of them is at least nice and obvious. The other... let's start at the top and work our way down. It really could be any of them.

Thankfully doing this does not eat into our time either.

...Yes, understood. We'll make preparations as well. Thank you.
Any progress?
Ah, yes, I was contacting the other members and confirming the situation at Sapporo.

I see.
The Chief is stern, but he does have this country's best interests at heart.
It's thanks to him that I can stay here as well...
So, how's the search to find appropriate personnel to resurrect Shiva and Kama?
Still looking.
Hm... This is less than ideal. What to do...
Act sexy for me.

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

I-I've never had any idea how one is supposed to put on a, er, sexy display...
Should I go get my swimsuit...? No, no way, I just can't...!
I need you to dance.

I used to do synchronized swimming, so if there was a pool around, maybe so.
But on land, I really can't help you. Sorry Kuze.
I-I'm sorry I can't help, but you'll have to ask someone else...

You leave the area, dejected...

[Music: Exploration]

Well, not quite my first choice but I guess Io's next on the list so...

No... No... The border is 8km in the polar regions, and 17km at the equator, so...
Are you studying?
Huh...? Oh, hi, Hibiki. No, actually. You know how Alioth is headed for Sapporo?

That's really admirable.
Hm...? Oh, not really. It's nothing...
Um... Sorry, did you need something? I don't mind putting this down...
I need you to dance.

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

I-I can't even be in my local Obon festival because it's too embarrassing... S-Sorry...
Act sexy for me.

Io runs off...

[Music: Exploration]

Well, at least things didn't get too weird there. Otome's a more... rational choice here, if only because she's not a high schooler.

There, all better. You won't be able to fight for a while, though. Hm...? Hibiki?
Are you busy?
Hm...? No, I have time. Do you need me for something?

So what can I do for you?
I need you to dance.
Dance...? That might be a little hard.

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

But not peaceful hobbies like dancing or calligraphy. Maybe I just have no rhythm...
Act sexy for me.
Sexy...? Haha, do tell.

But if you don't use some tact, girls might get the wrong idea. Go a little slower, okay?

She's not getting it at all... You decide to leave.

[Music: Exploration]

Let's just skip Hinako for now. She's the only person we know can dance, so that makes an obvious entry. Fumi, however, might have hidden talents.

And it's better than the alternative.

...Is that you, Hibiki? What is it?
Are you busy?

...Forget it. I don't have time to explain. Did you need something?
Act sexy for me.
Act sexy? Hmm...

Functionally, there are two types of mammalian pheromones. One draws an instant reaction.
The other works on internal secretions to cause long-term behavioral changes.
To "act sexy" doesn't specify whether you require a releaser or a primer, therefore...

Fumi drones on and on...

I need you to dance.

The Brownian motion of polyphosphoric acid crystals after cell death, though...!
An ultimate rondo unfolding in thermal motion, like Death waltzing with the cells!
Ahh, such beauty... It sends a chill down my spine.

You leave the area feeling extremely exhausted...

...Okay, never mind then. Looks like Hinako's pulling double duty.

Otome and Tokyo are re-open here, because the game auto-proceeds after you ask 5 people regardless of if you found anyone suitable or not.

Yeesh, it's cold... This is tougher than I thought.
What're you doing?
Oooh, it's Hibiki. Me? Nothing much.

Then go change!
Aww, how come? Should I wear normal clothes instead? That's not very exciting for the guys.

Oh... What did you need, anyway? You came to see me for something, right?
Act sexy for me.
Act sexy...? Well...
Do you really want me to act sexier than I already am? It might get hairy...

I need you to dance.
Huh...? Dance how?
Just dance.

[Music: Silence]

You tell Hinako about the resurrection of Shiva and Kama...

Ahh, I see... Gotcha. If you need a dancer, I'm your girl! Leave it to me!

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

I'll get ready to handle the dancing part. The rest is on you, Hibiki!

It seems you'll be leaving Shiva's resurrection to Hinako...

You say your farewells to Hinako and leave...

[Music: Exploration]

...It's the only option left.

I wish it wasn't the only option left, but it is.

Hey, it's Hibiki. What's up?
Are you busy?
Nah, not really. I heard that Alioth showed up, so I'm just hanging around on standby.
So... what's up? Did you need something from me?
I need you to dance.
What? Dance? There's no way I'm doing that.

It appears that Airi sees Hinako as a rival...

Act sexy for me.

Hinako agreed.
Buh... Wh-What!? Explain this to me!

[Music: Silence]

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

Don't push yourself.
Argh! You too!? I'll be FINE! I'm younger than Hinako, you know!

Airi seems to have completely misunderstood the situation...

I'll show her... Go get ready now, Hibiki! Rrrrghhh!

It seems Kama's resurrection will be left to Airi...

An angry Airi hurries you out of the area...

[Music: Exploration]

It's done.
Oh? Well done. I knew you could handle it.

We don't have a choice in the matter, so let's just get it out of the way now.

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Hence, we have restored power to the Tokyo barrier, and it's once again active.
That's good news.
Don't be so hasty. There's no word of heavy casualties, but there were probably a few.
So, Yamato... How do we intercept Alioth?
It's true that Alioth flies higher than we can reach with our demons.

Shoot it down, huh...? H-How?
With Pasupata.

Huh... So that's why we need Shiva. What else?
We need Kama.
That's right... There's a recorded instance of Shiva releasing Pasupata at Kama.

With Kama as bait, we'll induce Shiva into using Pasupata to shoot down Alioth!
O-Okay... So, um, how do we resurrect Shiva and Kama?
Shiva needs a dancer.

That's my speciality! Leave it to me...!
Um... Okay, so what about the other one?
Kama requires sex appeal.

I feel like I got tricked into this... but I'm not gonna let stupid Hina show me up!

You're in comand, Hibiki. Resurrect Shiva and Kama and be ready for Alioth.
You can count on me.
From what we know, Alioth's vitals are the "core" in the center of its mammoth form.
Once Alioth has been shot down over Sapporo, we will charge in and assault its core.
Oh...! Er... I-I have a question...
Nitta? Very well. Speak.
Um... when Shiva uses Pasupata, Alioth will be shot out of the sky, right...?
...That is the idea.

Hey...! Th-That's right... It'll be crushed!
Tell us.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Is anyone even there?

What...? W-Wait, how's that work!? Alioth's gonna fall smack on top of Sapporo...!
They're already dead.
...That's impossible! Are you saying Sapporo's already...?

N-No way...! That can't be... There's no way it could possibly...
You think it seems unlikely? I don't.
The demons' rampage and the masses' fear of the unknown caused chaos and strife...
Civilians are basically sheep. It's no surprise.
What!? B-But...!
Your protests don't make it less true. Tokyo has survived, and Sapporo has perished.

Still... Dammit! I feel sick...
We have to do this.

[Music: The Operation Starts]

Yeah... I mean, if we fail, everything we've done so far will have been for nothing.

Damn straight! We gotta keep on, for the sake of those who died...
Indeed... This must be done. Retreat isn't an option...!
Let's do this!
Mmm-hmm...! We need to summon Shiva and Kama... Let's do our best!

Now that we know both who we need to unseal Shiva and Kama, as well as where they are, we can just go and get both of them right now.

(Ananga is probably abbreviated from the Ananga Ranga, which is the Kamasutra's predecessor. And it means "love" no less. Yeah...)

Doing two fights back-to-back like that would be pretty tiring though.

So, naturally, we're going to take a small break in the interim.

Which demon do we deal with first?


After that, who do we spend some time with?