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Part 57: Feinne's Notes: Kama Kameleon

Feinne's notes, Katching Kama edition!

This map is kind of an asshole if you're not well set-up to stop Kama, since he's got really good mobility and can warp around like crazy. Bind, Ghost Wounds, and Constrict can potentially be helpful here since it will keep Kama's mobility down. Kama's probably one of the most inherently dangerous demons we've run into so far, and it's really very helpful that he'll spend his turn on Shield All first in every skirmish because if he'd drop two Zandynes on you every skirmish you'd be in some shit. Most of the demons on the map are fortunately old news, which does help make up for how powerful Kama's party can be.

If you're having trouble with this map and haven't done so I'd suggest doing Shiva's, which is a bit more straightforward.