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Part 65: Samsara


As per usual, let's take this opportunity fuse what we can. In this case, that's a whole one thing. Vidofnir (Botis + Ikusa) is both an Avian and the only good demon at level 39. I know I'm surprised too. If I had means to put Multi-Hit on it without using an Add-On I totally would but alas that's not really worth it here. Instead Vido's gonna be running circles around dudes punching them to death in one powerful blow.

The only other level 39 demon is Legion. Yeah, no thanks.

We also have a battle to do after the Septentrione for once. Nothing else to do, so let's just dive right in.

[Music: Countdown]

Aaaah! I-I have to run... I have to get out of here!
What happaned?

How many are there?
H-How should I know!? Are you stupid or something!?

The panicked woman runs off...

Oh great, more regular people fighting. This time each other over... territory? I think we stumbled into a weird demonic gang fight.


Wh-what are you doing!? This isn't nice! I'll do everything I can to stop you!
Let's get 'em!

[Music: Confrontation]

Seems like a relatively simple fight. Just got some regular people to take down. Shouldn't be too much of a problem.

What is a probelm is that there's way too many things here to crack! Bufudyne and Null Fire are obvious. The other two are a bit more of a problem. Ban Curse, Battle Aura, Healing and Alter Pain are all Auto-Skills but none are very good. Ban Curse costs way too much MP and stops both parties casting a whole 1 Curse spell. Healing casts Media at the start of a skirmish if necessary and Alter Pain requires you to take damage to work.

In the end, I opted for Healing since that one might actually see some real use ever. Ares Aid gives Jungo more punchy power by upping his crit rate. I almost went for Extra One instead to give him guaranteed Extra Turns but most things don't survive Jungoing enough for that to matter.

Anywho, as we begin to advance very quickly the enemy units are able to get the first strike in. Will it help?

No. Not really. Vidofnir's fast and can now petrify things that get in my way. Poor guy never really stood a chance.

The, uh, leader(?) of the dudes on the left hand side decided to beeline for Otome too. Perfectly fine with me since she wants to take him out anyway.

Oh and you wouldn't think it but Vidofnir hits quite hard. It's about on-par with Jungo right now which isn't shabby.

Helps speed things up greatly too.

Hibiki's sort of isolated on the right with 3 dudes so he might be in a bind right?

...Not in the slightest.

But speaking of Binds, Evil Bind basically always works on you of course. That turn order down thing could be a goddamn pain at times. Here, it's mildly inconvenient.

The actual Yakuza-y dude is stacking his Vidofnir with Devil Speed to just warp across to the left ASAP. He always does this which makes cracking him sort of annoying if you don't know it's coming.

Emphasis on the "sort of," because it just makes things take a bit longer.

Oh and now we can finally get some initiative and strike first. Y'know, now that we're nearly halfway done.

Best make that exactly halfway done. Legion's physical resistance is pretty irrelevant when they have weaknesses to Lorelei's antics and Jungo has Pierce. Now to give Jungo all of the crits without wasting MP on anyth-

...It is unbelievable how common it is to get a new skill cracked, want to equip it on the spot but be one stat point shy.

Or maybe I just have terrible luck with that. Who knows!

Anyway, it might be sort of hard to see because of the pillar in the way but Jungo's being attacked here. Since Jungo isn't going to take care of this guy, I'd normally just gloss over this but...

Agitate can be pretty annoying when it leads to the AI getting several crits in a row.

Let's make up for our one minor inconvenient fatality by taking care of yet another enemy team.

Dealing almost 2.5x an enemy's max HP in a single strike is always amazing. Always.

And that makes 3 of the Dynes. Zan's already popped up before but it was on Kama so we couldn't get it.

Now that we're very nearly done, we finally get to see that if the fight goes on for longer the enemy teams could totally fight each other. As is, though, this is the only time that will happen.

Not like it even matters one way or the other, because they all kinda suck.

Just for the sake of not having Hibiki steamroll the entire right-side of the arena, Otome flew over there to help out.

Didn't quite take him out in one go around, but might as well have done. Petrification is never not great.

Since that guy's all but done already, let's finish up on the left too.

Gui Xian's not quite as exceptional at spellslinging as Peri is.

Not that it matters since that was still nearly double Brigid's max HP.

Even with her noodly wrists, Otome's punches can still destroy a statue. Damage is thankfully irrelevant there.

And now with just the one guy left, let's bring this to a close.

The skirmish clearly didn't end here, but I just had to show this. So, so close to having an entire enemy team petrified.

Needless to say, we very quickly win at that point.

Not a particularly challenging fight; be kinda daft if it was since we already took out Alioth and all.

[Music: Exploration]

What's wrong?
I'll remember this! You won't set foot in Osaka ag--

[Music: JPs -Geomagnetism Research Department-]

You're an umbilical!


...Oh, good. So you can understand simple orders. Now, leave.
......Ugh. Dammit!

Something I can do for you?
Hahaha... Don't be so suspicious. I just happened to stop by.

I see potential in you. You're different from anyone else...
I won't force you into anything, but think logically and you'll find the same idea.

Yeah, so now that we know Yamato wants to remake the world into a perfect meritocracy he's going to occasionally try and convince us to accept his beliefs and side with him. That's basically the entire reason he turned up here in the first place.

Now we've got basically nothing left to do, so let's start hanging out with people. We'll go see Anguished One first since we'd need to do this eventually anyway. Last mandatory thing of the day at least.

Ah... H-Hey, Hibiki, it's him...!

[Music: The Anguished One]

...Hello. How are you feeling, Shining One?
Pretty great.
Haha... Is that so? I'm glad to hear it.
Y-You little...! You have no idea what kind of trouble we're in now...!

That's right.
I'm sorry you're in such a position. I tried to stop him, too... to no avail, alas.
You tried to... Don't tell me that's why you attacked the Tsuutenkaku!
...Indeed. The switchboard for the terminal is located at the Tsuutenkaku.

Why'd you try to kill him?

Do you see? After that, this world will be based on a merit system, just as he desires.
Wh-Whoa, whoa...! Hold on a sec! That's the part I don't get!
What do you mean he'll "use Polaris"!? What's this Polaris thing in the first place!?

Unbeknownst to mankind, there are multiple worlds in existence besides this one.
Polaris' power affects all those worlds, not just the one in which you live.
An entity who manages and administrates these countless parallel worlds flawlessly...

It can even change them?

I-Intervene...? Absolute authority? There's seriously a guy like that!?
Is it so unbelievable? You've seen many difficult-to-credit things with your own eyes.
A global calamity... demons walking the earth... the Septentriones... and so on.
Urgh...Th-That's true, but...
Then this stuff about reviving the world... How exactly is Yamato going to do that?
Well, just as Polaris is about to delete your world...
He can instead delete a world unsuited to his wishes, alter it, and produce a new world.
Who exactly are you?

Did you help Yamato?
...That's right. It was some time before these incidents.
Yamato Hotsuin sought my advice. I gave it to him freely...
That's what started this.
The reason why Yamato Hotsuin embraced his ambitions? You may be right...

That is why I told him of the invasion and planned to observe from there.
But it seems he never intended to use that knowledge to protect man's free potential.

Can we meet Polaris?
...I will tell you this. You have already defeated five of the Septentriones.

Seriously? So if the last ones are defeated, it can be done... even if it's not Yamato!?
That is correct. However...

So what should we do?
Well, Polaris responds to the will of the species.

Either way... if man's wishes are diffuse, it cannot be taken as the will of the species...

The man disappears...

Well, that was remarkably insightful and basically straight up tells us we can ignore Yamato wholesale if we really want to.

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Anyways...if we meet Polaris, we can get it to change this world...
You heard him say that, right? That's why Yamato was talking about creating a new world...
Oh, man... All this stuff about deleting and creating worlds is beyond me.

Just leave this to me. At least we found a way out of this without following Yamato.
Alright! I'm gonna give them the good news.

Daichi leaves...

[Music: Exploration]

And with the exposition comes the first of many new Fate rank 3s. Anguished One's Fate 1 reward was a bit above everyone else's. What about his Fate 3 demon?, okay. Asura is, uh, a little bit of a higher level than every other Fate 3 demon we've seen.

And by "a little bit" I mean there is a very good chance we will finish the game at least once be$fore ever getting to see Asura.

Because he's level 77.

Now that we've unlocked something we might just never even get to use, let's begin to unwind for real and start with talking to Io.

Oh, um, guys...? You shouldn't fight...

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

I SAID! There's no point! Why don't you understand!?
Of course there's a point to it! You always need to have an education, anywhere!
Well, whoop-de-doo! Coming from you, that doesn't mean a thing!
It means more than if you were saying it! I'm older then you!

You're calling me stupid!?
Hey... Hibiki...!

[Music: Exploration]

Studying is for when the world's at peace!
That's not true! You have to study at times like this, so you can retain your humanity!
It's not even about that! Io, you're just doing this because you're bored, right?

You don't get it, Airi.
Io's studying for the future. Right?
Huh? Yeah... I hope that what I learn will be useful someday...

See!? It's just like I said! Io's so great.
No! She's agreeing with me!

The two of them continue their bickering...

I-I'm sorry... This all happened because I was studying...
What!? No one said that!

That's what's making me really mad!

[Music: Elegy]

That attitude really has to change! Don't you have your own opinions?
You're right...
See!? You're doing it again!
Oh, sorry... Uh...

......Well, I'll be going, then. See you later.

Airi walks away...

...... But I just...

There are some thigns that can never be settled if you just go along with everyone.

Hinako pats Io on the head and walks away...

Ugh... But...

Is that what you think, too? I don't know what to do...
I don't want anyone to dislike me just because we don't agree on something...

Io looks down, shaken...

Sorry, Hibiki... I want to be alone for now.

Io walks away...

[Music: Exploration]

Well, that could've been a bit more upbeat. Maybe there'll be something better with Makoto.

Make sure you check out the surrounding area as well.
I'll go over there now. Stay alert.

Makoto hangs up.

What are you doing?

The situation's getting worse. We have to stop him, once and for all...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

But can I do that...?
Why couldn't you?
...He's got his convictions. I can't say they're entirely wrong, either...

We've got a man down! Dammit...!

Multiple people come running in...

What on Earth...? Are they leftover rioters?

[Music: Countdown]

Unfortunately, the generic NPCs are a bit too dumb for their own good. They just ran straight into the planetarium from demons and immediately got cornered. Welp.

I guess we have to resort to asking JP's for help...
We flat-out opposed them! Why would they help us now?
But... Even if it's just this child...
They don't care about regular people!

H-Here she comes...! I don't want to die!
Isn't there somewhere we can go!?
Son of a--! They're not going to stand a chance!
Let's save them!

Believe in yourself!
...! In myself?

Makoto thinks...

Is it up to me to decide what's right and what's wrong?
All right, we'll force our way through...!

[Music: The Operation Starts]


You! Y-You're with JP's!
Why are you helping us...?
It doesn't matter! Let me handle this!

One quick fade to black later...

[Music: Connected Hearts]

Um... Thank you.
I... Uh...
I didn't think JP's would help us. Thank you.


Sorry, Kuze. Let me be for a while...

[Music: Exploration]

Now that Makoto's actually done something with her crisis of faith, we get a new bonus out of it too.

Granted it's just SDTP but hey. More's the better.

Speaking of more and better, let's see what Otome's up to.

♪Dough is how I bake my bread, Ray a beam from laser guns~♪
Koharu... That's not how the song goes.
Oh, Hibiki. Wait here a little bit, Koharu.

Otome leaves the girl and walks over to you.

Is that your daughter?
Oh... That's Koharu. I've told you about her before, right? She's my adopted daughter.
We were going for a walk. It's dangerous outside, but being cooped up all day is worse...
My job keeps me so busy... It's hard to find time to spend with her.
That sucks.

Just a second! ...Well, see you, Hibiki.

Otome goes back to Koharu...

Despite not really having done much, Otome gets to Fate 3 too.

Hariti's a pretty good demon, appropriately. She's level 46 so we've got a ways to go before we can fuse her though.

For the next few, I had to make sure I had enough time to actually get through all of them. Thankfully I did. Normally running out of time isn't a problem but Yamato and the next 2 all got the exact same amount of votes.

Hey, Yamato? Hellooooo? ...Where is that guy? Sheesh.
Hey, Hibiki. Have you seen Yamato?
Did you need him?
A JP's dude asked me to get him. Something about a meeting...
Hmm... Oh, well. Guess I'll come back later... Huh?

There are several piles of paper on the desk. Daichi picks up a sheet at random.

[Music: A Moment of Rest]

"Matter in that reality is impossible to detect on the level of elementary..."
"Thus, to call it a complete void from before the dawn of the universe is conjecture..."
"...within the realms of superstring theory..."
...Gaaaaah! What does this stuff mean!? What language is it in!?

Waaah! O-Oh, it's you, Yamato! Man, you surprised me!

[Music: Exploration]

You're very studious, Shijima. But, those reports are old.
I'll have them bring you the most recent data.
N-No! I'm all done with this stuff! I mean, it makes no sense at all..

What... Okay, so?
Well, excuse me!
What kind of high school did you go to, then? One just for super geniuses?

Not even elementary school!? What the heck!? No way!

Any questions were handled by personal expert lectures. That's the Hotsuin way.
That's just nuts. What a life you've led...
...That's why you can talk about stuff like a merit system. A clan of geniuses.

I advocate it as the path mankind should choose, and...
Woah, hold it! No more talking about that, okay? We haven't made our decision yet!

Uh... Hey, Yamato. Can I ask you something?

I don't think I'd have been able to do that...
Yeah, I mean... You can't play soccer or dodgeball by yourself, right?
It was never an issue. I had no need for soccer and such.
What about dodgeball?
"And such" includes dodgeball.

Huh. Hearing that actually makes me glad that I had a normal life.
Oh, yeah... A JP's member was looking for you. He said to come to the conference room.
Well, see ya later. I'm off, Hibiki!

Daichi leaves...

I'll show you.
Hehe... I see. So a civilian will be my tutor? That sounds interesting.
It's a fact that people like you have received no special training, yet here you are...

Ha, I doubt it. Still...

Yamato walks away, lost in thought...

I can't help but think this event makes more sense if done before learning about Yamato's intended end-game. It's not really a big deal either way, though.

Ah well, let's go see what's worrying Hinako.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

Hey, Hibiki... Perfect timing... Can I ask you something?

[Music: Silence]

Whoa, take a chill pill! You're being really intense! Maybe I'm rubbing off on you.

[Music: Elegy]

This... is really important to me.
It's about when she summoned Shiva... and I performed that traditional Japanese dance.
Dancing in front of all those people like I used to was so much fun, but...

That's what's troubling me. What good is dancing, anyway?
It's for the audience.
The other people...? But in a world like this, no one will want to watch me dance...
Hinako! There you are!

Airi comes over...

What is it? Why are you being so nosy? Are you here just to make a wiseass remark?
What!? What do you take me for!?
What do you want, then? I'm busy. Maybe we can talk some time later...?

But now I'm really mad at you! Jerk!
Wait... What? What did you just say?
I said you're a jerk!
N-No, before that!

[Music: Exploration]

You should trust her.
Oh, yeah... It's not like I was really doubting her...
Now do you believe me?
Yeah... I'm really sorry. I've been kind of on edge.

You want to see me dance? I mean, sure, but does that really mean anything?

I can't heal people...
What? If it's fun to watch, then who cares?
You... like to watch me dance?
Yep, that's right. You do too, right, Hibiki?
Dance like no one's looking!
Haha... You're right. And there's no reason not to dance if someone wants me to!

[Music: Silence]

Wow, that's so great! She's so good at it!

[Music: Exploration]

It's so beautiful...
I know who Hinako is... but now I see her in a different light.

Is that... Kujou-style dancing!? She's so skillful!

[Music: Over the Brink of Death]

You did it, Hinako! You were so cool!
Th-Thanks. That means a lot, coming from you.

When are you going to dance again? I'll be sure to come!
My dancing makes people happy...?
Th-Thank you! Thank you so much!

Loud applause fills the air...

[Music: Exploration]

Huh, that was remarkably well timed all things considered.

And finally, we'll go speak with Fumi. Only just enough time to get her in, too, though.

Hey, Hibiki. I got the last one!

...I'm not sure I want to know what's involved when Fumi's interrogating anyone.

Looks like someone brought this along when a different branch disbanded.
Hehe, that's awfully thoughtful of them.

The box looks heavy...

It's an older version, but I'm not complaining. There aren't any left, after all.
I'm prepared for a bit of clunkiness. I can use the computer for adjustments.
Now I'll be able to gather the exact data I need.
Isn't it dangerous?
Huh? What? Oh, for the test subjects?

Hm... A risk to humans? That's outside the scope of my hypothesis. Interesting...

Fumi mutters to herself as she walks away...

So, yeah. Fumi's pretty bad at that whole "empathy" thing. Who knew, right?

Plus side is, we got Odin out of the deal. Odin is a really great demon and we'll totally be using him even though he's only level 37. He's only a couple of levels below where we are, and he's good enough to make it work anyway.

For now, let's just get some shuteye and see what Tico has to say about today's antics.

[Music: In the Devastated Town]

I have compiled a simple summary of your actions on this day...
Well? Would you like to hear it?
Let's hear it.
Understood. Well then..
After you awakened, you met with Master Io and your other friends...

You then conferred with Hotsuin at Shiba Park...

In cutting power to Tokyo Tower, Alioth lost sight of its target and moved for Sapporo.
However, it seems Tokyo's barrier was temporarily weakened as a result.

Now then... You later retrieved Master Fumi's memento that she'd lost in Osaka.
This alleviated Master Fumi's mood and she gladly reactivated the Fukuoka Terminal.

With the help of Masters Airi and Hinako, you succeeded in resurrecting them. Well done.
You also confronted my master at the Tsuutenkaku, and once again, thwarted his desires.

I do ask that you try and grasp his intentions and accept them.
Where were we...? Ah, yes. You went with the others to Fukuoka...

In which case... is this "Polaris" the one truly to blame for your situation?
You also faced Alioth's core, which had fallen to Sapporo, and defeated it.

By the way... You appear to know already of Hotsuin's machinations.

I wonder how you feel about this, hm?
...This concludes my overview of the day's events.
May your tomorrow bE a nICE daY As wEll...

I just heard that some scum killed each other in Nagoya.

Isn't it only rational to allow these bottom-feeders to die off, leaving the best and brightest?

It's your decision.

I can't betray JP's, but at the same time... It felt good saving those rebels together. I don't know what to do.

So... if I ever get off track when on a mission, I want you to tell me. You're the only one I can ask to do this. Thank you.