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Part 63: Thursday's Shock (Ahimsa)

Thursday's Shock (Ahimsa)

Before we relax a bit, let's go ask Fumi about something or other. We want to do this before going to Yamato's dinner party, and this is the best moment for that.

[Music: Exploration]

One, two, three... Birds fly free... Ugh, what am I doing?
Losing it, huh?
Oh, Hibiki. So you heard that, did you? Haha.
There's no knowing when our food supplies might run out.
Good point.

So... what is it? Why're you here?
About your possession...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Possession...? Oh, you mean when I was under the demon's control. I don't remember.
You guys saved me in Nagoya, right? Did we run into each other before then?
Yeah, in Osaka.
Huh. Really? What was I doing then?
Hacking...? That's odd. This isn't about what happened in Nagoya, right?

Fumi produces a laptop and begins pulling up records...

...Hmm. Huh? You're right.
According to the history, I was accessing the Osaka branch. Haha, what was I doing... Hm?

Hmm... The Chief's listed as the admin. Is this some kind of dirty picture?
Can I have that?
I guess? It's corrupted anyway, so you couldn't access it unless you got it restored.

I don't know what you're up to, but don't get carried away, okay?

You say your farewells to Fumi and leave...

[Music: Exploration]

Okay, so... why did we even bother with that?

Well, Ronaldo wanted us to get some info on a coverup/plan thing that Yamato's doing, right?

What, he never mentioned that? Oh, right. See, he DOES mention this optional plot beat... just not in any actual plot scenes. Optional or otherwise.

This oddly plot important series of events is only mentioned... in Ronaldo's Fate scenes. And only in one of them. So this seems out of nowhere if you haven't been doing those.

Which we haven't. Oops?

Hibiki! Over here. You weren't followed, right?
It's all clear.
Ha... Sorry. I think I'm getting a little paranoid.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Yes; I've got a file.
What...? You have actual documentation of Yamato Hotsuin's secret plans...!?
I don't know yet.
I see... Then do you mind if I take a look?

So this is it... All right, time to see what's on it!

Ronaldo inserts the USB drive into his cell phone...

Can we fix it?
Mm... I'm not sure. I don't have the know-how myself...
Sorry, Hibiki, but would you mind if I hold onto this?
Go for it.
Ha... Thanks. I'll make sure this gets repaired.

You leave the USB drive containing the file with Ronaldo...

Well then... be careful. Make sure you don't fall for Hotsuin's trap...

Ronaldo leaves, paying careful attention to his surroundings...

Since we're far enough in the day, we can immediately turn around and see what the results of this are.

[Music: Silence]

Hibiki...! Over here! Sorry, I had some JP's goons on my tail.
Sounds rough.
Indeed... Guess Hotsuin is finally taking me seriously.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

I was looking for you. I managed to get a portion of that file repaired.
The secret plan?

Ronaldo takes out the USB drive and inserts it into his phone...

Alright... Here goes. Time to tap into Hotsuin's scheme...!
Ngh... More of this is corrupt than I had hoped... It's hard to read-- wait, what's this!?

It's the cover-up...
Most likely, yes. But who's this Polaris? There must be someone behind all this...

[Music: Crumbling Routine]

This proves it... Yamato Hotsuin knew everything!
Tch... I thought he must, but this is beyond what I could have imagined...

What should we do?
We have to be careful... Hm? Wait...!
There's more to this... What's this part?

[Music: Dark Clouds]

"Citizens Refinement Agenda"...
What's that?
Tch... I don't know. It's too corrupted to read...!

Want me to ask him?
No, wait. If we make the wrong move, your life could be in danger...
...He'll show his true colors sooner or later.
That's when we'll spring this on everyone and show them who he really is...!

All right.
I'm counting on you, Hibiki...!

You say your farewells to Ronaldo before leaving...

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's just spend some time hanging out with cool people.

[Music: In The Devastated Town]

...Ah, Hibiki. Thank you for saving me back there. I almost died at the Tsuutenkaku.
I won't let you die.
Haha... Thank you. I hope you'll rescue me again if I ever get into trouble.

I was willing to risk my life as a member of JP's, but...

[Music: Elegy]

I adopted her from my uncle and his wife after they passed away...
If I die, she'll be all alone again. It makes me want to reconsider things...
...... Hey, Hibiki, can I ask you something?

Leave her to me.
Okay... Thank you.
But don't worry, I won't be killed off so easily... I'm a doctor.
Hehe... I depend on you too much when I talk to you. You're a good listener.

It's not much of a gap.

Otome keeps on being awesome.

[Music: Exploration]

Hehe! Who did you think I was talking about?

Otome smiles... It seems she's pulled herself together...

Now that we've cheered up Otome, the best way possible, let's see what we can do for Makoto.

[Music: Countdown]

Gah... She's too powerful!
...Return the supplies at once. Tell the others as well. Do so, and I'll let you live.
H-How can I trust you...? You JP's thugs are the REAL demons!
Is that how you want it? Fine... You're all going to get yourselves killed anyway.

[Music: Silence]

That voice... Ronaldo!
N-Now's my chance...! Sorry, Ronaldo! I'm outta here!

The rioter uses this chance to make his escape...

[Music: Dark Clouds]

...I'm not even going to argue with you. Return the supplies and surrender.
You don't want to kill us...
...! What...?
Let's hear him out.
Kuze... If you say so. Still, don't let your guard down. We can't trust him.
I don't get it. Why would a woman like you choose to follow Hotsuin?
JP's may look like an "evil organization" at first glance, but it's not.

We'll ignore any ignorant criticism as we accomplish our goals.
...The rebuilding of Japan?
We protect the most valuable human resources, and give food priority to those with power.
It's the most efficient way of saving the largest number of people that we can.

...... Heh, that makes sense.
But could you tell the same thing to someone starving in front of you?
Or to a mother, carrying the body of her dead child?

[Music: Elegy]

They talk up the nobility of sacrifice, but only because they never have to do it!
...If that's truly what you believe, then whatever. We'll meet again in time.

Can't you tell? My faith is in my justice. How could I lose to you?

...Dammit, reinforcements!

Ronaldo leaves...

[Music: In The Devastated Town]

His own justice...?

Makoto stares off into space, deep in thought...

You leave her to it and walk away...

[Music: Exploration]

As weirdly timed as this is, I'm not complaining because Makoto's Fate 3 demon is amazing.

We just unlocked Joan of Arc.

...Yes, as in the actual real life Joan of Arc. Needless to say, as soon as we hit level 50 I am making her.

That's a long ways off, though, even at the rate of "1 level per fighty update." So for now, let's go help Jungo out.


[Music: In The Devastated Town]

Cheer up, Jungo. I'm sure you'll see him again.
...Oh, Hibiki.

Well... It's good that he's well enough to run off on his own, but...
The problem's... Jungo. He's taking it pretty hard.
Mhm... Jungo got better. I'm okay...
Hm... You don't sound okay.
All right, Jungo. The three of us can look for Jungo.

Once we've found him, we can all say goodbye for real. Will that make you feel better?
Hm...? Really?
Really? Thank you, Otome. Thank you, Hibiki.
Okay then, let's go.

I'm not sure I like the map changing to a more isometric view...

I wonder were Jungo went. He was such a good friend to Jungo...
Is he cheating on him?
Or maybe a demon... No, it can't be...
Don't worry.
Yeah. He's a smart cat... He'll be okay. I'm sure Jungo will find him any minute now.

[Music: Silence]

Huh? Did you say something, Hibiki?
That wasn't you? So that meowing I just heard...
...Hey, Hibiki! Look over there!

[Music: Exploration]

Ah there he is. Now to find Jungo and we're done.

Jungo is standing there, with a puzzled expression...

I'm so glad you're safe!
Hehe... He looks really good! Maybe he was just taking a kitty walk or something?
Oh, I should call Jungo. This will make him so happy!

[Music: Countdown]

Oh you are kidding me. Even here we can't avoid these things.

Okay, so Otome can handle the Shiisaa and Pyro Jack. Hibiki can murderise the other 3. No sweat, we got this.

......! Demons!?
Jungo... Run!

Okay, fine. Peri can negate those no problem but that means switching intended targets. Whatever. We can still take these thi-

Otome...? Hibiki?

You shouldn't'a done that...

......! Jungo...!?

[Music: Desperate Situation]

...You bastards!

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

J-Jungo...! Wow!
Is everybody all right...!?
Thank you.

Jungo, are you all right? Are you hurt again?
Mhm... He seems okay. I'm glad...

You're going to be with...

[Music: In The Devastated Town]

Wait... Jungo got attacked by demons because he was here...


Jungo's face is serious as he stares at Jungo...

Man, this got awful at the end...

[Music: Exploration]

...And now we have to see what Yamato's really up to. Okay, fine. Let's do it then.

Ah... Hibiki! Over here!
How've you been?
Huh? Oh, I guess I'm doing okay.

Hi, Hibiki. It feels kind of odd having a dinner party at JP's...
Yo, Kuze. Yamato still ain't here. If he's gonna feed us, it better be soon.
...Hibiki. I'm excited for the food too. Think I should make chawanmushi?
Ooooh, it's Hibiki. Hey!
Hey right back atcha.
I hear Yamato's throwing us a dinner party? Wonder what this is all about...
Um... are you gonna ask him about Fukuoka...?
I see... Depending on how he reacts, this might cause a little ruckus.
Yamato will do anything to achieve his goals... Tread lightly, okay?

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Ooh... Has it started already? Time for me to fade into the shadows...
I'm sure you know, but thanks to Hibiki and the others, we defeated Alioth today.
This may not be much, but in celebration, I'd...
...Chief. A moment, if you will.
...Go ahead. What is it, Sako?
Forgive me... but there is something I must report first.

To prevent any more distrust within JP's... I ask that you discipline me accordingly now.
...Ha... Punish you? Hahahaha!

[Music: Dark Clouds]

Wh...! Chief Hotsuin...?

......! Y-Yes, Sir... I was...
Hahaha... Leave it. It's a trivial thing. Inconsequential in the long run.
What...!? B-But--
Silence. Don't make me repeat myself. What good will it do to confuse them further?
...My apologies for that. Let us continue the dinner party.
And the secret plan?

Naturally, calling Yamato out on this is the sole reason we bothered with that mini plot-thread earlier.

I salute you. I didn't think anyone would ever discover that file.
What? What's that supposed to mean!? So, wait...
That's right, I knew all along. Listen and I'll tell you, if you wish to know that much!

Polaris...!? Wh-Who the heck is that!?
What's this Polaris got against us that we have to be annihilated!?

So it is attempting to destroy mankind. Those Septentriones are only its pawns!
What...!? D-Don't be absurd!
Th-Then we should just go defeat it!
I second that. I'll do what I gotta to beat it. Doesn't matter how strong it is.

And even if we were to defeat Polaris, what would become of this world?
Do you think mankind can carry on as before in this ruined, devastated world?
What, then?

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

Rebuild this world...? What?
Just as it sounds. I will revive this world under a new order.
...The old order that's been in place until now will now longer be required.
Only the wise, the informed, and the powerful are worthy to live! The dregs are not!

What...? Revive this world...?
Based on merit! Sounds pretty out there to me.

Everyone around you is stirring...

How will you do this?

Enjoy the dinner party, everyone. And think things over carefully...

Yamato leaves...

[Music: In The Devastated Town]

He's gone... Yamato knew everything. And still...
What's with that asshole!? He just said his piece and left us hanging...!
Now I'm really mad... What a scumbag! He knew everything right from the start!
Hmm... Looks that way. But how did Yamato know that stuff?
That's... a good question. But he said he was gonna revive this world.
How's he gonna do that? I mean, is that even possible!?
Does anyone know?
Hrm... What about the dudes in JP's? Wouldn't they know something?

No way...! Yamato was hiding this from JP's too!?
Haha, of course he was. There's tons of stuff only the Chief knows about JP's.
But the revival of the world... Well, this is the Chief, so he must have solid evidence.
Is this related to Polaris?

And Yamato called Polaris "all-knowing."
In which case... I think it's probably deeply involved with the world's revival.
What should we do...? We don't know anything, and the world's still in ruins...

I don't know about that.
Hibiki... I don't know either. What do we do?
Yeah... It sucks, but I think we should do like Yamato said and think hard about this.

You say your farewells to everyone before leaving...

Well, that was a bombshell and a half. That Polaris dude's the Septentriones' boss, currently in the middle of destroying the world and Yamato's gonna capitalise on that to somehow create the world anew and in a state that is wholly meritocratic.

And in return, we got to level up Yamato's fate. Because we knew he was hiding it.

Mithra's pretty okay I guess. Not too amazing, but not bad either. We can't even fuse him until we get to level 49, though, so that's quite a ways off.

(the bottom free battle's the planetarium which i ran once because it has asps now so i got life drain. nothing exciting.)

Until then, we've got another plot fight to do.

What, did you think we were done with those just because we went and beat up Alioth already? Not quite!

It's after that, that we're basically done for the day though. Might as well finish it all up at once, so...

After we finish that, who do we hang out with?