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Part 67: Feinne's Notes: Bruford's Favourite Deity

I'll just say there's an option you're missing. Anyway now for Unkillable, Spirit of St. Louis Edition!

So, this map against Billiken is only really hard if you go into it low on Macca and therefore can't withstand a lot of hits from Billiken before he starts doing some serious damage (and he does, if I recall, so it's best to not be in the situation). As noted by Dragonatrix he's kind of a chump despite being resistant to most things, since physicals hit him and he's not really got that much health or particularly threatening support demons. I'm going to be honest, I actually assumed that it wasn't possible to get to that Pazuzu outside of a second run of the game. It's probably not supposed to be possible, honestly, I'm pretty sure it was a conscious decision to script Billiken to go fuck him. This is because Holy Dance is, well, pretty good. I'm not really willing to go stronger than that, though, for a few good reasons. First of all, it's really pretty inefficient. You don't get as much damage as you'd expect for the MP cost. It actually does less damage than elemental dances to anything with neutral resistance, and of course there's no passive to improve Almighty damage. Secondly, that same MP cost is really quite a bit for most of the game. It basically requires you to have demons to constantly infuse you with MP or Drain (and for me I always pair it with Drain) or to use a certain skill that mitigates the cost. Still, long-term you'll be using Holy Dance, so it's good to pick up eventually.

Anyway Billiken isn't really that tough, as long as you're smart about things and don't get unlucky with shit like being Petrified and shattered. Don't worry, this day will dick with us plenty enough by the end. We're also close to seeing my very favorite Septentrione!