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Part 59: Feinne's Notes: Shiva and Aspirations

As noted, Shiva's battle is pretty much a joke. There are a bunch of easy demons no stronger than the sort of chaff that shows up in Free Battles now. The only even moderately threatening thing is any Ikusa given Assassinate can always decide to be a super prick to you but frankly by this point Ikusa's starting to get a bit weaksauce anyway so chances are it probably can't even do enough damage to be scary on most characters. The biggest annoyance is, as noted, that Hinako is otherwise engaged and can't take part in the fight. I'd personally suggest Keita as a replacement over Daichi if you are still going to go with a Strength/Agi character for the map but to each their own (I mean hell I'd probably have rolled with Otome+Fumi and one of Io, Makoto, or even Airi for this map because I'll sometimes not even deploy with a single focused physical character). The only real threat to Hinako is that team with the Suparnas, but as long as you keep someone there to intercept it you shouldn't have any real problems. Never even minding Unkillable, if you're having any problems at all with a map like this then the rest of the game is going to give you nothing but horrible grief because this is definitely as easy as DS2 is going to get from this point on.

Dragonatrix mentioned that the level 36 Dragon is bad without really going into detail, so I think I'll just take a moment to shit on Asp here because god damn it's terrible.

Asp: Weak- Fire, Ice. Null- Curse. Drain- Force. Command- Weak Kill, Life Drain. Passive- Drain Hit. So yeah, Asp is pretty terrible. Two immunities does not make up for two weaknesses this early (later on we'd be able to use Anti-Most or Anti-All to fix it but we technically haven't even seen those skills yet) and Asp's stats are magic focused yet it comes with a really bad physical attack and a passive that relates to physicals. Life Drain is also a minus, since we'd always much prefer proper Drain. I'm also not even sure Asp can get the upgraded Dragon Race Skill if leveled up, I'm pretty sure the earliest you can see that one is on the next Dragon.

On the other hand, Dragonatrix has totally left the second best level 37 demon unfused (there are a lot of level 37 demons) and I'm expecting to see it next update because it's like Botis but with another skill we want so bad for the future. I say second best because Cu Chulainn gets fucking Pierce and is therefore amazing.

Also anyone voting to let Otome die is bad and should feel bad. Even if she weren't literally the best character in mechanical terms she's also pretty much the awesomest person who joins the party and we let a douchebag like Keita live for YHVH's sake.